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Your Intentions Carve your Nowality!


I am a strong believer that with focused intention and full-body presence, we can create anything and we are creating our Nowality. This video shares a bit more of what I think, feel and have experienced in my life. Let me know your thoughts after watching!

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I Kicked My Ass … and I Won!


It blows my mind that I can think of more than 100 people who I am close friends with personally who are doing epic, mind-expanding, creative, innovative, World-Changing things on the planet with the Environment, Media, Arts, Business, Food and Politics.


The reason I am so damn optimistic is because there’s actually more like ten thousand or more activated people who I have met personally in the last 9 years who are doing this. And I’m just one dude. If anyone doubts the future our planet being anything but AWESOME, then you gotta get your head and heart on straight. Take a look in the mirror and ask yourself if YOU are really stepping up to the levels that you are fully capable of in whatever area of life you’re most passionate about contributing. This Global Village needs all of us to find the thing that makes us come most alive and live it, be it and serve like a mo-fo.



EnergyOfSpiritWe are all needed. Changing the world is an inside job of becoming the most ridiculously epically awesome authentic SELF we can possibly be. It’s not about pooping on the doorstep of government officials hoping for change (though it’s fun). Best ever about this is there is no pushing necessary. I changed my life after punching myself in the face four times and giving myself a blackeye. I never freakin’ would’ve imagined, predicted or intended the unbelievable people, experiences and moments I’ve experienced through those changes I started making in that single moment. Kicking my ass was soooo profound and Loving my ass has been even more profound.



You are sooooo powerful, more powerful than Facebook could ever tell you. Practice your super powers, live with the best intentions ever, raise your vibes high in all that you think say and do and the rest will just fall into place (with work & persistence)… all while you pee yourself in laughter for how fu’nking magical flying through the Universe on Planet Earth really is…



Stop disbelieving and LIVE TO BE-ALIVE!

“Trixie Wants It All” (Comedy Video)


New Earth Comedy Logo #1One of my dreams that I have been bringing into reality for over five years now is finally really, truly happening.  New Earth Comedy, an online skit comedy video show is starting to gain some traction.  I have teamed up with one of my good buddies, Callum Ashby from Cashby Studios as an editor and video guy, comedians are coming out of the woodworks and now we’re getting special requests for video ideas!



If you don’t follow Cowabunga Life on Facebook, then you’re going to wanna start because last week I made a post for people to make their comedy skit suggestions and over a dozen people put in great ideas.  The one that inspired me most on that particular day was from a woman named Betty in Ontario who wanted something about, “Letting go of expectations and allowing things to be what they are.”  The video you are about to watch is about exactly that.


Wanna make an Epic Difference in the World, right Now!?

1)  Watch the video so you can laugh and feel better.

2) Share the video so you can make others laugh so they feel better.

3) Make a video suggestion down at the bottom of the page for next week’s New Earth Comedy skit!


7 Things People do to Sabotage their Success!



I had some fun thinking of things people do that sabotage their success of creating the visions they have for themselves and their optimum life. Some people call this the art of creating your dreams intentionally, using the Law of Attraction, I just call it Living Life.  Enjoy these 7 Law of Attraction No-No’s and their counter YES’s!



Expect it all RIGHT NOW!

Intentions&PatienceUmmm, so you are aware that when you set an intention, you are creating a massive ripple of events that must take place within the Universe in order for your desire to come to fruition. Sometimes it is only one domino that needs to fall but sometimes the entire Universe flips itself inside out in order to give you what you want.  Instead of giving up after five minutes, Trust in the process and loosen up on your attachments to when and how it all happens. The Universe is taking trillions of requests every milisecond, yours’ might take a bit of time to align with (and that’s okay)!



Dream massively huge but DON’T take any Action!

If you’re dreaming bigger than your basic needs, then chances are you’re going to have to step beyond your comfort barriers, do some things you’ve never tried before and grow in the process of turning your intentions into real experiences or things.  Action will be required, probably lots of it!



Doubt in your Awesomeness to Create what YOU Want!

DoubtingYourselfThe moment you doubt yourself, you immediately deflect all of the blessings, miracles and magical synchronicities, or you at least fog your ability to see and respond to them. Whatever your dream is, the journey is ultimately just you learning to believe in yourself to be the one to create it! Once you trust in yourself you are able to handle any obstacle in your path.




Never ever EVER Ask for Help!

Yeah, if you’re one of those people who is embarrassed to ask for help, assistance, guidance or support, then it is likely you are going to have a difficult time achieving everything you want in your path.  Here’s the thing, the Universe will send you all sorts of hints, resources and often times people who will help you take certain steps along the way.  But if you’re too proud to ask them for help or communicate what you need, then chances are you’ll get stuck somewhere and end up spinning your wheels til your next lifetime.  Perhaps ‘putting it out there’ to people isn’t such a bad idea.



