Big Visions Require Big Sacrifices

Big visions require big sacrifices. 

Truth is, most people aren’t willing to sacrifice:

there comforts

to bring those visions to life.

I can’t say I blame them. I’ve often questioned what the fuck I’m doing.

Spending my life working towards lofty goals. It seems like madness, it honestly does.

Yet at the same time, it feels like the right thing to do.
In some crazy way, it actually feels like the best thing to do with the majority of my time on Planet Earth.

Perhaps it’s my ego tricking me as it searches for:

Or, maybe it’s me just doing what I’m hardwired to do.

I have these natural abilities as a leader, creator and entrepreneur.
I feel it’d be a waste to not use them for the betterment of others.

I know there are many days where I wish I was wired to want a much simpler existence. Today was one of them.

But there is drive that keeps me motoring forward (sometimes it even drives me a little crazy). 

“Just take the next step. Go a little farther. You’ve come this far, see what’s over the next mountain.”

Is the effort worth it? I guess I’ll find out, won’t I?

So far. It’s made for a helluva a story and the story just keeps getting richer.

Nobody said it would be easy and if they did they were trying to sell you something.

Creating your dreams takes hard work. 

I know amongst the new agey’ish communities, hard work is something that is frowned upon.

“You need to be more open and in the flow. Just visualize and allow it.”

Umm, no. That doesn’t work if you wanna Get Shit Done #GSD and have a bunch of fun doing it.

A great idea takes millions micro steps to complete. It’s just the reality of turning etheric thought forms into tangible, physical experiences or ‘things’ that have the power to change the world.

Right now I’m pulling off 20 hour days. 

I know it’s not healthy, but I’m choosing to have a blast because I know it is only temporary.

Right now I am in Vancouver going through my Golf Teacher Training Course so starting next week I’ll be teaching golf clinics, lessons and retreats to people wanting to be a better golfer by learning relaxation and focus techniques that help them to increase power, accuracy and consistency.

We are also in launch-mode for The Great eCourse Adventure and this time the stakes are higher. We’re investing $10,000 into Facebook Ads to grow our community and ripple. With that being said, we are busting our asses to create the ultimate on-boarding experience for people when they come to our website.

The amount of work, self-inquiry and experimentation this takes is way more than we ever imagined.

This week my schedule is:

  • waking up at 5/5:30 a.m and doing a few hours of work.
  • going to my Teacher training from 8am – 7pm.
  • Getting home and working til 12:30/1am
  • Doing it all over again.

For some reason the purpose feels so much bigger than my need for a typical 7/8 hours of sleep. 

I’m waking up smiling and diving into my work  like it’s a devotional practice.

This is my meditation right now.

How can allow myself to stay present, at peace and grateful in the midst of this insane workload, pressure and schedule? 

If you catch yourself saying, “I want this or I want that,” then be prepared to put 100% of your daily actions and intentions into achieving that.

The thing about achieving these lofty goals is that we have to allow ourselves to be a beginner and adventure through the unknown. It’s just the reality of doing what we’ve never done. Learn to make friends with it.

Okay, this was only supposed to be an update and now I’m rambling.

Have a good one!


Don’t make time for bullshit


We all have a limited amount of time in our day…

We all have a limited number of days in our life…

Don’t make time for bullshit.

Don’t make time for shitty people.

Life’s too short.

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I am gonna start writing about my life… (Day 1)


Dear Diary and those who are reading this…

I’ve been missing my writing practice lately. So as a way to bring it back into my life I’m going to start writing in my blog everyday.

My blog is going to become my outlet for sharing my ideas, life adventures, thoughts, struggles and journey.

My life is taking on so many new directions with becoming a dad, launching The Great eCourse Adventure, playing professional golf and life knows what else is on the horizon….

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The Power & Clarity from Making Manifesto Magic

I’ve been doing one of the hardest, most self reflective writing assignments I’ve dove into in a long time.

I’ve been writing our Manifesto for The Great eCourse Adventure. Essentially, breaking down what we believe in and stand for into a series of short, clear, concise statements that summarize why we do what we do and who we do it for.

We’ve probably spent about 20+ hours working on it (so far) and we still have a long way to go.

I know that sounds like a lot of time, but I couldn’t imagine a better use of our time at this stage of the game. The Manifesto acts as a map for every action, project, marketing material we create and move we make with our business. If ever we feel uncertain about a choice, we can draw upon our Manifesto and see if it’s in alignment or out of alignment.

It is the root system of what we create.

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Making what Makes you Come Alive a Habit


Here’s a transformational Exercise I get clients to do when they hire me because their life is crappy, sludgy, draining, confusing, low vibing, not fun or as if they’re stuck in a mud pit and can’t get out…

Whether your life sucks or you feel like you’re on top of the world, it can always get better.

So if you’re reading this, take a few minutes to do this exercise and see how much better your world can get by switching a few things around.

