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CACAOBUNGA: A Happy New Now All About Chocolate!!


Ever here of a chocolate Shaman? Yup, they exist and from first hand experience, they are cooler than the Easter Bunny & Santa Clause combined… not that it’s a competition (But if it were, Jeffrey Botticelli would win)!

One of my favorite humans on the planet, Jeffrey Botticelli is the expression whom Fortina Chocolate is created through, an alchemical chocolaty dance in love. He has been working closely and intimately with the Spirit of this cosmic plant since 2006. Slowing down, listening and connecting have been three of the many important elements in the preparation of chocolate that he’s embodied. It is through these elements and the activation of our senses that you discover and feel for yourself the truth and magic of cacao. In this VERY Happy New Now we’ll be exploring the path of a Chocolatier, the healing properties of this Sacred plant and all the fun ways we can vibe high on the right kinds of chocolate!

“Chocolate is more than an experience, it is a journey into the expansiveness that is you. A true opening and illumination of the heart and mind for the journey with cacao is an explosion in self and discovery.” – Jeffrey Botticeli

For more on Jeffrey Botticelli visit: www.fortinachocolate.com

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Harness Unlimited Abundance as an Embodied Creator

This morning I received an email from a woman who has been practicing the Cowabunga ‘Feeling Infinite Abundance” Meditation and she asked me a fantastic question, which I’ve also asked ALOT over the years. Below is the question she asked and below that is my response.

Please join this conversation. Many different perspectives allow us all to learn and grow together…

“I have one question, how can we believe that the Universe is totally abundant, and all we have to do is connect to that feeling? I mean, what about people in Ethiopia for obvious example, they can connect and visualise and meditate all day, but how can that bring them food and prevent them from dying? And even the earth, nature is not all abundant, soil is not furtile everywhere, climate is not always right, and not to mention earthquakes, floods, drought etc.? This is not a critic to you or the Universe (hear that Universe!), all I want is to understand, and I am trying to get that mindset of abundance, but it just doesn’t seem to be true!”

I am going to do my best in this moment to share from the heart of my own experience, which has been a long arduous journey of ‘Trying’ to connect with those feelings of abundance so I can harness that power in my Life for the good of others. We obviously can not discard that people are starving, soils are depleted and things can be scary at times living here in extreme conditions on this wild Planet Earth.

AbundanceFeelingBut Abundance isn’t something ‘Physical or Tangible.’ It can Be, but that’s not where it starts. What I am talking about is a feeling of abundance and if you want to connect to that feeling then you need to let go of your worries or need to see proof that the Universe & Life isn’t abundant. Instead of looking outside of yourself for proof that life is limited, you are limited and our supply is limited, you need to go inwards to all of the fears, doubts, beliefs and ideas you have about yourself, life and the Universe that are limiting your abilities to SEE what is in front of you and all around you….

For example, I live in a lush old growth Rainforest on Salt Spring Island BC. Up until recently, I thought that I had to go to a grocery store to eat food, which costs money. However, this year I have been learning a ton about the ‘Old Ways’ of wild foraging for my food to feed my body. It has blown my mind wide open that I can now wonder in the forests outside my house and collect all sorts of Wild Foods & Medicines that before I thought were just ‘Plants.’ This is the type of awakening I am talking about, which happens when we open ourselves up. Until we remove the doubt from our minds, the neural pathways of our brain literally WILL NOT show us the solutions, even if they are inches from our eyes. They just won’t compute. This is why we need to open up and be willing to see & feel.

Okay, so lets jump ahead now and lets just say that you’re now connected to the ‘STATE OF BEING, that Is Abundance.’ So now that you are in that state of Abundance (which is energy) and you look around and still shit isn’t right. Still you see people dying of hunger, still you see challenging climates to grow food, etc… So what has changed? What has changed is your consciousness. Instead of feeling like a victim of circumstances you are an Embodied Creator and as an Embodied Creator you recognize that YOU hold the power to create a solution for what you’re seeing. So instead of feeling sorry for people in Ethiopia, you harness that Universal Power and you create a solution to help all people be fed. Instead of saying it’s impossible to grow food here, you open your consciousness or imagination to some sort of technology or solution that remineralizes the soils and allows food to flourish abundantly where you are.