Focus ONLY on Changing your Outer World!

Hmmm, I guess I’ll just give it to you straight.  Most of what you need to change in order to align with your vision is an inside job.  You need to become the person or scientifically speaking, ‘the vibrational energy’ that is fully aligned with what you want.  Change your habits, raise your energy levels, increase your confidence, focus your thoughts with potency on what you want and radiate with authenticity. Do this and magical things will happen!



Ignore ALL the Signs!

UniverseIsFunnyLife is an unraveling mystery and each of us is the detective of our own experience. As you begin to dream bigger and start taking actions towards these dreams, you will start to receive clues about next steps to take. One of the key things that will support your path is learning to listen.  The Universe can have a very funny, peculiar sense of humour, so be watchful of signs, take notice of patterns repeating themselves and always ALWAYS stop to listen to the drunken hobo talking jibberish in the streets.  You just never know when their message might be for you…



Help everyone else achieve THEIR Dreams first!

Okay, this one is for all you people pleasers out there who choose to help every other human, animal and insect on the planet before giving themselves an ounce of attention.  If you’re one of these people, chances are you have no clue what the heck you even want in life.  The reason you don’t know what you want is because you’ve occupied your energy by helping other people get what they want.  If you want to build a kickass vision and then create it, then you need to start giving yourself more time, space and energy to dream and build it.  No one else can give that to you but you…



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Eight Truths About Living your Dreams!


 As someone who took my leap of Faith many years ago and has been free falling my dreams into reality, I have learned a few things (at least 8 actually).  In this Journal entry, I highlight eight of the Truths I have learned from making my dreams come true…



1)  It takes a lot of time…

SimplifyMaking your dreams come alive is a full time gig.  Most people work forty hours a week and at the end of the day or week don’t have the energy to invest into their passions.  Instead, I recommend simplifying your life completely so that all you have left is the things that really matter.  This will free up a lot of time and energy so that perhaps instead of needing to work ridiculous long hours to pay for a life you don’t like and stuff you don’t need, you can now have more free time to Create, dream and build the vision of your future, instead of someone else’s.  Your time freedom is more valuable than money if you’re trading your time to do stuff that makes you miserable in exchange for a bit of money that keeps you in the rat race.



2)  You will have to make sacrifices…

If you take the advice from Truth number one, then you will need to let stuff go. Every choice you make comes down to the simple truth of, “It’s either aligned with your dream or it’s not.” All the things that are out of alignment with your dreams will surely have to go. You can either let it be easy and just kick the old ways to the curb OR you can remain attached and release them kicking and screaming.  Either way, if you’re committed to your best life ever, you’re going to have to sacrifice some comforts, habits, belief systems and things that distract you or sway you from your mission and purpose.



3)  It will take tons of energy…

YouCreateRealityBuilding your dreams is like creating a Universe. You must realize that you are the one and only powerful creator who is and can create the reality that exists now and the one you want.  Creating this higher vision will take aligning all of your thoughts, words, ideas, prayers, pass times, relationships and actions so they are all congruent with your dream.  Obviously this is going to take practice, however it is the Truth.  If it is to be, then it is going to be a massive energy investment.  Let go of your need for it to all happen right now and instead be patient, stay present, remain 100% dedicated to your vision for the rest of your Life and enjoy the miraculous journey in front of you!



4)  It will be challenging…

No dream has ever come true over night, just like no True heart’s desire has ever been created without challenge and set backs.  Right now you are on a Hero’s Journey and the quest is to grow your energy bigger than your greatest fears and allow your dreams to become real in every waking moment. It takes a warrior’s heart and mind (not a worrier’s) to take on the journey that is in front of you, but the good news is — it is far more challenging, difficult and depressing to NOT take the risks and go after your dreams.  Staying small, living little and not pursuing your heart’s passions is the hardest thing to do.  So don’t do that, instead leap with enthusiasm and an openness to Trust in Life…



5)  You will make mistakes…

HeartOpenWideIt is not about getting it perfect, being perfect, having a perfect life or even knowing what the heck you’re supposed to do.  We are all walking blind. This is an adventure that lasts into infinity and beyond.
The best way to get the hang of this “on the edge” kind of feeling is to try almost everything.  Do new things all the time, give yourself new experiences, put yourself in new social situations and learn from everything you do and everyone you meet. If you approach life with this child-like curiosity you’ll be awestruck by how magical every moment truly is when you’re living in it.



