Meditation Mastery Collection

Everyday is new and different.

In fact, this day and age, things are changing so fast from moment-to-moment. Which means our needs are changing rapidly as well…

One day you may be experiencing heartache and so a gratitude meditation is perfect. Another day, you may be needing to focus on a project and for that the Focus Practice is your tool.

Or perhaps you want to go deep and do some visioning, or release some fears, cleanse your energy with some chanting or something else.

For those days where you have the time, we have the 20+ minute practices.

But for those days where you are in a hurry, but still want to honour your practice, you can select from the many shorter meditations.

This is the reason I created the ‘Meditation Mastery Collection.’ Because we don’t just want variety in our lives, we need it.

By purchasing the Meditation Mastery Collection you receive:

  • All 32 of the meditation practices featured on this website,
  • Dozens of different meditation practices and tools for all different purposes.
  • A massive savings in your bank account, which you can invest in other dreams.

I’m confident you’ll love the many meditation practices available.

I look so forward to helping you grow your practice.

In Gratitude,

Bradley T Morris