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I’m not inspired.


“I’m not inspired.”

I look around at my life and everything I’ve created and I should be happier. I should feel more alive, more grateful, more joyful, more love in my heart.

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Are you going to make up your mind about that thing today?


Waiting, thinking, procrastinating, fearing.

Not moving forward.

Waiting for the perfect moment.

The perfect idea.

The perfect plan.


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We shall stumble and we shall fall


On the journey to the top of the mountain, we shall stumble and we shall fall.

It is inevitable. There is no escaping that fate.

Instead of looking at our stumbles as failures, we must simply look at them for what they are; stumbles.

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Today’s the day I made my dreams come true


Oh dreams.

You are so wonderful and elusive.

You have this ability to lift me up and then in the same day, destroy my confidence.

Why are you so hard to grasp and make real?

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If we hate our job, we hate our life. What to do?

We sleep 1/3rd of our life and we work about 1/3rd of our life.

Most people I’ve met work a job that they either hate or simply just don’t enjoy.

That means they spend 33% of their life hating their life, or at the very least not enjoying it.

Now if you ask me, that doesn’t really seem worth the paycheque no matter how much it is…

Life’s too short.

Hating your job, means hating your life. At least 1/3rd of the time.

That will catch up on you eventually and bleed into the rest of your life, causing one to become bitter, resentful or worn down.

It essentially means you feel like you’re in jail or sleeping 2/3’s of your life and chances are, you’re recovering or numbing the fact that you dislike your reality the other third.

If that’s your situation, you do have a choice in the matter you know.

You could quit.

You could start a business.

You could move somewhere else.

You could work online, or do art, or make things, or fix things, or get creative.

You could simplify your life, need less, and retire on your savings for a while.

You could do so much!!

You are not a victim, you are not helpless, you are not powerless.

You do have a choice.

And everyday you go to the job you hate, you are saying, “I don’t love myself enough to find another way.” 

So I guess the question is, at the end of your life when you look back, will you be satisfied with your human existence and how you spent the 2/3’s of your life where you weren’t sleeping?

Hopefully the answer is a big, fat yes with a smile on your face and sparkle in your eyes…

I know I was heading down a path of not being fulfilled. That is until I decided to jump the tracks, grab my machete and find my own way…

It’s been a hell of a struggle for me, but those struggles were all mine.

The blood, sweat and tears I shed were for my cause, my vision and my purpose. Not somebody else’s.

That has made all the difference. That has made the pain, heartache, risk and disappointment worth it.

It’s made it an adventure!

What is your cause? What do you feel you’re here to create? What do you stand for in your life? Share in the comments below.

Better get crackin’. Time’s a ticking and that end of life review is coming up sooner than we can imagine.

What Would Happen if you Had a “Giving Up is Not an Option Attitude?”

If there is one thing that the last 13 years of entrepreneurship (and life) have taught me is, we only get good if we’re consistent.

With everyone searching for the hack or shortcut, we should be focused on putting the time in. Sure, getting a tip will make us more efficient and better, but 10,000 hours to mastery is 10,000 hours to mastery.

When we first start out doing something, we’re usually pretty terrible.

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Using Schedules as Creative Containers to GSD

I love schedules. I think they are fantastic inventions!

I didn’t always like them though.

I used to think they prevented me from being in the flow and allowing the spark of spontaneity.

But as my life becomes more full and my time more precious, I realize how important my schedule is for allowing me to stay present with what’s in front of me.

When I block off chunks of time for specific tasks or to-do’s, it gives me a creative container to focus on that ONE thing, rather than many things.

These creative windows of time allow me to really GSD (get shit done).

My days don’t ‘just happen,’ I design them with intention.

For example: I generally wake up at 4AM these days. My first two hours of waking time I usually devote to my creative writing (like right now as I write this). This is a non-email time for me. I sit, I stretch and breathe, I sip my coffee and I write, based on what comes up or what I need to complete for the week and day ahead.

Then my next creative container is sunrise golf. Usually from 6:30-9ish these days.

Then I get a big 3-hour window of time to enjoy breakfast, coffee and hangout time with Celeste and our son Sauryn.

Then I block off from noon – 5pm for my specific business projects. Each day of the week has a theme for the kinds of projects I focus on within that 5-hour block of time, so that I’m not scattered all over the place everyday. This is key for me.

