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Never Give up on the Things you Love in Life!


If there is one great lesson I have learned as a Creativepreneur, it is that all great visions take time … sometimes they take ALOT of time.


In my early days of being a Creator and entrepreneur I had the McDonalds quick-fix, ‘I want it now’ mentality and I zero wisdom for the time it would take, the hard lessons I would need to learn and the persistence I would need to have in order to actually do something Kickass in my life and with my businesses!


For years I struggled in so many ways and as I write this, I guess I’m being inspired to share a little more about my struggles and how even they have been the best teachers ever for what I am now Creating…


My Financial Struggles:

MagicalThingsHappenIn my early self-employment days, because I was massively in debt, had a giant gaping hole in my heart that said I needed to prove myself to friends & family and I had low self esteem, I made things more about the money than the Love. Consequently and fortunately, I made very little money, went even more in debt and was humbled to my knees to really surrender to my passions and what was calling me in my life. Through the financial challenges I’ve grown through I have learned to listen to my authentic inner voice and follow that guidance. And because I have been tested so many times on so many levels, I have learned to simplify my life, live happily with very little, become ridiculously resourceful with what I do have and I’ve learned to ask the best question ever, “What is right in front of me that I’m not seeing right now because of a belief or limited perception that will help me move forward?”


My financial challenges have taught me a lot over the years and the best lesson of all is that they have taught me that I WILL do what I do whether I make no money or loads of money. Who I am and what I choose for my life is not dictated by dollars and cents, it’s driven by love, passion and purpose and there’s no greater feeling than that!




Challenges with my Family:

Any of you black sheep out there will understand the inner struggles you go through from having a family that just doesn’t get you. Even more challenging is learning all of these incredible, transformational tools for life, Health and happiness and not being able to share them with your loved ones because A) they don’t get it, B) they’re not ready, C) they don’t want to hear it. By choosing my own path and carving it despite what family and friends have said about me I have really, Truly found my own authentic Self. I’ve learned to be confident and clear about who I am and I am learning to practice complete and total acceptance of all people for exactly where they’re at (still not easy). When I look at where I was 9 years ago and where I’m at now, if my Now-Me would’ve shared everything I’ve learned about life, myself & the Universe to my Then-Me, my Then-Me would’ve told my Now-Me that I am a crazy bastard.


The challenges I’ve had in my relationships have taught me that we’re all walking our perfect path and that we are all going through our own experiences to evolve on the Scale of Consciousness. Who Am I to judge where another is at, what makes me superior to another’s growth process and feel like I have to ‘save them?’ These were all ego bullshit games that caused more separation in my life rather than connection. Now, I strive for acceptance and understanding (starting with myself). This improves all my relationships…




Struggles to Do What I Love:

MagicOfLifeI would say the greatest, most rewarding struggle I have faced is the struggle to only, always do what I love. Sure sometimes we gotta do ‘a job’ to pay the bills to take care of our family or whatever.. But even in those monotonous tasks, how can we show up as our best selves, our most vibrant selves, our full expression of Being? Through my own journey I believe the greatest struggle worth growing through is all of the ‘STUFF’ that comes up from choosing the path of your Heart. The path of your heart is not normal, it’s not conventional and it’s 100% uniquely authentic to YOU which means it’s gonna cause shit to come up. You’re going to be tested and challenged every freakin day! But wow, what better thing to grow through? Who we become from this process will change the world….



To Sum it up…

Whoever you are and whatever life is challenging you with, I encourage you to embrace it, thank it and allow yourself the opportunity to find this experience as the greatest blessing your life has ever been given. You are the Creator of your Life and you have 100% Free Will to respond, navigate and celebrate all the experiences of your beautifully blessed life!



Thank you for reading, please leave a comment and share this if it’s inspired you in anyway. I am so grateful that living life and sharing my experiences is what I ‘get to do for a living’ hahaha!



PS –  If you really wanna go deep into yourself to discover what your next YES is, I encourage you to really consider joining the Cowabunga Vision Quest.  It’s helped people all around the world do just that (and more)….


Cowabunga Namaste!
Bradley Morris (the Dude)

It’s Important to Do what’s Important!


It’s important to do
what’s important to you!


