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6-Steps to Being More Disciplined and Powerful

“With faith, discipline and selfless devotion to duty, there is nothing worthwhile that you cannot achieve.” – Muhammad Ali Jinnah

Discipline is not something we have or don’t have. It’s something we practice and develop over time. We must identify a ‘What’ and ‘Why’ that is big enough to last the challenges of time.

To be disciplined is to do the things we know we ‘should’ because they will make us better, even when we do not want to do them. It is funny how much we resist the things that make us whole, powerful and confident. Let us let go of that struggle and let the path to personal freedom and power be one of ease, fun and devotion.

It does not matter what our goal in life is, we will be tested. So let us rise to the occasion, overcome our false, insecure small self and create the life and world we want to experience.

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Finding Balance When Business is Booming or Bombing

Any entrepreneur can understand the crazy amount of stress, pressure and mental energy a growing business can put on us. I hear it’s comparable to having triplets.

This last while has been pretty full on for me and I thought by sharing how I’ve come to find balance and joy through the inevitable growth, struggles and hardships of being an entrepreneur, I may be able to inspire some other entrepreneurs, creators or people who are overwhelmed by the demands of life to rediscover their balance.

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How to Be Productive … like a Boss!

I’d love to talk about productivity for a few moments because I look around at the world and I see so many people wasting their time. 

We have forgotten that We’re the director of their life and daily flow.

Most people from the moment they get out of bed until the moment they go to sleep at night are living in a reactionary, fight or flight experience. This is an incredibly exhausting, ungrounding, frustrating and horribly unproductive way to live. If you live like this I’m sure you know.

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8 Presence Practices for the Activated Entrepreneur

It is in the small, simple practices that we do day in and day out that true success will become inevitable.

We always look for the next big breakthrough or big thing to take us to the next level of success, however our foundation is not built on the big things, it is built upon small things that we do consistently … and if we do not have a strong foundation built we will crumble under the pressure when those big things happen. I know from personal experience.

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Why We Need Meditation to Excel in Business, Life, Marriage & Sports!

It doesn’t take a scientist to understand that a daily practice of meditation or conscious breath work will benefit our lives in positive ways.

But how much does it actually benefit us?

I know for me, it was really challenging to commit to my practice at first. I would sit there for 3-minutes feeling like it was such a waste of time. I’d get bored. I’d feel angry. My body would ache. I would get annoyed with the fifteen different conversations going on inside my head all at the same time.

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Meditation Remix (HipHop Video)

Remix Banner

Believe it or not, but one of my dreams has always been to create a HipHop music video. I don’t know if it’s just me wishing to unleash my inner Eminem or perhaps I’ve always wanted to know how to rhyme like Dr. Seuss really fast.  Whatever the reason for the desire doesn’t matter anymore, because I FINALLY DID IT!!!

I honestly never thought it would happen. I didn’t think I could sing, I definitely didn’t think I had the HipHop vibe and I for sure never imagined that I would make friends with a producer who was patient enough to coach me through the many gangster alter egos I had pent up inside me order to get to my authentic HipHop voice…

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The Myth About ‘Turning Off your Brain’ in Meditation

portrait of dissatisfied man with small man on the head

I meet a lot of people who say they can’t meditate because they just can’t turn their brain off. Well, what if you’re approaching meditation completely wrong and instead of trying to shut your mind off you learned how to engage it in a positive way?

That’s what I had to do because like so many, I have never been able to ‘get silent’ in the head. My mind is always busy thinking up cool ideas, dreaming of future adventures and wondering what the heck I should do next in my lifelong vision quest…

But instead of trying to force my brain to be quiet I have learned that it is more valuable to make friends with it. I realize that my mind is my most powerful asset, next to my heart, when it comes to creating my life and reality how I want it to be. So instead of engaging in a power struggle (Me vs Mind) I have learned ways to consciously work with my mind for my own greater good.

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Enchanted Forest Meditation for Anxiety Relief

Enchanted Meditation Banner

Anxiety is something we can all relate to. We feel anxious when we’re lacking in the money department, we get anxiety when we’re fearing the worst about our future. Anxiety is not an energy that feels good inside the body.

With my outgoing personality and soothing meditation voice it may not seem like it, but I have suffered from tons of anxiety over the years. I still do actually. I have felt anxious about the risks I’ve taken in life and business, I get anxious before leading workshops, I get little bouts of anxiety before going to those awkward networking events, I even felt slightly anxious about releasing this meditation track because I wanted it to be just perfect for you.

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Rejuvenate Deep Sleep Meditation

deep sleep meditation

If you’re someone who has a difficult time falling straight to sleep at night or you’d love to positively program your subconscious mind with positive love vibrations, then you will be excited to crawl into bed tonight so you can enjoy the deepest most rejuvenating sleep you’ve had in ages…

The end of the day is a time of non-doing, so give yourself this opportunity to let go of your daily to-dos, unwind, relax and allow your body sink deeply into your bed with this guided audio meditation by Bradley Morris and meditation music composed by Blair Francis Armstrong.

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5 Solutions for Dissolving Doubt

Conflicted Spirit, Rainbow

I doubt myself, I trust myself. The vision is clear, then I’m in the fog. I feel powerful and then the next moment I feel like nothing. These are the cycles I go through again and again as I work towards the vision I want for my life and this world.

Because I’m usually happy people get the impression that I don’t struggle or have difficulties. This couldn’t be anywhere farther from the truth. I live my life between the space of who I just was and who I am choosing to become. This practice of constantly stretching myself makes for a whole lot of growth, surprise, uncertainty and wild moments of explosive epiphany. With that being said, the journey of feeling confident and clear and battling self doubt is a fine balancing act that I am getting better at managing.

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