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What’s the Point of Pointing Fingers?


What’s the point of pointing at people with our pointy fingers when they have seemingly done something wrong in our eyes?

Rather than pointing out the obvious, can we not make a point to explore what life must be like in their body, circumstances and experience and if we were on point with this presence practice that invoked compassion perhaps we’d reach a point where we only pointed the finger back at our own hearts and minds when we feel effected by another person’s actions, thoughts, words or beliefs.

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7 Abundance Tricks for Living the Most Fulfilling Life you Can!

Lesson one in the game of wealth generation is that Abundance is a feeling, not a thing.

Stuff and things will never equal abundance in our body, mind and heart. Stuff and things will only create a desire for more stuff and things.

Don’t get me wrong, money can be a wonderful thing. It can buy us experiences that bring us closer to our human potential. It can change the lives of those we care about or those in need. It can even provide a bit of temporary comfort in an otherwise uncomfortable world. But the pursuit of money itself is a backwards approach because money is the last phase of wealth development.

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The Day I Accepted My Laziness

All my life I was called lazy; by my parents (who rock), my brother, my friends in school and the voices in my head.

Laziness meaning, “not willing to work or be energetic” was a pretty accurate description for how I was. I found it very difficult to get motivated when I was in school. In fact, in my second year of college I skipped the majority of my classes and instead went golfing. I was also a slacker at most of the jobs I worked, always doing the bare minimum and as a kid I would have done anything to get out of my chores.

Yup, I was pretty lazy (about stuff I didn’t care about)…

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“The Price of Freedom” – 20 Tips for Turning your Passions into How you get Paid

We have all heard the expression that “Freedom Comes with a Price” and in this last decade of turning my passions into the way I earn money in the world I have learned some huge lessons.

I have learned what it means to put my trust and faith into a vision that I whole-heartedly believe in and move towards it despite fear, self doubt or a lack of clarity or even having the necessary skills on “how to do it”. I have always figured out a way to make things work though and even when I couldn’t, it still worked out somehow! I feel like this is the reward that comes from the heartache of trusting and trying.

I have worked my ass off and stayed resilient and focused through many very challenging times, periods of hardship, ridiculous amounts of personal growth and transformation, as well as the heaviness that comes from the many huge letdowns and losses along the way. (note, being an entrepreneur is not for the faint of heart)

I am very grateful that I did all of this and that I stayed committed all these years because I am now living with more freedom than ever before.

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ManTalks Speech: Spirituality, Mastery, Meditation, Business & Golf

I spoke at a ManTalks event in Vancouver in front of 150 young entrepreneurs back in March on the topic of Spirituality and about my own personal spiritual journey. ManTalks is like TedTalks but geared towards men.

In this 25-minute presentation I shared parts of my story I’ve never talked about publicly before. Some of the things I talk about are:

  • What moved me to drop out of school and start my first business,
  • My lowest moment in life which was the catalyst for transformation and the path I now live,
  • What spirituality is to me and how I practice in my life, relationships, business and golf game,
  • How golf is a path to Self Mastery for me and what that means,
  • How meditation has been a catalyst in my life for presence, purpose and facing my fears,
  • The FOUR Questions that have transformed my entire life and could do the same for you,
  • My advice for anyone thinking about taking a big leap of faith in their life,
  • And a bunch of inspirational side stories that will make you laugh and possibly shed a tear or two.

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Never Give Up on the Dream and Here’s Why!

I’m in between flights sitting in the LAX airport right now, on my way to Myrtle Beach for a weeklong golf vacation for my dad’s 60th birthday with a group of 30 other guys. 

While buying a very expensive bottle of water and even more wildly expensive yogurt and granola, the young man who worked the booth came over and started chatting me up.

Within a couple minutes he began to open up about his journey of moving from Michigan to L.A in pursuit of his dream to be a musician but is really struggling with the adjustment and hasn’t had any success yet – hence working at a booth in the LAX airport.

I could sense his defeat and lack of faith that he’d ever achieve his dream.

Orion, if you’re reading this – this is for you. For anyone else who has ever thought about giving up on their dream and settling for a less than fucking awesome existence – this is also for you.

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Be a Man and Cry like a Baby


As I write this my heart feels heavy and happy, sad and grateful.

My wife, Celeste and I have made the decision to lay our loyal companion of 14 years, Sasha the dog to rest next weekend (04/04-2015). It’s so hard to believe because six weeks ago she was golfing with me everyday, going for hikes and ripping it up in the forest like a young pup. That is until a bad case of Vestibular syndrome hit her hard. 

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Our Biggest Responsibility Should Be Pursuing our Passions

I think our main responsibility in life should be to do what we’re most passionate about.

If we’re passionate about feeding starving children, cleaning up the environment, finger painting, playing sports, being a mother or father, making music that gets people moving, surfing, traveling,  meditating like a monk, writing, cooking for people, dancing or teaching people something cool, then we should do these things.

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8 Presence Practices for the Activated Entrepreneur

It is in the small, simple practices that we do day in and day out that true success will become inevitable.

We always look for the next big breakthrough or big thing to take us to the next level of success, however our foundation is not built on the big things, it is built upon small things that we do consistently … and if we do not have a strong foundation built we will crumble under the pressure when those big things happen. I know from personal experience.

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Why We Need Meditation to Excel in Business, Life, Marriage & Sports!

It doesn’t take a scientist to understand that a daily practice of meditation or conscious breath work will benefit our lives in positive ways.

But how much does it actually benefit us?

I know for me, it was really challenging to commit to my practice at first. I would sit there for 3-minutes feeling like it was such a waste of time. I’d get bored. I’d feel angry. My body would ache. I would get annoyed with the fifteen different conversations going on inside my head all at the same time.

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