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Number 1 Rule to Improv’ing your Life



Do you ever get pissed off or frustrated, uptight or stressed about what’s happening in the moment? Do you notice how much friction or resistance your pissed offed’ness creates in your Nowality? The number one rule to Improv’ing your Life is to say YES to what is happening in the moment.

I have been playing a lot with Improv Comedy lately and over the years. I love it. It is one of the greatest life skills I have learned for going with the flow, navigating my life and the moment by practicing presence, and shattering the ego by being utterly ridiculous. I feel like my life is an improvised skit and the more I practice this art, the more I am bringing it into my everyday experiences, challenges, interactions and creative endeavours. Not all my improvised moments are silly and funny, but what each has in common is the practice of being completely present and delivering the Medicine that is called for.

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Clearing Fears Around Money


Have you ever had fears, worries or anxiety around money? If yes, I dedicate this Journal entry, video and audio meditation practice to you. If you take the time right now to focus on you and your current Nowality, I will share with you some powerful ways to clear the fear and create amazing miracles of Abundance in your life. Is that worth thirty minutes of your time?

The thing is, when we are in fear mode, it stops us from thinking clearly and it certainly blocks our flow of communication with Spirit or our intuition. Life becomes a foggy haze and we’re unable to see our next steps with confidence and clarity.

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My Prayer for this Day



I was asked to write a prayer the other day and here it is…

Mother Earth, Father Sky, Grandmother Moon, Grandfather Son, Creator of All that Is, thank you for this day, thank you for this moment, thank you for this breath, thank you for hearing this prayer. I thank the ancestors of this land, the ancestors of the Earth who have walked before me and paved a path of Truth and Righteousness. I thank all of the directions, all the minerals, all the animals and all the magic that makes up life. Thank you.

Thank you Creator for this blessed life that I live, thank you for my healthy body, for the beautiful and brilliant people you bring into my life and for supporting me to open my heart more to what is Real, to love. Thank you Great Spirit for teaching me to be strong, radiant and grounded in my path and purpose. Thank you for bringing to me all that makes me passionate and for lovingly and gently guiding me forward.

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“The No Bullshit Steps to Creating your Reality”



In this video a living legend who goes by the name of “No Phony Bologna Tony” shares his “No Bullshit Steps Approach” to Creating your Reality (the Tony way).

Learn to create your Nowality, the Tony way (Bullshit not included)…

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“I Made My Vision Board! Now What?”


At the beginning of 2014 I made a comical, edutaining video about making my Vision Board and why it’s such a powerful act to do when it comes to creating our Reality. Since that video was so popular, I created a follow up video for all of you who have followed through, created your Vision Boards and are sitting there staring at it 24/7, silently asking yourselves, “Now What?”

Watch the Vision Board Sequel video to find out what to do next….

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My Journey as a Conscious Creator (the last decade)


Being the Creator of my reality, as well as the creator of my income has definitely been a good way to keep me in the present moment, searching for the need and fun ways I can contribute in the world around me. My journey of entrepreneurship has been the greatest adventure I’ve ever embarked upon. I never would have dreamed of what would unfold when I chose to drop out of college nearly a decade ago to start my first business.

FreedomIsMy key motivation was freedom, which I believe is common amongst entrepreneurs. I wanted to be able to play professional golf, travel the world and have as much fun as humanly possible. From that first step, many failed attempts thereafter and up to this now moment, I have carved my own path, creating a lifestyle that blows my mind with it’s utter simplicity, fun and pure potentiality. Around 2007 I made a very simple intention, which was to turn all of my passions into profit generating businesses that make a difference in the world….

It started with gratitude which was the life lesson I needed to learn at that time of my life. A buddy and I launched a viral video on youtube called, The Gratitude Dance and through that sharing, we embarked upon a couple year adventure of sharing the power of gratitude with thousands of people around North America. Truthfully, we teach what we need to learn and I truly needed to learn gratitude at that phase of my life. The Universe humbled me again and again over those couple years with many trials and tribulations.

I then moved started with meditation. Through my business, Cowabunga Life I have led hundreds and hundreds of meditation circles as well as online programs which have supported people with their practice in more than 20 countries (that I’m aware of). I learned a great deal about facilitating powerful experiences, building online programs for passive income and learning to show up completely present to the need of the moment. I have also learned a great deal of patience because my beginning years were very challenging financially and my business thrived through hard work and love.