Within the creative containers I’m scheduling, I allow myself to be in flow with the creative process.

Sometimes I’m not inspired to sit at my desk, so I’ll go for a hike or chip golf balls in the yard while thinking about something.

Other times I’m not inspired to sit on Skype for hours on end, so I do my conference meetings on my cell phone so I can be outside, or sometimes I’m even cleaning the house while on meetings.

The freedom is in the schedule for me.

When I am with Sauryn, I am WITH him.

When I am working on a specific task, I am in it fully.

Whereas, when I let my schedule stay loose, I find myself just floating around, never really accomplishing anything satisfying. Usually at the end of the day, I’ll feel like I didn’t do enough and go to bed kind of disappointed.

I also take real weekends now, which for an at home entrepreneur can be hard because my business mind is always fifty steps ahead of the game.

But I find having that space on weekends to simply be, flow with family and have fun really helps me be more focused and efficient in my week days.

We also do wifi-free Sundays, where we unplug the internet. Those are our favourites!

Schedules give me focus, freedom and a space to be present. I love them!

AND sometimes, my scheduled plan falls apart and something better comes up. I’m always 100% open and flexible to that happening too…

How do schedules support or hinder your creative process? Share below.

Don’t believe everybody else’s story about life…


While in Mexico a few weeks ago we were sent notice from our landlords that we had to move out of our beautiful home of the last 3-years because they wanted to do a big reno.

At first glance of their notice, we squealed in delight, celebrating that an upgrade was coming (rather than going into fear about not having a home).

When returning from our trip, we started telling friends and acquaintances that we were looking…

Everyone we talked to would say, “Oh no. It’s really hard to find a place.” (which is a story)

Our answer would always be, “No it’s not. We’re really good at it. We know something magical is coming.” (which is also a story)

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It’s never too late to say yes to life…


We are so boxed in and suppressed in our culture this day and age. 

Which is silly if you ask me.

Never before have we had more creative freedom to be fully expressed in our lives, to explore any number of paths and to stand fully rooted in our authentic, true-to-ourselves nature. 

So why do we stay in this little box we’ve been given?


Who cares!!!?

Just get out of it.


Just punch the ceiling, kick down the walls, climb out and start making new choices.

We are like robots, going through our lives on autopilot.

Doing the same things day in and day out without ever really questioning them.

Never really stopping to ask ourselves, “Is this what I want? Is this how I want to be remembered? Is this who I really am?”

What do you want for yourself and your life?

Who do you want to be in the world and in your relationships?

Are the habits you have and choices you make creating the kind of life and world you want to be living in?

These questions are important and if we don’t give ourselves SPACE in our life to ask them and answer them honestly, then we may remain on autopilot forever.

I was once a very asleep human being.

It wasn’t until I decided to start building my life around my dreams, desires, aspirations and terms that I finally felt like I was alive and living.

Here’s a cool story about saying yes…

The other day, my wife, Celeste and our son, Sauryn and I were on our way back from a couple week adventure in Mexico.

We were exhausted on the final leg of our journey home; a 30 minute ferry ride to Salt Spring Island.

On the boat, we met this sweet lady named Beverly. We struck up a conversation with her and learned that she was just about to begin a lifelong dream journey of her’s; a 9-month pilgrimage around the world.

I also want to say, Beverly is about 76 years old and traveling alone.

Her desire is to experience the world and learn about herself.

She says she feels like a kid and as though her life is only just beginning!

How freaking cool is that!?

After chatting for 30-minutes and really enjoying the connection, Beverly asked us where her and her friend should go eat dinner.

My immediate answer was, “come have dinner at our place.”

She was clearly surprised by my answer, because this is not something too many North Americans do this day and age. But she accepted the invitation and her and her friend Deborah came over around 5:30 for a feast and celebration.

With Celeste’s mom already at our house taking care of our pup while we were away, the 6 of us had an incredibly magical, hilarious and awe-inspiring evening eating great food, drinking wine and sharing many stories from each of our lives. 

Saying YES to this experience created an incredible new friendship and a magical memory for all of us.

I can only imagine the adventures Beverley’s yes will take her on over the course of these next 9-months and where your YES will take you, as you cultivate more courage to fully step into everything you want out of life.

What if your words had this much power?


What if our words were more powerful than we can imagine? 

What if every time we spoke our desires into the world, we set forth a series of synchronistic events to help bring those desires to fruition…?

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