Yesterday afternoon I was out hiking (in my barefeet) in one of the magical rainforest trails near my house. It is honestly one of the coolest trails I’ve found on our new home, Salt Spring Island. The forest is covered in gorgeous old growth trees and the brightest green moss ever.



So as I was walking I was thinking back to a radio interview I had earlier in the day with David Wood on the Kick Ass Life show (The show rocked and David is a lot of fun), which I’ll let you know when it’s aired. So as I was walking I was pondering the question, what is the main thing that keeps me highly fulfilled in my life? Is it meditation? No. Is it my friends? Nope. What is it???



ImportantToDoI realized that the reason I maintain such a high level of fulfillment in my life is because {drumroll please} I do the things that are important to me. Meditation is important to me, so I meditate. Creating is important to me, so I always have an inspiring project on the go. My Goddess wife Celeste is important to me, so I spend as much time with her as I can. My friends are important to me, so I nurture those relationships. Having fun is important to me, so I make having fun the theme for my life in all I do. Having amazing adventures is important to me, so I have many of them. I could go on and on about what’s important to me, but that won’t help you {it’ll probably just make you bored}…. So I ask you the questions below and I encourage you to actually write them down in your journal because if you wanna create physical changes in your reality, writing your thoughts, visions & intentions down is the first step in turning something from the non-physical (in your head) to the physical (on your page)…


What is it that makes you come alive?
What are the most important things in your Life to you?
Is your life committed to doing the things that are important to you?

If you ONLY did stuff that was important to you, what would you let go of and what would you do more of?


In my opinion, if you wanna be fulfilled then do the things that fill you up with juicy goodness.  If you have lots of excuses about why you can’t do the things you love, then STOP telling yourself silly lies and start doing the juicy good stuff now!  Nobody but you is stopping you from loving your Life … so GIV’ER and live the best life ever!  That’s my ramblings for the day, enjoy and pass’em on if it makes any sense…


Cowabunga Namaste;

Bradley Morris  (BradiDude)
Creator. Activator. Facilitator
‘The Dude’ at Cowabunga Life

Life, Death & Everything in Between


We live and then we die.
Everything in between is a call to adventure!


MorethanHumanLife is really funny, don’t you think? We start out as an idea or possibility, then a moment of passion (our parents ‘do it’) and then Bammo, nature takes over and starts the process of Creation. Nine months later we come into this wild world having no clue who we are or how We (Humanity) got here. In our tiny bodies we hold the secrets of the whole Universe and yet we are so young and unable to communicate in their language that we can’t share those secrets with the big people. And slowly time passes by and we adopt the ways of Being of the big people eventually losing those secrets…


As our body’s grow and we forget who we are, we get caught in the cycle of trying to fit into ‘society’ by liking what everyone else likes, doing what everyone else does and believing what everyone else believes. Soon enough though, that gets old and we find ourselves searching for more.


Many search and search all over the world. Visiting every temple, Guru and apparent Spiritual Teacher. They do all sorts of silly rituals, adopt ridiculous beliefs and again start doing, saying and believing what everyone else is doing… (Whoops!)


What is this Search that we are on; for something deeper and more meaningful? How can WE, something so small on a planet so large and in a Universe so Infinite, have a Purpose that is greater than us? Why is it that we are ALL feeling this calling in our Heart and how come it is so difficult to figure out what it is or where to start??


Fear&DeathThis calling is Universal. It is why we’re here. It is because we are here to play God and to play with God, which is Love. God has gifted us this experience of Life so that we can awaken within ourselves the God-like presence of Love, Compassion, Divine Creativity and pure unlimited Joy. I believe we are here to celebrate this Life and this magical, totally unique adventure of Being Alive… This is a game and if we watch the children we can learn how to play the game. The rules are simple; Have the most fun possible, stay pure & innocent, keep following your heart, never stop dreaming, love as large as you can (& then love some more) and Create a world through the window of your Heart & Imagination.


At some point in time by hanging out with all those big people and their limited perceptions we forgot that we were born from Love, with Love for the purpose of Love and it is by Being Love and by Doing what we Love that we truly transform the outer world into something that works for all. The ney-sayer will scoff at this idea and if that is you, then I ask; ‘How do you know this isn’t the way?’ Have you ever tried to Truly follow your Heart? Are you truly happy with your life as it is right now? Have you put yourself in a box and deep inside yourself you want out, you want free and yet you still do what they say to do?