The State of Abundance opens your eyes to see what is right in front of you; to see what you can’t see when you are in Victimhood or you’re coming from the program of lack and limitation. If you want to create solutions for those ‘so-called’ problems you speak of, then you need to clear your House of all the unnecessary thoughts, ideas & beliefs that block you from being the most Activated, fully Aware Embodied version of YOU, so you can harness the Universal power of Abundance. I believe that for every problem there are an Infinitude of Solutions to solve it and if we open ourselves up (which takes practice, resiliency & discipline) we can Truly create the World of Abundance we all want.

So here’s the juicy part of this thought stream. It doesn’t start with the people in Ethiopia. It starts with me and it starts with YOU. Once you connect to the energy I am trying to describe here (which actually can’t be described in words, it need to be experienced to be understood), you can literally direct that energy into any projects, creations, ideas, solutions or World-Changing things you want. You are the Creator of your every now moment and you are the one that the world is waiting for. Who do you want to Be and what is the Life you choose to Live? Once you decide these two important questions, every choice you make will either be in alignment or out of alignment. Which path will you take?

Harness your unlimited power of Infinite Abundance. So Be It.

Leave your comments, questions & thoughts below. Please share this conversation on your Facebook wall.

Procrastination Blocks Progress


A moment ago I had the idea to write what you’re reading right now and I was like, “Yeah that’s a great thing to share, I’ll have to write that later.”

And then my Higher Self was like, “Yo dude, I didn’t give you that Moment of Brilliance to get around to it later, I activated you with that inspiration in the Now so you could do it in this Now. So I was like, “Geeze Higher Self, you’re right! The energy & inspiration is clearly flowing through me RIGHT NOW and this moment is the later I’ve been waiting for.

There is a time for planning but I think people plan way to fricken much these days. How many of your best memories or greatest moments were planned out to the tiniest details and how many were completely and totally spontaneous? Spirit moves us in THIS MOMENT and when we are moved, it is our responsiblitiy and opportunity to run with the energy we’re given and see how far we can take those currents surging through us.

When we begin to live life by acting on our intuitive impulses and inspirations we begin to make MASSIVE progress towards the stuff, things, visions, ideas and desires we have. Lack of action creates lack of progress. When the energy or Spirit is moving you, don’t say, “Yeah thanks Spirit, lets come back to this later cuz I’m kind of in the middle of watching TV right now.” Golly-Gee-Willikers NO, get your ass in gear and let the creative flow guide your every word, thought and deed. When you live with this type of presence to the present moment, life gets truly magical and all of a sudden you begin to experience so many of those ‘so-called’ miraculous, magical, synchronistic events in your every Now moment.

If you take 2 steps forward, the Universe will take a hundred steps towards you… or something like that!

THE END – pass it on…

HAPPY NEW NOW: Thriving in Life, Family & Business interview with Kara Maria Ananda


Join me, Bradley Morris (www.CowabungaLife.com) for an epically amazing “The Happy New Now radio show”. In this ridiculously insightful interview with my guest Kara Maria Ananda who is an activated creator, entrepreneur, Mama of 2, artist, healer & coach, as we explore all of the wonderful, fun ways we can stay in balance while activating our dreams and create businesses, lives and families that Thrive!!

In the interview she shares some AMAZING tips & stories on how to really start creating the visions, dreams and life you want from right where you are. Any Mama’s or Papa’s who want to live a life of freedom and be the best you you can be in all you do in the world, download and LISTEN TO THIS!

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The Best Story Ever from The Best Day Ever (story continued)


The day started with saying, “This is the Best Day Ever” and finished with saying, “That was the Best Day Ever!” Everything in between are stories within stories of epic adventure and magical happenings. If you love a good story then you’ll love reading beyond this word. I recommend grabbing a cup of your favorite liquid to enjoy this epic unfoldment. As my past Self writes this I am drinking a Hot Cacao Tea Elixir with 7 Raw Cacao Beans, 2 scoops of raw cacao powder, honey, Milk Thistle, hemp seeds and some wild Chaga/Herbal/Mushroom tea blend that we always have brewing in our home. Lets just say it has opened me up to write what I’m writing, so it’ll likely go great with reading what I wrote (I’ll let you know)!

