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With today’s fast-paced society how will we cure one of the major influences of high stress levels, lack of passion, & poor health; “Burn Out Syndrome.” This was one of the questions we were exploring when I was at the Palomar5 Innovation Camp in Berlin Germany 2009 ( One of the answers which was clear to see; Meditation.

Is meditation too hippie for “the Corporate Suits” of the world and everyday employees to embrace as a daily practice throughout the working day? After doing a great deal of research and asking some leading European Business Experts, we were surprised to find that there has never been a better time. Meditation is a powerful practice to calm your mind, relax your body, release stress and get to know Your Self. Your True Self. And the people are ready…

Benefits of creating a practicing “Mindfulness/Meditation” in the Workplace:
Creates feelings of inner peace and of equanimity in different situations
Helps creates meaningful relationships with others
Creates a safe place for healing, peace, and relieving workplace tension
Creates a sense of “higher purpose” in the work employees do
Key factor for physical and mental health, including higher energy levels
Enables people to better handle conflicts, challenges, and stressful situations
Empowers people to create their own personal code of ethics
Creates a sense of interconnectedness amongst employees (community)

Many large corporations including Apple and Virgin are now embracing ancient traditions such as meditation at work. Some even hire “meditation facilitators” to come into the workplace and conduct classes focusing on a non-denominational approach of meditation in an effort to lower stress levels and boost productivity & creativity. It has been shown that less mistakes are made after meditation sessions. Apart from the obvious stress relief, it has also been noted that when people are relaxed there is less likelihood of injury and accidents. The number of sick days taken by staff also fell dramatically with the benefits of meditation such as the lowering of blood pressure, the strengthening of the immune system and general feelings of well being increasing more and more with regular sessions. For employees to function at the highest level of commitment and contribute fully to their work, they must be spiritually, emotionally and physically healthy. To accomplish this goal they need tools to help them perform at their peak and time to practice these tools. It is the companies responsibility to nurture these things by providing the employees the time to practice, in return they can expect healthy, happy, loyal employees.

If you’re an employer are you and your employees missing out on what could be a Life-Saver for your company? And as an employee, if you’re jeopardizing your health for your job, only you can end that energy-sucking cycle. It is up to you to create the change from within your organization and if you do your homework, your boss may be impressed and say YES to these changes!

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