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From Information to Transformation: Reimagining the eCourse Experience

So you’ve been thinking about creating an eCourse huh?

Of course you have. Who hasn’t?

Creating a freedom lifestyle by teaching what you love (and living off the passive income from eCourse sales) is a pretty wicked dream… and a doable one at that.

There’s a bit of a Gold Rush happening right now as the online education industry surpasses the $100 billion mark this year.

With massive growth comes some big challenges.

One challenge is, everyone’s hunting for gold in the same river and the river is getting crowded.

What happens when the river gets too crowded?

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Our “Screw Facebook Ads Approach” to Marketing our eCourse

“NO” is the worst thing that’ll happen when we ask for what we want. This is a lesson I have been learning a lot about lately.

It’s been my go-to mantra with our “Screw Facebook Ads Approach” for marketing our current eCourse launch… which I’m in the middle of right now.

Call me old fashioned. Or maybe it’s because I live on a small island where we depend on community for survival and sanity… but I want to connect with real humans around the world who share my passions.

I’m sorry Facebook, but I’m not inspired to give you my money anymore and I’m not overly stoked by the whole Facebook Ads industry that’s popped up in the last few years.

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The Art of Cultivating Brilliant Ideas

Awesome ideas. Where do they come from?

Any entrepreneur, artist or visionary creator knows the feeling of stumbling upon an epic idea. The feeling is electric. The inspiration that flows from these momentum-causing ideas is indescribable. It can wake someone up from exhaustion and give them energy for days. What causes these so-called spontaneous eruptions of visionary insight?

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How Do We Put a Price Tag on Our Creations!?

Money. It’s a funny thing. It’s especially a funny thing when it comes to selling online courses. Holy poop, I can’t tell you how hard it is to put a price tag on something you put all your love, creativity, passion, joy and probably the last 10 years of entrepreneurial experience combined. It’s so hard.

For four years now I have flipped, I have flopped, I have tried ‘by donation,’ I have done “Name your Price,” I have done huge discount promotions, I have gave my stuff away, I have charged really large amounts of money. Sooo many things I’ve tried, and still I go through this.

This last week has been the same story. What do we charge for the Great eCourse Adventure? Production-wise, this course (just to produce with “man labour (audio/video team, animator & digital artist, platform development, writing, content creation, love and all the expenses in between) it has to be up in the $50,000 range and well over 1000 hours combined.

WTF does someone charge for that? Not to mention, the course is designed to help people make money by creating an epic course of their own by the time they finish the four month process.

After a couple hour back and forth conversation this AM where Andy Freist and I were once again asking ourselves, each other, the Universe, our bodies via muscle testing, “What the “F” is the best price for this course?” This is probably about the 20th hour we’ve spent on this conversation alone…

We asked ourselves, “what is the MOST important thing for the January 11th start date?” The answer is simple: “To have ALL 150 Trail Passes (tickets) sold, so we can demonstrate the awesomeness of “The Great eCourse Adventure” and build an epic buzz around this eCourse.” (that was our short version answer)

So. Until Monday, you can get the FULL Great eCourse Adventure course + Online Community Campfire for $150. On Monday, it’s going up to $300, which still rocks. This is the same information we were selling in our eCourse Creation Blueprint for $1000-1500…

Not only that, we took that awesome *but dryer* old information and upgraded it massively from everything we have learned the last four years of doing this and turned it into an Entertaining, Gamified Adventure that makes every step of the process of building, launching and marketing really kick ass, creative eCourses fun, enjoyable and way easier than the experimental hell we went through figuring out how to make a living doing this.

Sign up at

So that’s my story around my conversations with money and pricing courses.

Ultimately, It is a heart thing. I’m glad it’s hard to make decisions like this. It makes me question my truest intentions, my values, my belief in myself and the whole system of money.

Where our our hearts are with this is simple: We see great power in being able to help leaders share their work with way more people than they’re able to by doing in person workshops. I’ve experienced it first hand. My meditation courses have impacted the lives of people in more than 27 countries. I could not and would not travel to 27 countries to teach meditation. It’s simply not my path or desire. eCourses have let me do that though and it’s a very fulfilling feeling.

I imagine our work supporting more than 1000 leaders to launch transformational, creative, life-changing or potentially world-changing eCourses in the next couple years through this journey. Even if each of those thousand teachers/leaders improved the quality of life for 5000 people each in their first couple years, then that’s more than 5 million people’s lives positively impacted through this course. I believe it’s possible and it’s a great motivator to keep the Great eCourse Adventure affordable and accessible for leaders at all the different stages of their entrepreneurial adventure.

I’d love to hear what your journey of putting a price tag on your eCourse, ort or services has been like too! I”d love for us all to find a way to price our work in a way that feels like it honors the customer, ourselves, the time/energy/skill put into it, etc so everyone involved walks away from the transaction having a, “Holy shit, I feel like I totally won!” experience.