We will never know until we know and for most we never know until we go. Don’t let death be your doorway to realizing that life is meant for Loving, kindness, creativity and adventure. Don’t let your fear of failure, judgment or dying stop you from TRULY LIVING right now. Don’t let your pain stop you from laughing til you cry and crying til you laugh.


You are human. We signed up for this. And you’re made of Love.


Thanks for listening to my ramblings…


Why do We Hurt Ourselves so Much?


Why oh why do we want happiness but we choose misery by constantly doing what makes us unhappy? Why do we want peace, but we choose chaos? Why do we want love and yet we push love away? Why do we wish for better health but we continually eat junk?  Why do we want purpose and yet we waste our life with obsessive hours cruising Facebook instead of pursuing what makes us come alive?


ChillOutWhy?  Because somewhere along the way we bought into a story that we can’t be happy, peace isn’t possible, we don’t deserve love, we’ll never be healthy and that we have no purpose for being here.  Well as a friend-to-a-friend, that’s complete and total bullshit.


If you look around at this suffering, struggling, crazy world and I mean really look, you will find God, Love, Truth and Light everywhere.  Every spot on this planet where darkness seems to be looming over us is a bright light who is offering their entire Heart & Soul to healing and brightening all that is there.  In every destroyed part of nature is a seed blasting through the soil growing towards the light.  In every closed, miserable human Being is an Infinite Soul with a greater potential than even Jesus the Christ.  You may look in the mirror and not believe that right now but I say to you now, YOU better believe it!


ItsYouThe world is in need of people who are ready and willing to step away from what everyone else is doing and start carving a new path for themselves.  The journey of the heart is scary as hell (probably scarier) and it takes true courage to walk this path.  

We must take responsibility for ourselves by changing ourselves first.  If we are a victim, then we must become Empowered.  If we are abusive, then we must become kind.  If we are resentful, then we must become forgiving.  If we are anxious & stressed, then we must find calmness and peace.  If we feel purposeless, then we must find purpose in even the smallest tasks.  Every single thing counts.


Every act, every thought, every post on Facebook, EVERYTHING!

Where are you starting today?  I’m starting with me.



Start Now, take a 10 Minute Peace Pause…

Transform your Consciousness


To solve a problem we must access a higher state of consciousness or awareness than the state we are in right now or were in when the problem was created…


einsteinOur current consciousness is our thoughts + energy + beliefs + experiences, which provides the illusion that ‘This is the Way it Is and the Way it Has to Be’.  Not True though.  Our current reality doesn’t have to be our permanent reality if we don’t want it to be.  To transform into a new state of consciousness we must come to accept that the old one is not working anymore.  Once we accept that we desire a new experience we must identify the qualities we wish to embody, feel, see and call our new Experience for Life.  The simpler, more direct and clear we are when making this claim, the better and easier it is to embody it.


Breathe those qualities of Being into you again and again until the feeling becomes natural.  The reason the Breath is so important in transforming your Consciousness is because Breath = Presence and Presence = Power.  We must powerfully claim this new state of Being, ruthlessly evicting the old ways of Being out of our mind and habits.  If you want to change, then you can no longer accept those old thoughts, actions & beliefs that might surface as THE TRUTH.  Kick their asses to the curb, come back to your Breath and Embody your new State of BEing.

einstein_baby1To live it is to Breathe it, to Be it and only to accept it as the way, just like you may have accepted lack, scarcity, struggle or depression as ‘The Way’ up until this point.  Embodiment is a practice that you can come back to every moment of everyday with the question, WHO Am I Being Right Now?  


Oh ya!!!!  One more important thing I need to mention…  Have some fricken fun with this.  Be like a child and transform yourself into the joyful, exuberant, curious, loving, accepting Wonder Being that you are!




Here is a Practice to Support you….


1)  Admit your current State of Consciousness isn’t working.  Write down the proof of why and how it’s not working.  

Short Example:  Living in lack is no longer working because it’s keeping me small, stuck and unable to fulfill my highest potential.


2)  Claim the new State of Being you’re choosing to Embody.  Describe how all the details of how it makes you feel and what your new experience of life is from the State of Embodiment.

Short Example:  I Embody True Wealth & Abundance and through sharing my Creative Brilliance people Love to Give me money and bless my Life back.


