Be Golf

by Bradley T. Morris

Headline to communicate why they should care (whats in it for them)

I am working on a fictional book, which I anticipate will be available by June, 2017.

The book is a story that takes place on my final 18-holes of Q School, where I'm in contention to earn my PGA Tour card. With the support of my caddie named Majik, I learn 18 powerful lessons for cultivating focus, bouncing back from bad shots, finishing strong and dealing with the emotions of competitive golf.

Rather than a typical how-to book, I'm having so much fun writing a story which will do the teaching for me in an imaginative, emotionally captivating way.

  • Quick point of value - golf helps with xyz
  • Another value thing/benefit to reading the book/etc

The Dream

I play more than 250 rounds per year (usually sunrise) and I'm in the early phases of playing professionally (finally).

I love the elements of focus, intention and presence that are required to play the sport at its' highest levels. This game is a great teacher and offers me many valuable metaphors for living a powerful, present life, which I am now beginning to share through coaching players and my soon to be book.

My Golf Stats

Current Handicap:

+0.0 index

Best Score:

66 (-6) at Salt Spring Golf & Country Club

65 (-5) at Royal Colwood Golf Club

Best Birdie Streak:

5 birdies in a row

Most Birdies in a Round:

8 birdies in 18

Number of Hole-in-Ones:

3 (all within 11 months of each other)

Career Professional Golf Earnings:

$13.33 (tenth place finish at a Vancouver Golf Tour event)

*Does not include skins earnings or side bets ;-)

Number of Rounds per year:

Approximately 225-250 18 hole rounds

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