This is the story of the coolest Bro date ever….
This last year-ish (who really knows time these days anyway?) I’ve spent quite a few moments with David Avocado Wolfe, leading Cowabunga Meditations at a couple of his retreats at Epic Eden Hot Springs and one in Hawaii. I think more than any other phrase I’ve heard David say (and it has nothing to do with nutrition) is, “This is the Best day ever!” After a while of hanging with him it’s really rubbed off and I’ve begun saying that mantra all the time too. Guess what? It works 80% of the time, every time … and it was for sure working the day this story happened!

To skip ahead, I dropped my wife, Celeste off at the ferry, gave her a big smoocharoo and raced home (at the speed limit) to grab my food, gear and bro, Jesse Pettersen, who was visiting for four days of personal retreat time and Bro Dates in between. We were on our way to hike as many square inches of Mount Maxwell on Salt Spring Island as we possibly could and have the Best Hike Ever. We were stoked about this hike for weeks and so all morning we were preparing ourselves & getting psyched up by saying “this is the best day ever, This Is The Best Day Ever, THIS IS THE BEST DAY EVER!”

On the ride to the mountain we read some super profound stuff in Stuart Wilde’s book, “Miracles.” I can’t remember what it said but it had something to do with us, our Higher Selves, connecting to our Power and creating Miracles. It seemed like a great idea and so we thought shux Stuart (who just passed to the other side … Love you Stuey boy) we’ll do it, we’ll go have the Best, most miraculous day ever!

BestBroDateEverLike all good adventures, we started with a tobacco prayer offering to give thanks for this adventure we were embarking upon, call in the directions, guidance and all particles of Creation to guide our flow in the highest, BEST, and most fun way possible (or something like that). We then ate some yummy chocolates, drank some water and headed up the mountain through the most gorgeous old growth, cliff faced, glorious viewed, mossy trail ever. We were in awe every step of the way. Stopping to take some breaks along the path, have some great conversations, soak in some views, boulder on some rocks and eventually we made our way to the top where you get the most amazing view. As we stood there looking out over the peninsula and surrounding islands I found myself staring at the cliff face to our left. As my eyes focused in a little more I was blown away to see an incredibly clear face of a Native Elder, which was the entire cliff face (maybe his name was Cliff?). I told Jesse what I saw and he started laughing because he saw it too. After our laughter subsided, I thanked the elder in the rocks for protecting the lands and at that same moment a small gust of wind brought a fog formation around the cliff face, however from our angle it looked as though the fog/smoke was coming out the Cliff Elder’s mouth. It literally felt like a Peace offering or blessing was made. And not even a few moments after that a beautiful, mature Bald Eagle rode a gust of wind out in front of us at almost head height and just to make the moment even cooler, the eagle flew around the face on the cliff and disappeared into the fog.

Both of us were astonished at what we’d just seen and as thoughts began to flood themselves back into my brain like blood rushing to ….. oh never mind …. I managed to formulate a series of words that summed up my experience and I said, “That Eagle was so bad ass.” Both of us agreed and laughed our asses off.

After drinking some more water and soaking in some more view we felt the flow guiding us away from this magical peak. We found another trail on the other side of the mountain that led us way down into the foggy rainforest. It seriously felt like we were walking into Big Foot’s home (I’m sure we were actually). In fact, Big Foot became a huge, inspiring, creativity filled conversation for much of the hike ahead (between glorious moments of silence and the occasional Zephyr by Jesse). At one point on our trek while exploring this amazing trail we stopped at a section where there were a whole lot of fallen trees and we played a game to see who could go the farthest on the trees … that was super fun .. I even ripped my one day old shorts (I play hard HaHa). At another spot we found something funny and did a fun photo shoot (I couldn’t resist)….

