COWABUNGA LIFE’S: Amazing Sleep Meditations

I was asked by MindValley to create a sleep meditation for an app they are creating. I thought this was a cool idea. After playing around in my studio with some different variations I’ve come up with these two Cowabunga Meditations, created to help you have the best sleep ever. Listen for free or download them for $10 and have them forever.

Deep Sleep Meditation

Are you ready to drift into a deep sleep, and fast? Cozy up in bed, turn on your non-EMF causing electronic (if it’s your cell, put it on Airplane mode) and allow yourself to be guided off into the dreaming path for a night of deep, rejuvenating rest where you’ll wake up feeling fresh and grateful to be alive!

Download Deep Sleep Meditation for $10!


The Best Sleep Ever Meditation

Good-Bye insomnia, sleepless, restless nights and hello deep, rejuvenating sleeps. Enjoy this restorative meditation guided by Bradley Morris, designed to help you unwind from your day and sink into the dreamtime. Tonight is going to be the best sleep ever, which will inevitably lead to a magical tomorrow.

Download Best Sleep Ever Audio for $10!


Success Stories:

“I am sooooo soooooo grateful for your sleep meditation. It’s so funny because I have been having some challenges with having a good night sleep and I have been searching for sleep aids on youtube to help me get back to sleep and then this simple synchronicity happens. So THANK YOU. I slept better. Your voice and instructions are very soothing to the heart mind and soul. The first and second night I fell asleep before the audio was done and the third night I went through the whole audio and was able to drift off to sleep very relaxed and safe.” – Ayah, BC Canada


“I have enjoyed the sleep meditation so far. It has really helped me fall asleep more quickly. In fact I still have not consciously heard the last minutes of the meditation cuz I am out.” – Jennifer, California


“Thank you for creating this! My problems with sleeping are usually back pain and being scared at night especially when I’m living alone and this meditation put me in a peaceful state where I could just fall asleep, and not wake up scared in the night either. It felt so great to sleep solidly right through!” – Sarah, Alberta