3)  Breathe the new State{ment} of Being into Existence.  Practice the Embodiment Meditation below everyday.


4)  Be Ruthless & Accept nothing less than what you Want for your Life.


5)  Keep coming back to your Breath.



4) Download the Embodiment Meditation for $10!


New Earth Comedy is ALIVE!!!!!!!!!


I believe in following the path of the Heart and to be totally honest, the last little while I haven’t been living 100% authentically to what my Heart has really been wanting to do… Sure I love leading Meditation because of the transformation it causes in other people’s lives, but Comedy is what activates, inspires and makes me come alive!!!!!!


For years I’ve had a dream of creating an online skit comedy show that is basically the Saturday Night Live of conscious comedy entertainment.  But nooooo, my tinsy tiny ego needed all the pieces to be in place and all the money to be in the bank and everything to be perfect.  Well holy shit did that ever hurt my heart.

I can’t ignore my calling any longer (and neither should you).  Even though I don’t have all the equipment to make the quality of comedy I want and I don’t have the budget to buy a whole bunch of epic costumes and props and I don’t have the resources to purchase the services of one of those cool makeup designers who could create me one of those old man or fat guy suits …… I’m okay with that and the Show MUST Begin!


Thank you for supporting me on this next leg of my Journey.  


Welcome to the birth of NEW EARTH COMEDY!

SHARE this video and page with your friends and help spread Laughter!


Join the New Earth Comedy Facebook Fan Page!


My Recent ‘God Moment’


I was in kind of a grumpy mood the other day when I took Sasha (our dog) for her afternoon walk down on the beach near our house.  As I witnessed this  negative thought cycle spiralling in a direction I really didn’t want it to go, I chose to interrupt it by slowing down my breathing.


starfishI also started walking really slowly down the beach as I focused on taking slow deep breaths up from the Earth through my feet and to my crown, then back down again on the exhale.  After a while I entered into this state of Awe for everything around me.  When a seagull flew over my head I couldn’t take my eyes off it.  As I watched it soar and navigate its’ way through the wind, my heart opened and I began to feel what it was feeling … PURE FREEDOM.  It eventually flew away but then my eyes caught a crow that was flying across to another island far off in the distance.  As I watched this tiny bird conquer a vast  amount of distance I was able to connect to the feelings of just how hard it was working to fly into the wind to get itself home. It reminded me of my own personal Journey and how hard I have worked to create something or get somewhere in my life.  


And then a tiny moth fluttered right past my face and so I followed it down the beach, watching  it get higher & higher until it eventually disappeared into the fading light.  Once it disappeared two Giant Herons came out from behind a massive Douglas Fir tree and circled right over my head.  The grace and power with which they flew reminded me of what a pterodactyl would look like if they were still here.  


As I stood there witnessing the magic and simplicity of Life my eyes were watering tears of gratitude and I felt over joyed by this overwhelming feeling and complete connection to all the animals and nature around me.  Everything that everything was experiencing, I was too. Oneness filled my whole Being.


It was the most Epic experience of Oneness I have had in quite a while.

And it all started with me coming back to my Breath and slowing things down.



Some questions to contemplate…

-> Are you giving yourself the time and space in your Life to slow down (your body & breath) so you can bear witness to the miracle and beauty of Life, Nature, yourself and Being Alive?  Or do you come from lack and limitation making up the excuse that “you don’t have the time for that?”


-> What is more important than this connection and experience I’m describing?   Where you invest your time is an absolute choice that each of us has.  Are you investing your time into things that nourish, fill you up and make you come alive or are you investing it into things that suck you dry, leaving you feeling depleted at the end of the day?


->  What is ONE thing you are going to change starting today so you have more time and energy to experience the magic & wonder of Life?



Do you need Help getting there?

If you need help getting into this Connected state, then sign up for the Cowabunga Vision Quest.  The soul purpose for why I created it was to help people ground into this connected state by developing a daily practice of meditation over 40 days.


Where do you Vote with your Money?


