Bradley Morris Meditations

"Your power is in your presence."

Happy new now and welcome!

As a highly active entrepreneur, artist, father, husband and professional golfer, meditation has been the greatest tool I have ever learned.

After going through a radical transformation in 2009, I was asked to share my meditation practice with a small group of people.

Within two years, that small group scaled to more than 500 meditation workshops, thousands of people and a series of online courses that have reached 40+ countries around the world.

I am now #1 on and I license my tracks to companies promoting wellness around the world. 

The meditations on this website are the best of which I have ever recorded, with custom music by Blair Francis Armstrong. 

Regardless of your skill level or need, there is a beautiful practice here for you to discover. I look forward to supporting you with your meditation journey and to hearing the stories of how a regular practice positively impacts your life.

In gratitude,

Bradley Morris

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