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reConnection Meditation

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Happy New Now my friend. It’s time to step away from the ‘doings’ of your busy day and ground back into the space of presence. This Cowabunga Meditation guided by Bradley Morris is going to support you to:

– Gently release pent up stress and excess energy,
– Help you relax enough to have a deep, rejuvenating sleep,
– Process the lessons from your day and dissolve any worries,
– Find gratitude for all the experiences that you’ve had today,
– Enjoy this rest of this day from a connected, calm state,
– and much more…

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Good Morning Meditation

Space tree

Happy New Day my friend. If you have a tough time getting out of bed and starting the day on the ‘bright side’ then this Cowabunga Meditation practice guided by Bradley Morris is going to support you to:

– Connect to your source of strength and power every morning,
– Breathe deeply and fully so you can connect to life and stay connected throughout your day,
– Create positive intentions that ripple out creating positive experiences in the day ahead,
– Feel great in your body and ready for an awesome day,
– Feel reverence for the blessing of being alive first thing in the morning,
– and more…

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Success Happens when we Stop Worrying and Start Living

If you’re someone who spends more time worrying than you do living in a way that you love and enjoy, then you should probably listen up…

So here’s the thing. We’re all gonna die someday and to spend our precious moments on this incredible Planet in these miraculous bodies worrying about what people will think about us if we do this or don’t do that makes no sense to me. We are miracles. Literally. Just think about it. We’re flying through the cosmos on this gorgeous Earth ship.

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Weeding the Seeds of Self Doubt


Doubt is like an invasive species that creeps into your consciousness and can eventually take over, killing your dreams if it’s not pulled up by the roots.

This is an experience that will be common for anyone growing into their dreams and potential. As we step into new visions and bring dreams to life, often times we will hear those old voices of doubt and insecurity coming up. The feelings associated with these negative thoughts are usually anxiety, feeling low, foggy, heavy or sad. It is seriously such a mental and emotional strain to have to listen to everyday; not to mention the buzz kill to my life!

At first the natural tendency is to just keep truckin’. To plug away at our projects, ignore it and move forward despite the discomfort. But as the doubt wraps itself around the things we’re trying to accomplish, it becomes nearly impossible to continue on. It’s like wading through quicksand or the Swamps of Sadness in the Neverending Story. The energy of doubt eventually weighs us down until we either sink or deal with it.

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Clearing Fears Around Money


Have you ever had fears, worries or anxiety around money? If yes, I dedicate this Journal entry, video and audio meditation practice to you. If you take the time right now to focus on you and your current Nowality, I will share with you some powerful ways to clear the fear and create amazing miracles of Abundance in your life. Is that worth thirty minutes of your time?

The thing is, when we are in fear mode, it stops us from thinking clearly and it certainly blocks our flow of communication with Spirit or our intuition. Life becomes a foggy haze and we’re unable to see our next steps with confidence and clarity.

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HAPPY NEW NOW: Living in the Flow (Story time with Bradley Morris)

Join Bradley Morris for a special episode of the Happy New Now where he is going to fly solo for the full hour of inspirational story-telling.

The purpose of this sharing is going to be to shine light on the defining moments, the stories of transformational breakthroughs and how he became the dude at Cowabunga Life and a Meditation Teacher.

During this inside look at Bradley’s journey you will learn all sorts of random snippets from his past, what keeps him coming back to his breath, what his deepest philosophies are about meditation, how he cultivates the creative juices to write & create everyday and why he’s so excited to share the Cowabunga ripple with the world.

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Harness Unlimited Abundance as an Embodied Creator

This morning I received an email from a woman who has been practicing the Cowabunga ‘Feeling Infinite Abundance” Meditation and she asked me a fantastic question, which I’ve also asked ALOT over the years. Below is the question she asked and below that is my response.