Then I went on to travel and adventure. Through the meditation platform, I got enough life-loving, inner adventurers thirsty for more. So I took my passion for travel and led Spiritual Adventure Retreats in Peru, Mexico, Hawaii, Tofino BC, Salt Spring Island BC, as well as played a supporting role by offering Cowabunga Meditations at several Epic Eden Hotsprings Retreats in AZ and at the David Wolfe New Years Retreat in Hawaii 2012/13. This has fulfilled my love and intention or paid travel, crazy adventures and multi-cultural Spiritual Transformation.

Now I am trying my funny bone. On the Spring Equinox of 2014 I am going to be launching a comedy platform called, New Earth Comedy which essentially will be like a conscious version of Saturday Night Live. This has been a dream and powerful vision of mine for nearly six years and finally I have the green light from Spirit that the time has come to actually do it. I am beyond stoked. The whole business model of this is built upon partnerships with the greatest, coolest, funniest game-changers on the Planet and to spotlight their/our/your work through hilarious parody skits. This is gonna be a whole lot of fun!

I’ve also come full circle with golf in the last few years after being away from the game for about 7 due to lack of finances in my beginning years as an entrepreneur. I am now playing quite a lot, getting good again and will be playing a ten to twelve tournaments this year. Through my personal meditation practice and inner explorations over the last decade I have learned so much, all of which I am now applying to my golf game. Through these life lessons, I have written a book called, “Be Golf: Golf in the Moment” which I have decided I will wait until 2015 to publish to give me a full year to embody, practice and refine the principles I teach in it. The book’s purpose is to teach golfers how to consciously get into the zone through breath and focus techniques.

All I am saying is that not only is it 100% possible for you to to turn your passions into your businesses, it is your birthright and responsibility as an entrepreneur and conscious Creator walking the earth to do just that! You might be on this Planet for 30, 50 or 100+ years. We don’t know how long. Wouldn’t you rather spend every waking moment focusing on stuff that gets you excited, makes you come alive and is fun PLUS it enriches the lives of others!? Of course you do…

ClarityCloudClarity is a major factor in Creating. Get out of your mind that you’ve gotta know exactly what to do for the rest of your life in this moment. Just pick the ONE thing that is your biggest yes and work on that until it’s not. In the beginning I would try to work on a dozen projects at a time and I would hardly ever finish anything or I’d do a shitty job if I did. Focus on just one thing to start, do it really well and complete it. Even if the ‘something’ isn’t your forever thing, there is something incredible that happens when you fulfill a vision from start to finish. Oh yah, you might as well expect to meet plenty of resistance from the ego along the way to creating whatever it is. That’s all part of the growth process.

If I could break it down into some bite sized wisdom nuggets, I’d tell you to accept where you are right now, even if you don’t like it. Find every tiny thing to be grateful for about the here and now. Rejecting your Nowality creates ridiculous amounts of unnecessary pain, suffering and struggle. Accept and celebrate it. Do this authentically and you’ll move forward with a whole lot more lubrication in your flow. Another key factor is to be patient. It might take you a decade to fulfill one of your bigger visions. Shit, it might take you the rest of your days on Earth to do it so you might as well enjoy every step of the way, laugh at every bump in the road and take time to enjoy life everyday. Two other important lessons I’ve learned is to make it about the people you’re serving. Even though your business, vision or product is about you and your passions, it actually isn’t. It’s about you sharing your Soul with the world because what you offer as your thing is just an extension of you. Focus on being of service and focus every single day on having as much fun as you possibly can. The entrepreneurial adventure is your quickest way to personal growth because there is no safety net, no security, no guarantee, nobody will rescue you. It’s just you. So be sure to fall in love with the journey because the journey is you!

Good luck and stay blessed!

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Create your 2014 Vision Board (here’s why)


Hey there, eh! Ever since I stopped go out to the club and drinkin’ bottles of bub I’ve been having a lot more success with creating my Reality in a way that ROCKS! In this video I will inspire you to get on the Vision Board train with me.

Seriously though, clarity is the first key to creating what you want in your life and the world. Writing about your dreams and making vision boards like this is a potent way to call in the magical experiences into your life to make your dreams happen. Anyways… just watch the video (have a laugh, be inspired and go create)!

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Cowabunga Cleanse Time (You In?)


Our inner environment mentally, emotionally and physically is what creates our outer reality. It’s time to clean the house gently and joyfully. Join me for a powerful 40 day meditation and lifestyle cleanse.

Watch the video to learn about the cleanse, what it’ll entail and why I’m inspired!

Here’s what you need to do next…

1. Sign up for a FREE account at Conscious Planet.

2. Print the FOOD CHART and get it on their fridge and eat from column 1 for 3 months (in the Content Section of CORE doc.)

