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What Would Happen if you Had a “Giving Up is Not an Option Attitude?”

If there is one thing that the last 13 years of entrepreneurship (and life) have taught me is, we only get good if we’re consistent.

With everyone searching for the hack or shortcut, we should be focused on putting the time in. Sure, getting a tip will make us more efficient and better, but 10,000 hours to mastery is 10,000 hours to mastery.

When we first start out doing something, we’re usually pretty terrible.

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Snooze No More

Everyday I go through the same battle as the alarm goes off at that ungodly hour, well before the sun comes up.

“Stay in bed. Sleep longer.”
“Get up.” “Nooo, just sleep a couple more hours.”
“Get up, this is what you want.”

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My 1st Day Teaching Golf. A 20 year Story in the Making.

A week before my baby boy, Sauryn was born I walked off the Newlands Golf Course in Vancouver after shooting a -3, 69 for my playability test with the CGTF (Canadian Golf Teachers Federation).

I had officially become a certified golf instructor.

It was my 12th birthday that I played golf for my first time. I was instantly obsessed.

At the time, I was hardcore into both baseball and soccer. My parents told me I couldn’t do them all. I chose golf.

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ManTalks Speech: Spirituality, Mastery, Meditation, Business & Golf

I spoke at a ManTalks event in Vancouver in front of 150 young entrepreneurs back in March on the topic of Spirituality and about my own personal spiritual journey. ManTalks is like TedTalks but geared towards men.

In this 25-minute presentation I shared parts of my story I’ve never talked about publicly before. Some of the things I talk about are:

  • What moved me to drop out of school and start my first business,
  • My lowest moment in life which was the catalyst for transformation and the path I now live,
  • What spirituality is to me and how I practice in my life, relationships, business and golf game,
  • How golf is a path to Self Mastery for me and what that means,
  • How meditation has been a catalyst in my life for presence, purpose and facing my fears,
  • The FOUR Questions that have transformed my entire life and could do the same for you,
  • My advice for anyone thinking about taking a big leap of faith in their life,
  • And a bunch of inspirational side stories that will make you laugh and possibly shed a tear or two.

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Sharing my Vulnerable Side About Golf, Fear & Giving My Power Away

Brad Putting

Last weekend was my first attempt at going pro in golf. Meaning, I entered a tournament as an amateur playing in the pro division, and if I was to win money (by placing well), then I would get my ‘pro status.’

This has been a dream of mine since I was twelve and the reason I became an entrepreneur almost ten years ago. This dream is what motivates me to have a “Bring it On Attitude” when it comes to my personal growth, because transforming myself shows up as immediate improvements in my golf game. It’s a powerful mirror for where I’m at inside of myself, and this weekend the reflection shared with me some very powerful lessons.

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What is Passion to You?

Loving the life

What is passion to you?

For me, it is making my superfood breakfast bowl in the evening before bed so I can quietly wake up at 4am and go golfing. It is arriving at the course before the sun, before most of the birds and definitely before any other golfer has even thought about smashing the ball down the centre of the fairway (except for Ted that is — my early AM golf buddy).

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Tournament Golf : 10 Lessons from the Links


This past weekend marked a new beginning and full circle transformation in my life. I played my first official golf tournament since leaving the game behind in 2005.

There were many synchronicities about this weekend, such as the tournament being held at the golf course that kicked me out nine years ago because of the business I started with a friend, who happened to caddie for me this weekend. The difficult blessing of having to leave the golf course in 2005 was the catalyst for my downward spiral and opening to my spiritual journey.

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Golf as a Metaphor for Life

pebble golf

I am excited to start this journey off by sharing the truth of why I am so in love with the game of golf and what inspired me to start the Be Golf section of my blog and book, which will be releasing in 2015.

Golf is first and foremost one of my paths to self- mastery. I don’t mean mastery as in being the best in the world or striving to be perfect, I mean mastery by being my best each shot and moment. I know I am completely capable of shooting under par every time I step onto the golf course. When I don’t, I have the opportunity to look more closely at myself. Was it fear, underlying emotions, mental blocks, lack of presence or something to do with my body that stopped me? How can I improve next time?

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