I’ve been in business for myself since 2005 and even though I come off as light, playful and exuberant, I don’t take my role as a Conscious Creator and Global Change-Maker lightly.  A lot of people in our ‘Spiritual Community’ shy away from business and money, but not me. I believe that if we want to see grounded, tangible change in our Lifetimes then we need to love, honor and embrace this part of our current Reality.  


conscious-businessCreating a successful business that has a purpose of uplifting, activating and bringing positive change to the Planet is one of the greatest services we can possibly do right now.  The way we are going to collectively transform the monetary system is not by getting rid of it but by having Thriving, high-vibing companies becoming more Powerful and Wealthy.  Truly we vote with our dollars and our actions, which means we need to vote by supporting companies, start-ups and entrepreneurs with high-integrity products, services and visions.  


Sure it might cost an extra few bucks, but by circulating that tiny bit of extra abundance you are feeding a real person, who is standing up for a real cause and who more than likely if they’re anything like my friends and I, are dedicating their entire Lives to a vision bigger than themselves because they want our future Children to have a beautiful, opulent, peace-filled Life to celebrate and come hOMe to.

Besides, you can’t even compare the quality of something that has been Created by the hard work, pure intentions, Heart & Hands of someone. Especially when it comes to the necessities in life like your food, clothes, education and products you use everyday…



Where are you voting with your Money?  

Is it for sustainable, positive change or the alternative?  

Every vote counts!



Your Mission Today:

Purchase something today that will both improve the quality of your Life and that was made with high integrity and pure intentions.   Take note of how good it feels to support a real person doing great work.  Then share your experience below and pass this article around to share a positive perspective with others…


You’re More than “Just a Human!”




You are not ‘just a Human.’ You are more than mere flesh, blood and brains. There is more to you than this body you wear. Go deeper, seek beyond the surface and you will be amazed at what you find. You are not all those things that the World said you are, oh no, not even close!



You are beyond what our vocabulary can describe and more than our limited imaginations can dream up. Your destiny is bigger than your desires and more powerful than the biggest bomb they can build. You have been birthed from darkness, eternal nothingness, the Infinite Void and you are Now here, Present, receiving this message. Miraculous!



You have traveled far and yet you have gone nowhere because you have always been here, you always were here and you’ll last forever. The ripples from your Heart touch, activate and inspire every particle of Creation, even that which has yet to be birthed. Your every thought, word and intention is felt by everyone and everything that ever was and ever will be. You, yes YOU are more powerful than you give yourself credit for. You have created many Worlds, in fact everything you see around you is also a part of your masterpiece. Your circumstances are not by Chance, they are by Choice. All of the previous ideas that have rolled around inside of you formed this physical dimension that you might call your Reality. But there is nothing Real about it because if you choose new thoughts, lighter thoughts, more loving thoughts, Well, it’ll all change again. There is nothing permanent about this moment, in fact it’s already over.


HumanAngelNow is the time to stop wondering, wishing and waiting for things to shift and change. Why not make this the turning point, the change in direction, the moment of clarity. Connect with your Future Self and remember what you did to breathe through this stumbling block. Why would anybody wait for later to come? By being here in this moment you can harness your greatest power, your Dream of Dreams and your next Big YES. The world is waiting on you. So many are asleep and they need you to remind them of who they really are by you remembering who you are. You are more than ‘just a Human’, you are in fact THE CREATOR, the Mighty One, the Courageous One, the Brilliant One, the Creative One, the All Loving One, you are the ONE you’ve been waiting for, who is indeed here to change the world. Not ‘the world out there’ but the world right here. Look around you and love what you dislike, forgive what you’ve forgotten and forge forward with a clear Heart.


You, yes you are going to change the World.  History books are going to be written about you, in fact your Future great great great great great Grandchildren are reading those History books right now.  So now that we know all of that, it is time to remember how you did it, what you did and to celebrate this moment as the one that you took that next BIG STEP forward.



Thank you for being a Beacon of Possibilities, a Living Example and a pure Reflection for the World to also remember this Truth.  You are seen.  Your presence is Known. And you are deeply Appreciated!


Activate your Whole Self with this Embodiment Meditation

You have read these words and now something is stirring inside. Feed the awakening that is taking place by breathing into that still space within you. Allow yourself to go all the way Home. Put on your headphones now and press play on the Meditation below. Life will never be the same…


Download the Embodiment Meditation for $10!

Cowabunga Namaste;

Brad Morris  (BradiDude)
Creator. Activator. Facilitator
‘The Dude’ at Cowabunga Life

Live your most Awesomen Life!

