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Adventures in Meditation #1: Unplug to Plug In


Welcome to the first (of many) “Adventures in Meditation.”

My A.I.M is to take you out into a beautiful spot in nature (with my camera and mic) and facilitate a guided meditation practice.

I’ll be doing these every week from now on.

I am heading off grid for about 5-days of family adventure time and so I wanted to leave you with this “Time to Unplug” practice before I go.

Hopefully by connecting back into your body, breath and the magic of life, you come to realize that your devices are less important when it comes to feeling awesome.

Enjoy either the video OR audio meditation below.

Listen to the Audio Version:

How was the meditation? Have a suggestion for the next meditation? Share below!

You can also enjoy Bradley’s “Meditation Mastery Collection.” More than 32 guided meditations (each with custom music). Go deeper with your practice – everyday!

Today’s the day I made my dreams come true


Oh dreams.

You are so wonderful and elusive.

You have this ability to lift me up and then in the same day, destroy my confidence.

Why are you so hard to grasp and make real?

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Don’t believe everybody else’s story about life…


While in Mexico a few weeks ago we were sent notice from our landlords that we had to move out of our beautiful home of the last 3-years because they wanted to do a big reno.

At first glance of their notice, we squealed in delight, celebrating that an upgrade was coming (rather than going into fear about not having a home).

When returning from our trip, we started telling friends and acquaintances that we were looking…

Everyone we talked to would say, “Oh no. It’s really hard to find a place.” (which is a story)

Our answer would always be, “No it’s not. We’re really good at it. We know something magical is coming.” (which is also a story)

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What if your words had this much power?


What if our words were more powerful than we can imagine? 

What if every time we spoke our desires into the world, we set forth a series of synchronistic events to help bring those desires to fruition…?

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I am gonna start writing about my life… (Day 1)


Dear Diary and those who are reading this…

I’ve been missing my writing practice lately. So as a way to bring it back into my life I’m going to start writing in my blog everyday.

My BradleyTMorris.com blog is going to become my outlet for sharing my ideas, life adventures, thoughts, struggles and journey.

My life is taking on so many new directions with becoming a dad, launching The Great eCourse Adventure, playing professional golf and life knows what else is on the horizon….

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“Opportunity looks like hard work”


In the 2013 Teen Choice Awards, Ashton Kutcher gave an epic speech (watch video below). One of the powerful points he delivers is that, “opportunity looks like hard work.”



FullPotentialThis is such an important message. Growing up as a lazy-ass I learned quickly after dropping out of college and starting up my first business, that if I wanted the lifestyle I envisioned it was going to take a lot of hard work, dedication, persistence, courage and focus. None of these qualities were taught to me by my parents, teachers or anyone, it’s been something I have had to learn to cultivate within myself (it hasn’t been easy either). I’ve been the one who has had to motivate me to move on.  Nine years later, I gotta say, I’ve created an incredibly magical life for myself with my wife. Being almost 30 now, I feel like I am graduating into a new level of showing up with my work, businesses and purpose and damn it feels good to have laid down the foundation through positive habits and tons of personal work over the last 9 years that will make this next new chapter easier and more fun as I create the next set of visions into Nowality…



It doesn’t matter if it’s a goal, transforming your body, healing emotional or physical trauma, sharpening your Spiritual super powers, creating a daily meditation practice, having a harmonious relationship, building a business or embracing the path of positive thinking …. it will take practice, persistence and work.  However, through this highly worth-it work, you will draw to you new opportunities, you will be given miracles in your life by the Universe and you will be supported.  It’s all about getting off the damn fence, choosing a vision and stepping forward with a committed vision.  Through your commitment all of the growth opportunities, people, resources and experiences to support your YES will be drawn to you.


So I ask you, what is the YES that you can conger up right now that will be worth the hard work, dedication, tears, laughs and passion you can possible dedicate to your life’s journey?


It’s better to work hard for something you love and believe in than something that kills you inside.  

Crickets slowed down to sound like Angels!


This blew mind mind!

I just found this audio recording and was blown away. A man named Robert Wilson recorded crickets one night and then slowed down the recording. It astonishingly sounds like a choir (of singing angels).

You have to listen to this!

Live like a Legend (comedy)


In case you’ve ever wondered, “Gee, what does Brad do in his spare time.”  After watching this video you will learn that I generally sit around, listening to epic music coming up with the greatest rhyming speeches ever made!


Some of them even get published to Youtube…



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What’s with all this Shame about our Emotions?


I find it wild as a witness of my own journey of unraveling all of my own preconditioned shame and embarrassment around my emotions, that this is even something we have to deal with in the world.


Depression.CowabungaClearly we sign up for the human adventure to experience the full spectrum of emotion. With life there is death, it is not just happy, joyful, positive and upbeat. So why is it that we shy away from feeling down, unhappy, depressed, sad or unsure? Even worst, why do we accept that if we’re not happy there’s something wrong and we should be medicated.



For me, my daily practice of meditation has helped me to deal with what is authentically going on in my own mind and heart so I can be present and deal with it. However most of the world, especially in our culture (North America) don’t have the tools to both understand or handle what’s going on inside of our own self, which is the cause of , excessive eating, partying, sex and other forms of numbing out.


Kevin Breel, a 19 year old stand-up comic and motivational speaker really nails the challenge we are faced with in our society when it comes to honouring our emotions.


Watch this video and tell me what you think!

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Photo credit to Darcy Delaide

How my TIC Made a Beggar’s New Now!


I have recently been doing a lot of sharing on an amazing forum platform called, “TicTalking.”  TIC stands for Things in Common.  What I am finding is that when we look beyond our obvious differences and allow ourselves to explore a little deeper at the things we DO have in common, often times I am discovering it creates the space for inspiring, meaningful conversations with people I otherwise would have thought were strangers.


HomelessManLast week I was on a little Victoria Meditation tour and while in town I got to play some golf.  So there I was walking downtown towards the bus stop which would to take me out to the ferry home, golf clubs in hand.  Along the way I walked past a man in his 50’s or 60’s and he asked me for some change.  I made eye contact, smiled and said I didn’t have any.  I noticed him look down at my clubs and smile.  I could see him come alive just a tiny bit and so I held my eye contact.



He asked me what sort of scores I shoot and I told him I shoot down around par or a few over these days.  His eyebrows raised and he said, “Wow, that’s really great.  I love to play but I’m definitely not that good. I always hit to the right.”  By this time I could see him beginning to light up.  Our tiny TIC (thing in common) was making him truly light up in a tangible way.  At this point I thought this was way too cool to just brush on by and keep walking, so I stopped and faced the man to continue our conversation.



For the next ten minutes we talked about golf, favourite golf courses, his game, my game and at the end of the conversation I told him that I grew up working at golf courses so I could play for free.  He thought this was a great idea and so we made a deal that by the next time I see him he’ll have applied to at least a few golf courses.  We shook on it and I went on my way  towards my bus with a big smile on my face. Whether Danny ever applies for the jobs or not there is one thing for certain, we both felt way better about ourselves, the moment and life.



The cool thing is is this TIC (thing in common) thing kept happening.  On the bus I conversed with a young University student the whole way to the ferry who also loved golfing.  Golf was our TIC but that led into conversations about anthropology, meditation, life and leadership.  It was way cool!!



I believe we’ll see more peace in our own lives and the world at large when we learn to see the things we have in common with one another, rather than focusing on our differences and separating ourselves.  What do you think?

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