6)  Things will hardly ever go your way…

Your sense of humour and ability to laugh will be your greatest ally on this journey. Truthfully, things hardly ever go the way you’ll intend them on paper or write them into a business plan.  It’s great to have a rough idea of a plan so that you don’t just sit around twiddling your thumbs waiting for the Universe to tell you what to do. However, you must remain completely open to something far better showing up. Learning to laugh at your self, your silly egos (and the people you deal with) and life will surely make this adventure far more fun, entertaining and drama free.  If you screw up, WHATEVER! It honestly doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of the entire Universe so stop taking yourself so damn seriously!   hahahahahha



7)  Most people won’t understand…

HealInnerChildIf it’s approval you want, then you better keep following the flock and doing what society, your parents and everyone else tells you to do.  However, if you really do want to make your dreams manifest into your life, then you better heal your inner Child’s need for approval, acceptance and to be told what to do.  This is a journey of YOUR HEART and only you can listen, hear, know and navigate your way through the labyrinth of life.


8)  It will be worth it…

Through the ups, downs and all arounds, creating your Dreams will be the most ‘worth it’ thing you ever set out to do. There is no greater reward than to have a vision that you felt inside become real.  We only have one opportunity to live this life and to not GO FOR IT would be an absolute shame and waste of time, don’t yah think?  When it all seems hopeless, pointless and impossible life will throw you a lifeline that will make you laugh so hard you forget what the heck you were so stressed and worried about in the first place.  Thanks life, you’re the best!



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Where are you Settling in your Life?


Do you ever catch yourself settling for less than what you really want in life because you feel like you have to take what you can get, if you say no, then you might not get another chance or you just don’t believe it possible to have what you want?


BradEpicViewWhere are you settling in your Life; with money, relationships, work, health, food, friends, energy levels, living situation, how you let people treat you and Self? When are you going to do something about it? What are you committed to changing right now and forever?


This is a powerful exercise that I get coaching clients to go through in major details so they can get bluntly honest with themselves and choose a new direction by bringing balance, harmony and love to the places in their lives that is lacking. Cuz it ain’t gonna come from somewhere ‘out there!’ MmmmmHmmm.




Do this and do it now, because you’re here in this New Now, this is the only moment where you have the power to Create your own Reality!


1)  Get a journal and break your life down into all the categories I listed above.  

Ask yourself for each one, “Where am I settling with my _____________________?”  and then write out as many of the places that you’re settling for less than you really want.  


2) After you’ve completed that challenging task, write down what it is that you really want! For some this will be even harder!  


Examples: If you have a partner who is distant and unavailable, is that what you honestly want?  If you keep settling that’s exactly what you’ll get forever, so ask yourself what you do want.  Write it down.  If you are working a job you hate, ask if it’s what you want or are you settling for that?  If you’re settling, write down exactly what you do want.  Do this for every single thing on your list and don’t stop until you’re done.  If you have to take crying breaks, that is completely normal.  It’s good for yah!  


3)  Now that you know, make the changes you need to one breath at a time. Be gentle, forgiving, compassionate, patient and easy with yourself (but stay disciplined). You have the rest of your life after all.  



If you want a Coach, I do that sort of thing with people.

Click here if you’re interested.

If you’re in ‘The Fog’ and need a little Help from a Friend


I’ve been in a foggy space the last day and a half. The things that have helped me to manage my energy, thoughts and emotions the most have been…



1) Allowing myself to just puddle on the floor or ground, feel what needs to be felt (cry when needed) and not give myself a time limit on how long I will lay there…



2) Going for a hard, fast, heart-pounding run in my bare feet in the forest with Sasha the dog…



3) Meditating in the blazing sunshine and repeating silently “I love and Accept myself” while running a stream of light up and down my spine from tail bone to crown.



4) Going for a lazy swim in the lake.



5) Journaling the thoughts, emotions and stories that seem to be surfacing.



6) Theta Healing and clearing my energy of other people’s energy, thoughts and beliefs.



7) Acceptance that this is what’s happening and gratitude for the experience.



8)  Prayer and Breath.



9) Sleep.


InTheFogI hope this helps any of you going through the fog.

Cowabunga Namaste!

Bradley the Dude Morris

Whose Dream are you Working for?


Nine years ago I dropped out of College to start up my first business so I could pay myself to play professional golf. The plan didn’t exactly worked out as I thought it would, however it was the beginning of the greatest adventure in Self Discovery I ever could have imagined…


That was the choice which led me to my downward spiral to rock bottom, as well as my epic transformation. It is also the decision which led to my here and now, which I am utterly in love with. With all that I’ve done and created over the years I am often told that I am ‘really lucky’, however I have to disagree. I started out completely lost, in the dark and clueless about how to have a business just like most entrepreneurs. However, I had optimism and a vision for the lifestyle I wanted to live. Instead of creating a business or working a job to support my lifestyle, I created a business that is my lifestyle and supports other people. I friggen love it!!!!