3. Highly recommend a live blood analysis before and after (not totally necessary though).

4. Commit to a certain budget of Conscious Planet supplements / month. $200 would be a minimum – starter pack. I personally will be doing the “Transformation Pack” each month, which is pretty full on (in the most awesome way possible). Go to “Product Packs section of website.

5. Do the Cowabunga Vision Quest meditations and exercises everyday for the full forty days (*CVQ included if you do the Conscious Planet Vision Quest!)

6. Watch the video below of Charles Holmes, the founder of Conscious Planet giving a 22 minute talk on the “Cause and Removal of Disease”.

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Become Obsessed with your Passions


Constant focus on a desired outcome creates Power and is the only way to achieve the results we want. If we want something, then we must invest our energy, enthusiasm, thoughts and actions with the desired outcome everyday for as long as it takes to achieve that outcome we desire.

What stops people is they experience a setback or two on the road to Creating what they want and then they give up on themselves and the dream, they believe themselves incapable, unworthy OR they allow less important things to distract them (like Facebook, partying & crap relationships) and they never cultivate enough inner power to create what they want. If you want something then align every action, word, belief and intention with that special something. Move forward with absolute certainty that it is you and only YOU that can create your vision and that every single particle of Creation is here as your ally, helping this intention to be so.

PassionsEverything else in your life that is NOT what you want must be lovingly let it go of or have the energy transformed, so you can make the necessary space for the people, practices and possibilities that are aligned with your desire to show up. Creating is simple. It just takes owning your Creatorship in this experience, honouring your Power and having patience with the process because it might take more than ten+ years to create what you want (but damn, what a journey). If life is not how you wish it to be then take full responsibility for yourself and all that is, in fact celebrate it (it helps release resistance)… Then recognize that you are wonderfully Powerful exactly as you are and let this moment be the New Now to begin your Quest with this download of inspiration.

Start by writing out your True Hearts vision and then become obsessed with your passion.

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Creating an Epic Reality Experience


Yup, we sure are creating our own unique Reality experience right now. This is why staying balanced is so crucial. When we’re scattered, ungrounded, anxious, stressed and in fear-mode, it becomes ridiculously challenging to create our Nowality in a way that reflects harmony, purpose and clarity.

The reason so many people feel uncertain, lost and confused is due to being out of balance, which can be caused by many things; eating crappy food, burning the candle at both ends, not stopping to listen or meditate, pushing and forcing, staying in shitty relationships, not following through for yourself, self-hatred or lack of self worth, too much TV, not exercising or taking care of our bodies, too much time in the head and many other things….

CreatingRealityI find that simplifying is the best way for me to come back into balance and regain control over my thoughts, emotions, intentions and therefore experience. If we keep running around like a crazy assed chicken with no head eventually we’re going to run into something really hard and potentially hurt ourselves, and we honestly don’t need an ass kicking in order to learn lessons. Just stop the insanity, breathe the deepest breath possible and let go of the silly patterns we get locked into.

I find that committing to my yoga and meditation first thing in the AM is an absolute must if I want to maintain my energy balance. I also find that writing down my intentions, dreams, visions, needs and prayers helps me to keep focused on what I want … otherwise everything gets ungrounded. We are like Superheroes with how freakin’ powerful we are. Our intentions and thoughts are unbelievably potent and are creating the experience we call Reality. It may not seem like it in the moment, but after nearly a decade of learning to pave my path with clear intentions, focused direction and a grounded perspective in gratitude I have witness enough so-called ‘miracles’ in the flow, which I now know is just what happens when we take our super powers seriously and project our energy in the direction we want life to flow. This is also how I create epic golf shots.

Obviously there is resistance that comes up, things don’t always go how we want to create them, but that’s also how we learn and heal on our path to becoming epic Creators. I always find that Spirit gives me at the very least, enough hope to keep moving forward, keep creating and to stay 100% in Faith to the Life-Force. Truly if we want to change the world, all we gotta do is start changing our inner world so that everywhere we go we recognize ourselves or the G-O-D presence in all people and moments. If we can do that, then when we come up against challenging experience we can take responsibility in our part to bring harmony there. Whatever we are all challenged with or up against in our lives is our responsibility; not the government, not mommy and daddy, not husband or wife, but OUR’s. The sooner we start doing the housekeeping in the here and now the sooner our life harmonizes and rebalances itself.

Sit. Pray. Be. Breathe. Life is a mind trip, which is why we need to make it a heart trip. Truth can only be found in the Heart and when we live from that place, we start to see that most of what’s out there is utter bullshit and life becomes much funnier, more fun and focused on only the things that really matter.

Have fun creating magical moments today.
This has been another, “Dude Thought”.

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