Skipping ahead, after some more beautiful forest, yada-yada-yada, the best lunch ever (Avocado halves with nuts and hemp seeds in the middle) and some HUGE fits of laughter, we were nearing the end of our journey. We’d been hiking for probably about four hours at this point and when I saw the van my heart kind of sank. Trying to come up with a way to be excited about the end of our journey, I said to Jesse, “Well I guess we get to go hang at the lake now,” which most of the time would seem like the best ever, but right now it just didn’t. Jesse was like, “Whoa bro, I’m not ready to go yet, are you?” Relieved I was like, “elllllll NO dude, we’ve only completed the first circle of the infinity (meaning we’d only done one full loop of the mountain and it was time to do a second … this time we go down!).”

The night before I had bought us this amazing Maple Chocolate bar, which we’d agreed wouldn’t be eaten until we had the best spot ever to enjoy it. As we were approaching the amazing rocks on the edge of the cliff looking out over the Strait where we began this fun day, we both looked at each other and agreed that that would be the best place ever to eat our chocolate bar … just not this soon. To complete our circle and start our next loop we walked passed our past Selves sitting there making a tobacco offerings, smiled and strolled on by.

Soon after going past our check point I had one of the greatest epiphanies I’ve ever had (most simple and obvious too). While walking I just kept saying “this is the best place ever, This Is The Best Place Ever, THIS IS THE BEST PLACE EVER” and it hit me. I realized that with all the traveling I’ve done in my life, I am always the happiest when I get to come home (to Vancouver Island and now Salt Spring Island). I am really really home and this is where I want to be most. I realized I don’t really need to go travel elsewhere, I want to explore HERE as much as I can. I want to learn about these lands, and this culture, exactly where I stand. All of a sudden I was like, “Holy Shit, I don’t even need to lead retreats out of country anymore (probably still will, just not many). People need to come here because this is the best place on Earth!” In that one moment of complete clarity I felt my Whole Self exhale, relax and arrive. It felt F#&^ing phenomenal! As a way to remind my future Self that I’m home, just in case I ever get squirrely or unsettled, we took some pictures.

A little while later we found, what was clearly an energy line coming up the side of the mountain because it was a steep embankment up both sides with fallen trees (wind blown) as far down as we could see. Agreeing that this would be the best, most fun path to take, we ran down the embankment like we were skiing moguls. However before running (and tumbling) down, we stood in utter reverence for this one MASSIVE DOUGLAS FIR TREE (I used caps to show you how big it was). Each branch was a tree in its own and it probably stretched up nearly a couple hundred feet. It was beautiful. As my eyes looked out at this glorious breath-giver I noticed something white at the base of it, and to my eyes whatever this white thing was, it had a glow. Neither of us knew what it might be, so on we went with the moguls downward to get a closer look and to give this giant Tree of Life a massive Dude hug!

QuartzWhiteBunnyWhen we got to the bottom, with only minor scrapes and bruises I approached the giant white thing and realized it was a pretty huge piece of Quartz Crystal, which grows naturally all around this island (some people say Salt Spring IS a giant Quartz Crystal, which is why this place is such a fantastic vortex). Next to the big crystal was a smaller crystal and when I picked it up I just knew I had to put it on the big one (like putting its head back on). As soon as I set it down both Jesse and I were like, “WHOA!” At first when I set it down it was like I was putting the pieces of a Transformer together and now all of a sudden it had super powers. It seriously morphed in front of our eyes and when I stepped back my jaw dropped at what I was seeing. The little Quartz Crystal Transformer Being just morphed into a perfectly clear, obvious to the both of us, White Quartz Crystal Bunny.

So now it’s time for the story within the story. Perhaps before reading onwards you want to refill your beverage, stretch for a moment, take some deep breaths or go for a pee (cuz that’s what I’m gonna go do)…

That feels better. So as I was saying, this is the moment where my past leapt into my Present (which is now also my past) and morphed itself into the little white Quartz Crystal bunny who saved my life six years earlier. Yeah that’s right, a bunny saved my life. It was 7 or 8 years ago (damn you time) that I had my rock bottom experience and then shortly after that I had my world completely blasted open to all sorts of different worlds, experiences & possibilities for ‘Reality’, which forever changed who I am and altered the path I am living now, which I won’t talk about today because that is about fifty different stories within stories and if you go that far down the rabbit hole of my life today ….. well, we’re just not going there!

