Life + Business Coaching
with Bradley T Morris

Create your Vision. Align your Life. Live your Dreams Now!

Every choice we make and every moment we're alive, we are either living in alignment with our dreams and highest potential or we're living out of alignment. 

As a life and business coach, I help entrepreneurs create their visions, mothers to live more in balance, young adults to discover and pursue their passions, athletes to play their game in the zone and brilliant creative types to step into their power and share their gifts with the world.

I offer both private coaching and retreats for people are determined, committed and 100% devoted to their path of personal greatness.

My coaching services and private retreats are only for the curious and adventurous. You must be ready and willing to change, grow, be resilient, accountable and totally responsible for your actions and inactions. You must love the idea of making friends with your fear and GOING FOR IT with everything you’ve got (whatever IT is for you)!

If that’s you and you’re ready, then lets talk.

Tell me about yourself down below and we'll set up a free 30-minute consultation to see if my coaching style and services are the best fit for you.


​Working with Brad has been such a great gift in my life. In the time we have worked together I've gone from someone who wanted to make big changes in my life to an individual who has accelerated my growth faster and further then I thought possible.

With Brad's help I have increased my income, become a daily meditator, made better health and lifestyle choices, and most importantly I feel great.

Brad's energy is supportive, loving, fun and hilarious. His strategies for customizing a great life are insightful and accurate and he is always available to help me use new strategies to solve old problems.

I have already recommended his coaching services to several friends and I'd sign him up quick, because Brad is about to be a household name!! Thanks for all your help Brad, you have my deepest gratitude.”

Robin Marciniw

We are Creators. We have the power to create what we want for ourselves, our family and the world around us and we must have the courage to choose to act in alignment if we want it to be so.

​Six months ago, I asked Brad for guidance with understanding what I really wanted “in my”/”out of” life, sorting out my ideas, and putting me on track with my purpose.

My first business venture did not feel right: I felt enslaved by working ridiculous hours on other people’s projects and having to meet their silly deadlines and expectations.

Such expectations combined with my jumble of ideas, thoughts and feelings had made me lose track of me and my true path, causing me to spiral down instead of up and out.

Now, I am on an upward spiral, thanks to Brad. I am shifting old beliefs and patterns, clearing fears, meditating and journaling daily.

This has led me to getting clear(er) on who I am and what I want, boosting my confidence. So much so, that I am currently changing my business into two ventures, which align much more with my dreams and me. I am eternally grateful for Brad’s patience, wisdom, humour, and support.

Arne S.

"The most powerful part about this process is clarifying exactly what you want in your life. Once you know you can begin to direct your energy, attention and focus on that goal and it is through our Will that we make miracles happen. The problem is that most people don't ever claim what they want and therefore they never exercise the power of their Will to their greatest ability."    - Bradley T Morris

Brad Morris made me dig deep and create a masterpiece of an online fitness program, even when I couldn't see it myself, he held the space for me to find my way. It is so, so nice to feel like someone has got your back and when you are at your wits end when things aren't going right, Brad has this amazing way of helping you find centere once again.​

If you are considering getting a coach to create something beautiful, Brad is the one for the job! I have worked with coaches all over the world who make multi-millionares out of their ideas, but Brad is the one who will align you with your heart and soul and become abundant in EVERY way, while enriching the lives of others as well!

Jannine Murray

I found Bradley's 40 day meditation Vision Quest fantastic. It definitely improved the quality of my life.

Furthermore, I have engaged him as an executive coach as well. I have found his advice instrumental to my business. He has helped me overcome huge obstacles in both my life and business. Thank you Bradley. I recommend his coaching for anyone looking to live their life in alignment. 

Kelvin Leung

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