10 Rules for Following your Heart


I Am guessing you are a Black Sheep, a Wayseer or you are a part of ‘The Not-Belonging Club?”  Normal people would call you different, weird or not all there.  Well my friend, you have stumbled upon the right article. I assume that because you’re here you don’t live by ordinary standards and you dream of an extraordinary Life for yourself.  The only way to embody this wild way of living your time on Planet Earth is to abide by these 10 Rules for Following your Heart.  


The 10 Rules:


Be Prepared to Look Stupid!  Yup it’s True. If you’re gonna follow your heart no matter what, ‘Normie’ people will scratch their heads, raise their eyebrows and call ya crazy.  But what is really crazy it is to follow the pack, do what you’re told and never understand what True Freedom feels like.  Be bold, Be YOU and it’ll all work out better than you can imagine!



ShowMetheWayBe Okay with Not Having All the Answers!  Make ‘Not Knowing’ the most fun ever if you wanna get over the stress factor of following your heart.  When you live for your Heart you’re lucky if you have the next step, let alone the whole freakin’ story!  So drop the need to know and just go with the flow each moment.  I know that sounds like a bunch of hippie crap, but if you Truly tune into what your Heart is saying, the messages really do change from New Now to New Now!  



Be a Detective!  In every moment the Universe is communicating with you.  It (all of Creation) is a mirror of your Hearts current state of Being and so you must pay attention to every detail of your inner and outer Worlds, so that like a detective, you can piece together the clues of your Souls Yestiny.  Watch, Be present and ask damn good questions!



Be Ready for Adventure Everyday!  No two nows are the same. So stop planning your whole life in a linear fashion.  That is SO 3-Dimensional! You are a multidimensional Being flying through outer space on a Rocket Ship called Earth and you better open your Eyes to how wild and miraculous that all is so you can start living your Life like a Child who sees it all in Awe and Wonder.  Awaken to each New Now with new eyes so you can experience blissgasms of Wonder!



vinesBe Prepared to Let it All Go!  Following your Heart is like swinging through the jungle from vine to vine; you’ve gotta let go of the one you’re holding onto if you want to fly forward.  The same goes for following your Heart.  Perhaps one day you wake up and you realize that the life you’re living isn’t the life you want because it no longer fills your Heart with. Are you willing to let all that go so you can receive the Blessings of your Hearts’ True desire!?  



Be Confident. Stop Trying to Justify yourself!  Only you know your Hearts’ language, so stop trying to explain or justify your actions, beliefs and decisions to people who just don’t get you.  You’re better off fueling your vision, holding onto your Power and staying silent than letting other people’s rational opinions blur your Hearts’ perfection and Brilliance.  You’ll know who you’re safe to share your Heart with because they’ll have a twinkle in their eyes, they hug instead of handshake and they are the most fun ever to spend time with!



Be in your Body!  You are here on the Earth having a Human incarnation NOT so you can astral travel or escape ‘Reality.’  You are here to bring forth the Highest Forms of Wisdom, most epic Creative ideas and to LIVE life with two feet planted on the Earth … that’s where the truest Miracle of Life is.  If you want to know what the heck your heart is saying and you want to turn those Heart yearning desires into Realities that overjoy you, then get grounded and in your body every single day (MEDITATE).



heart meditationBe Still. Be Present. Listen!  Most people are blah blahing or do-doing so much that they never actually hear what their Heart is saying. Instead they’re hearing a bunch of mental chatter, which they think is their heart and so they follow that stream of consciousness instead of their TRUE VOICE and they get led down a dead end Rabbit hole. Listening to your Heart is not a voice in your Head, it is a FEELING throughout your whole Being that can’t be described. Get still & Listen to your Feelings (MEDITATE).



Be Hilarious!  Life on Earth is a magical ride that will someday end.  Don’t take yourself so seriously, it’s bad for the Heart.  Take every opportunity you can to Laugh your Ass off, do something silly and be utterly ridiculous!


Follow your Heart Audio Meditation

In this 17 minute Audio Meditation you will be practicing a powerful “HA Breath” that supports you to release the tension, pain and stress that stops you from hearing your Heart. The only way to hear your Heart is to take time to listen everyday. This is your Moment, just do it…

Download the Audio Meditation for $10 & Have it Forever!


Sharing is Caring!  

Share the 10 Rules for Following your Heart with your Friends!!!