As I was eluding to, a bunch of wild shit happened that changed my mind, relationships, life and destiny. Unless my destiny was already on course that is, and this experience was all just part of the divine plan unfolding… Anyhew, after those series of awakening moments (really long moments) around Christmas time that year that it was, which I’m talking about right now, I was incredibly confused and felt like I was going out of my mind. My world was blasted wide open and I had no clue who I was, what was real and if anything I’d experienced the previous six months even happened. To sum it up, I had no fricken clue. But I can tell you one thing, I was suprt stoked to be going home to visit my family in Ontario, eat ridiculous amounts of Turkey and drink silly amounts of beer with my high school buddies so I could forget about this wild dream I’d been having.

Several nights into my visit (I was about 7 pounds heavier) and my buddies and I were going to go have a male bonding experience by heading out to the local Exotic Female Dancing Club a couple counties over. We also thought it was a great idea to pile six burly men (I think I was the smallest) into a Rav 4. THEN we were on such a roll, we thought it’d be an even better idea to drink a few beers and smoke a couple joints along the way since it was 45 minutes of boring backroads in the dark. Right after blazing our a doobie, a little….. wait for it ……. White Bunny ran out in front of us. Instead of running it over, my friend who was driving slowed down. And instead of the bunny running out of the way, it bolted straight down the middle of the road at about 30-40KM’s per hour. The white bunny just kept weaving back and forth from one side of the road to the other, staying within the headlights of the jeep.

I would say a good minute, possibly two, passed as this crazy bunny booked it down the road. Our totally sober driver was honking the horn, flashing the lights and even turned the lights on and off completely at one point, but the bunny just kept running, veering back and forth. Finally, after what felt like forever…ish, the bunny bolted off into the ditch and probably made love to its bunny wife or something like that, leaving us stunned and pissing ourselves in laughter. However our laughter was cut short. All of a sudden as we were driving up a steep hill, an oncoming car that was passing another car coming up the other side of the hill swerved right in front of us cutting back into its own lane. It’s hard to say how close it came in feet, but if I were to put a number on it I would say that if we came over that hill a second or two earlier there would have been a head on collision. The white bunny saved our Life.

To me, I saw the bunny running between the headlights (staying in the light). If we had decided to run the bunny over or scare it out of the way, I would probably not be here right now (at least not in this body). This was a HUGE wakeup call and confirmation for everything I’d experienced the previous six months about the Universe and has been a story I’ve constantly reflected back to when times have been overwhelmingly hard. Since that moment, I have known I have a purpose and I’ve been living it through everything I think, say and do ever since (at least in the moments I remember).

Now lets flash forward to my future PRESENT past Self, standing there looking down at this Quartz Crystal Bunny dumbfounded. Every moment I’ve lived since that miraculous night flooded into my body and memory as I arrived at the best full Circle moment ever. I stood there feeling the connection to my past self who was so lost and confused at that time in my Life and the many incredible experiences that have happened since then, shaping who I’ve become. And in this moment, I felt the strongest, most connected, clearest I think I may have ever felt so far. I was wowified to re-live the infinity of moments between that Bunny and this Bunny. Never could I have imagined what I’d experience, who I would meet, where I would go and what I would do with my life back then. I felt so proud of the huMan I have become since that young, lost boy.

Before leaving this moment, I walked around to the back side of the bunny and again my jaw dropped, even farther this time. The backside of the crystal was the shape of a face naturally etched into the Crystal. One half was white quartz and the other half was dark rock … and it was split directly down the middle. It was unbelievable. Perfect symbology of the Light & the Dark within me, within each of us. In my life I have explored both and I have lived both. I can look back at many of my darkest moments and laugh at them now because I’ve experienced so much Light on the other side of each of those seemingly impossible challenges.

I can’t pretend like I have fully processed or understand this experience and all of the layers within layers yet. I am still digesting the depth of the feelings, memories and thought forms that have flooded me since this blast from the past. This little white Quartz Crystal Bunny felt like a rites of passage or initiation into my own personal next level or chapter; a check point in my Game of Life. An opportunity to embrace my Authentic Expression in every given New Now. I felt transformed and I know my future Self is still feeling it too.

