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Getting Grounded!


Cars honking, electronics buzzing, people talking, voices in our head trying to get our attention, life moving rapidly around us, not to mention the to-do lists a mile long; distractions, distractions, distractions….are you able to stay grounded through all of this?  The majority of people will likely say, “no” to this question.  The reason and Truth is, without a Blissciplined daily habit/practice of coming back to center, sitting within ourselves in gratitude and observation, it is VERY challenging to be grounded with the chaos orbiting around us.  It doesn’t have to be this way though. . .

I think we all in some way or another, deeply desire to experience the euphoria that comes with a peaceful heart.  I know that was the catalyst for the huge life-style changes I began to make about four years ago when I realized it was time for change or I was otherwise heading towards a self-exploding prophecy.  If you can relate and you feel trapped in the illusion that your thoughts are your reality, OR you’re looking for a few tools to help get you extra grounded in YOU, then read on . . . .

Do you want to change the world?  Then change the world you live IN. . . .

A daily practice of meditation is essential to keep yourself in a state of clarity.  I’ve heard the excuse of, “I don’t have the time to meditate everyday,” so many times.  In reality, if peace is what you desire, this daily practice should be the number one priority on your to-do list, or “to-Be list” if you will.  It doesn’t have to be an hour of sitting either…it can be five, fifteen, twenty or thirty minutes of just sitting by yourself, in yourself, focusing on your breath and a mantra of that helps.

The Mantra I have used for the last several years which has been a catalyst for depth in my meditation practice is “Ah-Hum Pray-Mah,” meaning ‘I am Divine Love” in Sanskrit.  Try this at home today.  Find a time that works for you in the quietest place you can find…Take three super deep breaths, while imagining all of the thoughts and events from the day/days that have passed seeping out of your body like a grey mist and just simply let them go.  Next, chant the below mantra for about five minutes (as it’s read) – longer if you wish and afterwards sit in silence for five minutes or longer.  Just notice the peace that rings through your body and mind. . . .


Free 30-minute Meditation recording from BradiDude:


Gratitude is a form of prayer. Whether you’re religious, Spiritual, atheist, or whatever, Gratitude is one of the things that connects you to that Universal presence of Love that exists within your heart.  When One is in a state of gratitude it actually creates a chemical reaction within their body, causing higher levels of energy, joy, creativity, and love.  Gratitude for the small things opens us up to appreciating the True miracle of life itself.

To experience TRUE gratitude, we have to move from our head to our heart.  How do we do this though?  Well, the “Gratitude Dance” silly!!!  Make it a daily ritual for the next week  (SERIOUSLY-PLAYFULLY COMMIT TO THIS) to actually get up and do the “Gratitude Dance” or dance of your choice when celebrating all of the miracles in your life.

Are you going through S$*T and finding it hard to celebrate these days?  Well how about doing as Ghandi would suggest, “Make friends with your enemies.”  Obviously you see your problems as an enemy, but have you ever celebrated your enemy, hugged your enemy, told your enemy that you love it and you’re grateful for it!?  TRY IT!!  Both MattiDude and I have done this with some of our lives’ biggest challenges, and still do it daily when the “Stuff” comes up.  By thanking your problems, you take their power away, you allow yourself to feel empowered rather than paralyzed and you move into that space of gratitude, joy, possibility and acceptance.  So next time problems come up, celebrate them and make friends with your enemy!!!

Do the Gratitude Dance everyday…click here!!

“When we pray for peace, health, and wholeness for Ourselves, we are in turn praying for it within all of Humanity.”

I hope some of this helps you…and if it does, share it with a friend!  You can also sign up for your FREE Super Hero Training if you haven’t already, at our website, www.TheGratiDudes.com

Cowabunga Namaste;

Brad Morris  (BradiDude)
“the GratiDudes”

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Freedom at Work!


With today’s fast-paced society how will we cure one of the major influences of high stress levels, lack of passion, & poor health; “Burn Out Syndrome.” This was one of the questions we were exploring when I was at the Palomar5 Innovation Camp in Berlin Germany 2009 (www.Palomar5.org). One of the answers which was clear to see; Meditation.

Is meditation too hippie for “the Corporate Suits” of the world and everyday employees to embrace as a daily practice throughout the working day? After doing a great deal of research and asking some leading European Business Experts, we were surprised to find that there has never been a better time. Meditation is a powerful practice to calm your mind, relax your body, release stress and get to know Your Self. Your True Self. And the people are ready…

Benefits of creating a practicing “Mindfulness/Meditation” in the Workplace:
Creates feelings of inner peace and of equanimity in different situations
Helps creates meaningful relationships with others
Creates a safe place for healing, peace, and relieving workplace tension
Creates a sense of “higher purpose” in the work employees do
Key factor for physical and mental health, including higher energy levels
Enables people to better handle conflicts, challenges, and stressful situations
Empowers people to create their own personal code of ethics
Creates a sense of interconnectedness amongst employees (community)

Many large corporations including Apple and Virgin are now embracing ancient traditions such as meditation at work. Some even hire “meditation facilitators” to come into the workplace and conduct classes focusing on a non-denominational approach of meditation in an effort to lower stress levels and boost productivity & creativity. It has been shown that less mistakes are made after meditation sessions. Apart from the obvious stress relief, it has also been noted that when people are relaxed there is less likelihood of injury and accidents. The number of sick days taken by staff also fell dramatically with the benefits of meditation such as the lowering of blood pressure, the strengthening of the immune system and general feelings of well being increasing more and more with regular sessions. For employees to function at the highest level of commitment and contribute fully to their work, they must be spiritually, emotionally and physically healthy. To accomplish this goal they need tools to help them perform at their peak and time to practice these tools. It is the companies responsibility to nurture these things by providing the employees the time to practice, in return they can expect healthy, happy, loyal employees.

If you’re an employer are you and your employees missing out on what could be a Life-Saver for your company? And as an employee, if you’re jeopardizing your health for your job, only you can end that energy-sucking cycle. It is up to you to create the change from within your organization and if you do your homework, your boss may be impressed and say YES to these changes!

I would love to know your thoughts…
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