Please join this conversation. Many different perspectives allow us all to learn and grow together…

“I have one question, how can we believe that the Universe is totally abundant, and all we have to do is connect to that feeling? I mean, what about people in Ethiopia for obvious example, they can connect and visualise and meditate all day, but how can that bring them food and prevent them from dying? And even the earth, nature is not all abundant, soil is not furtile everywhere, climate is not always right, and not to mention earthquakes, floods, drought etc.? This is not a critic to you or the Universe (hear that Universe!), all I want is to understand, and I am trying to get that mindset of abundance, but it just doesn’t seem to be true!”

I am going to do my best in this moment to share from the heart of my own experience, which has been a long arduous journey of ‘Trying’ to connect with those feelings of abundance so I can harness that power in my Life for the good of others. We obviously can not discard that people are starving, soils are depleted and things can be scary at times living here in extreme conditions on this wild Planet Earth.

AbundanceFeelingBut Abundance isn’t something ‘Physical or Tangible.’ It can Be, but that’s not where it starts. What I am talking about is a feeling of abundance and if you want to connect to that feeling then you need to let go of your worries or need to see proof that the Universe & Life isn’t abundant. Instead of looking outside of yourself for proof that life is limited, you are limited and our supply is limited, you need to go inwards to all of the fears, doubts, beliefs and ideas you have about yourself, life and the Universe that are limiting your abilities to SEE what is in front of you and all around you….

For example, I live in a lush old growth Rainforest on Salt Spring Island BC. Up until recently, I thought that I had to go to a grocery store to eat food, which costs money. However, this year I have been learning a ton about the ‘Old Ways’ of wild foraging for my food to feed my body. It has blown my mind wide open that I can now wonder in the forests outside my house and collect all sorts of Wild Foods & Medicines that before I thought were just ‘Plants.’ This is the type of awakening I am talking about, which happens when we open ourselves up. Until we remove the doubt from our minds, the neural pathways of our brain literally WILL NOT show us the solutions, even if they are inches from our eyes. They just won’t compute. This is why we need to open up and be willing to see & feel.

Okay, so lets jump ahead now and lets just say that you’re now connected to the ‘STATE OF BEING, that Is Abundance.’ So now that you are in that state of Abundance (which is energy) and you look around and still shit isn’t right. Still you see people dying of hunger, still you see challenging climates to grow food, etc… So what has changed? What has changed is your consciousness. Instead of feeling like a victim of circumstances you are an Embodied Creator and as an Embodied Creator you recognize that YOU hold the power to create a solution for what you’re seeing. So instead of feeling sorry for people in Ethiopia, you harness that Universal Power and you create a solution to help all people be fed. Instead of saying it’s impossible to grow food here, you open your consciousness or imagination to some sort of technology or solution that remineralizes the soils and allows food to flourish abundantly where you are.

The State of Abundance opens your eyes to see what is right in front of you; to see what you can’t see when you are in Victimhood or you’re coming from the program of lack and limitation. If you want to create solutions for those ‘so-called’ problems you speak of, then you need to clear your House of all the unnecessary thoughts, ideas & beliefs that block you from being the most Activated, fully Aware Embodied version of YOU, so you can harness the Universal power of Abundance. I believe that for every problem there are an Infinitude of Solutions to solve it and if we open ourselves up (which takes practice, resiliency & discipline) we can Truly create the World of Abundance we all want.

So here’s the juicy part of this thought stream. It doesn’t start with the people in Ethiopia. It starts with me and it starts with YOU. Once you connect to the energy I am trying to describe here (which actually can’t be described in words, it need to be experienced to be understood), you can literally direct that energy into any projects, creations, ideas, solutions or World-Changing things you want. You are the Creator of your every now moment and you are the one that the world is waiting for. Who do you want to Be and what is the Life you choose to Live? Once you decide these two important questions, every choice you make will either be in alignment or out of alignment. Which path will you take?

Harness your unlimited power of Infinite Abundance. So Be It.

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