Eventually we continued on with our Best Day, Best Hike Ever. Along the way we laughed hysterically as we created a bunch of ridiculously random video sketches through Random Acts of Improv. If you want to see some of the silliness that happened during this chapter of our adventure, you’ll have to click here to watch. As we wound our way down the mountain we found a gorgeous, bright green mossy Creek Bed in a grove of epic trees. After all the magic and initiations that had happened in the day, I felt called to cleanse myself in the spring and experience the full re-Birth effect. Jesse went first and happily obliged to hold the camera and video tape me doing my dunk (watch the video at the end of this story). As I dunked my head into the freezing cold water my body’s first response was to struggle and stiffen up, however this loud, clear voice in my head kept repeating, “surrender, Surrender, SURRENDER.” So I listened. I softened my body and allowed the energy to wash all the way through me. I felt complete silence & peace in that mili-moment.

When I pulled my head back out of the water a surge of energy blasted through me and I just had to scream, “Yeeeeee huuu youuuu weeeeeee!” Everything felt brighter, lighter and brand new. It was a very Happy New Now! After another amazing snack while enjoying the best view ever, we decided to continue on with our adventure by following this gorgeous, winding, trickling creek farther down. Down, down, down we went. Every step was stunningly beautiful with the bright (almost glowing) moss covered everything all around us. I can’t remember the conversation or how it came about (probably through one of our Random Acts of Improv outbursts) but what I do remember was receiving my crystal clear Life Purpose statement and it goes like this, “I Am a Super Hero here to save Humanity from their Boring Lives.”

PIC_4982I mean no offense when I say this (and if you take offense then your life is probably boring and for some reason your ego feels the need to defend that) but when I wrote the statement down it rang through as utter Truth. Even in my meditation workshops, I share that meditation isn’t about shutting the mind off, it’s about Entertaining it in a positive way. I believe the reason humans worry so much is because our minds are so bloody brilliant AND bored, and so they need something to focus on. My purpose is to save (or Serve) humanity’s bored minds by giving them something positive, uplifting, funny, inspiring, empowering, random or high-vibing to focus on; thus curing the bored humans and worrisome thoughts, helping to create more activated, creatively inspired Super Hero Humans… HOORAY, fun life purpose statement… check!

So to top off the blessing from the Chief, the best hike ever, my massive epiphany about coming home, the Quartz Crystal Bunny under the Tree of Life, being re-birthed in a glorious mossy creek, discovering the funnest Life Purpose statement I could possibly ask for, making hilarious videos with Jesse, nearly peeing myself from laughter 3 different times AND spending the whole day with one of my bestest buds, I couldn’t imagine how it could get better. But it did. Steps away from where I scribbled down my clarified life purpose into my journal I found a glorious, sparkling Quartz Crystal that called my name and REALLY wanted to come home with me. I now call it, “My Best Day Ever Crystal” and there’s a very good chance that if you see my Future Self somewhere in the world, I will have it on me somewhere because this Crystal is holding the energy of this magical day so I can continue to be awake to the miracles of this incredible Life everyday! And guess what… There is a tiny face that can be clearly seen in the Crystal (of course)!

As we were about to make a tobacco offering to receive this precious Crystal I remembered that I had been carrying in my medicine pouch another Quartz Crystal I found couple months earlier. I intentionally took it to Eden Arizona the week before to the Epic Eden Hot Springs retreat I was at so I could cleanse it in the Source Pool under the full moon. For some reason since the moment I found this crystal I knew I was just to hold onto it until I found the person it was meant for. In this exact, best moment ever, I knew it was meant for my bro Jesse and so I gave it to him. Now both of us have “Best Day Ever Crystals” so everyday we can carry the high vibing frequency of the best day ever and continute to live the magic of the day forever into infinity (I mean, why not?)…..