On the way to right now, I went through many years of trial and error, failing at most attempts at everything and eventually I found different forms of expression that felt natural.  As a student who had to cheat to get C’s in high school I never saw myself as a writer, but after publishing hundreds of articles and writing a couple books, I guess I’m a writer.  I also never saw myself as a coach, but when people come to me all the time to help them with their businesses and lives, I guess I’m a coach.  Most of my greatest successes have happened by accident, not by trying.  I was just simply living and all of a sudden {POOF} something magical happened!  Like the Gratitude Dance video…


StrugglesI have worked hard and stayed dedicated for nine years.  I actually lived half a decade without knowing how I’d pay rent or eat my next meals. Everyone has struggles in life though. The fun kind of struggles are when you’re struggling to Be who you’re meant to be, Have the life you choose to have and Do the things that make you come most alive. A good struggle is when it’s on your terms and you’re struggling towards a vision that’s bigger than you and the struggle is just your wiener ego trying to get away from the inevitable growth it will have to endure in order to arrive someday. I love that type of challenge, it’s the challenge of someone who is creating their Nowality!!


If you have let fear get in your way from deciding to get clarity so you can take focused, inspired action towards the life that you really want for yourself, then as a Dude to a friend I encourage you to make a bold stand for your Life and Vision today. If you let fear rule you another day, then you’re being ruled by your fear. Tap into your warrior vibe, come face to face with your restless inner child and do something that scares the shit out of you but you know is the right thing to do.


I can honestly say that I’ve been dealing with all sorts of different fears and insecurities about publishing my BE GOLF: Golf in the Moment book, but I know I have to.  Gosh, even just admitting that out loud feels liberating.  Perhaps you need to tell someone who cares about you and supports you that you’re scared to do what you want  (or do it publicly).  


I mean c’mon, we’re gonna die eventually, so why the heck fear this whole thing called Living!?


Wanna admit what scares you, so you can get over it?  Write it down below…

The Full Embodiment of your You’ness, Now!


This morning I got up at 4:30AM to do my morning ritual and head to the golf course for 18 holes. On my back nine, I started asking myself the question, “How would I feel and what would I do if I was a PGA Tour Champion” on each shot. The results were amazing!


I entered into this incredible flow of smashing huge drives and hitting beautiful iron shots on most of my shots. My favourite was a pitching wedge from 130 yards that I hit to about 18 inches for a tap in birdie.  Enough about golf though, how does this apply to Life?


NotTimeLikePresentWho we aspire to be and who we are now are not all that different, they’re still you. By embodying full presence in the moment, you can connect to the energy, consciousness, mindset and presence of that ‘future’ Self and become them now. By asking myself that question on the golf course this morning, I was able to connect to that pure potential and hit amazing shots. Instead of feeling like it’s going to take you forever to become the you you really want to be, be it now.


Take some moments RIGHT NOW (not later) and envision that future you that you aspire to be…

How do you I think, what do you eat, what time do you wake up, who do you hang out with, where do you go to have fun, how do you feel on the inside when entering a crowded place filled with strangers, what do you do for work, how are you to others, how are you to yourself, what do you do for a Spiritual practice, what do you do when you have free time, where do you live, how much money do you have in the bank, how do you approach challenges, how do you choose to see the world, what is your attitude… 


As you ask these questions, breathe the answers into your body. Adjust your posture to match what you see. Put down the donut and pick up the green juice. Start acting like the Champion of Life that you’re born to be.  Stop waiting for the future to be your greatness and start acting like it now.  There is no time like the present and fortunately, it’s in your Presence that you’ll find your True power and potential!


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Do you Feel your Potential within You?


I feel this potential inside me. If you’re reading this right now, I’m guessing you do too.


Sometimes I feel slightly overwhelmed though the the grand visions for my life, what I’m committed to Creating and the crazy number of steps to get from here to there. The practice for me when these feelings of overwhelm creep in is to pull all my energy back to me and back to this present moment where my pure potential exists.

BeingMyBestBeing my best is not a result, it’s a feeling. It is to be fully present, grateful and accepting of what is happening in this current moment. By being my best more and more consistently through this practice of Presence, the results have been improving in my life too. I am living in the magic zone more and more, creating mini miracles throughout my days and inspiring more people in my path.  It is not because of external actions either, it is from internal awareness and showing up to the flowment.


The more present and real we get, the more fun, easy and flowacious life becomes. My commitment for my life, businesses and all the new nows’ in front of me is to show up in whatever situation life presents and be the very best I can possibly be.


I wrote these thoughts down this morning on the golf course while waiting for a group to clear the green in front of me.  These are the types of conversations I have with myself while I play.  Haha


What does it mean for you to Be your very Best?

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