After the offering we had the best hike UP ever. It must have been all the good food, good Qi and good times we had during the day because the hike back up was easy. It didn’t feel like we’d been trekking for 7 hours straight. I felt stronger and more energized than I can ever remember. As we climbed the mountain I asked Jesse what animal he would embody to get up the mountain the easiest. Both of us chose Big Foot. If only witnesses caught the next 5 minutes on camera as we climbed up the mountain shouting, grunting and being as Big Foot as we possibly could. Uncontrollable fits of laughter followed.

Finally we arrived at the top of the lookout and made our way back to where we began our journey much earlier in the day. To complete our infinity, I pulled out our delicious Maple Chocolate bar, which we fully devoured, while watching the sun go down over the mountains, lighting up the sky with fluorescent pink puff clouds.

That completes our magical mountain adventure. But for those of you who don’t want the story to end, I am happy to tell you what we had for the best dinner ever that night…

We went home, washed up and ate an epic meal. The meal began with organic humus and Organic Corn Chips, followed by a mountain of fresh greens we bought straight from the farmer the day before, all sorts of veggies, steamed nettles picked from our forest, two fist-fulls of mixed nuts, a whole avocado each, hemp seeds, nettle pesto, olive oil, salt, nutritional yeast and yup, we even crushed up extra chips. The fats, tastes, textures and nutrients resonated with me like the Life Force resonates tbrough me. It was seriously like eating God for dinner. We were so grateful and so fulfilled. As our food digested we re-capped the day, pissing ourselves laughing (again) at the ridiculous footage we filmed earlier that afternoon, which now felt like lifetimes ago (or at least half a lifetime ago).

Finally Sasha the dog (who I regrettably didn’t mention more than once in this story and was a total trooper to endure this massive adventure), was exhausted and couldn’t sleep because of our laughter and loud talking, came up to us and in her own polite doggy way told us to “Go to our Rooms” so she could get her shut eye. After brushing my teeth I crawled into my bed and remembered that it was 12:20 when I closed my eyes the night before… And I just knew it was going to be 12:20 again. Sure enough when I looked, it was. “That was the best day ever,” I thought to myself before diving into an epic dreamtime adventure (which is another story for another day).

Leave your comments, thoughts and sentences below!

Bro Date Gone Wild : Best Day Ever (part 1)!


I feel so blessed and grateful in my life that I’ve come to a chapter where I have some brothers who surround me who absolutely blow me away with their authentic expression of who they are (and how much fun we have together). I just finished a 4-day manly man Bro Date with my buddy Jesse Pettersen. The days were filled with hysterical laughter, wild adventures, explosive creativity, pure magic and five 9-hole rounds of golf.

On Sunday we decided to Giv’er good and we went up to Mount Maxwell on Salt Spring Island for a full day of adventure connection time (with my dog Sasha). The day was literally MINDBLOWING. From the first moment we started the day we just kept saying “This is the Best Day Ever” “THIS IS THE BEST DAY EVER!” David Wolfe was mentioning how he got started with ‘The Best Day Ever’ mantra on an interview I did with him recently on “The Happy New Now” and I have been putting it to practice. I gotta say, it is TRANSFORMATIVE! Especially on this magical day!

While we were out adventuring in the forest things got silly. REALLY SILLY! Both Jesse and I love performing, creating and making comedy come to life through random acts of Improv. The video you are about to press play on are some random snippets of our incredibly hilarious day. I seriously nearly pissed my pants THREE TIMES during day because of laughing so hard and fortunately, one of those moments was caught on film.

Enjoy, have fun, be here (not there) and have the best day ever!

 I hope this has inspired you to be more silly in your life …
cuz life is more fun when you’re living it!


HAPPY NEW NOW: Infinite Love & Gratitude interview with Dr. Darren Weissman


Listen to  with The Happy New Now on BlogTalkRadio


Join your host Bradley Morris, the Dude at Cowabunga Life “The Happy New Now” for an hour of inspirational, transformational, activational FUN as he interviews Dr. Darren Weissman, renowned holistic physician, speaker, educator, developer of The LifeLine Technique, and best-selling author of the book, “The Power of Infinite Love & Gratitude and Awakening to the Secret Code of Your Mind.” When Darren and Brad come together it’s like two long lost brothers re-Uniting, which means this show promises to be joyfully awesome!

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