It’s story time!

My name’s Bradley Morris and since dropping out of college in 2005 to chase after my dream, I have been a full time creative entrepreneur.

Let me tell you, it’s been one helluva journey and it honestly feels like I’m finally just getting my rooting and am able to truly create the visions that I see for my life and business creations.

Right now (in this moment), I am an eCourse Adventure Guide in the Great eCourse Adventure and I make the majority of my income from online sales or by coaching brilliant, creative world-changing entrepreneurial types to build their visions and develop epic, transformational eCourses.

I play golf almost everyday and play pro tournaments in my spare time (bucket list item achieved). I live on Salt Spring Island BC, which is total paradise, with my wife and we’re surrounded by 140 acres of old growth forest, hiking trails, a creek with a waterfall and a trail to the beach. We’re expecting our first child this year and we have a puppy named Bonkers who is a ton of fun.

I have a green screen recording studio called SoulFam Productions in our home (another bucket list item achieved) where we create entertaining, inspirational media… usually with a side of humour.

My life is full and I love it that way.

Everyday I feel stoked for whatever work or adventure lies ahead. My business partners are some of my best friends and the projects I’m involved in are exciting, they feel world-changing and they’re so fun to work on.

I’ve invested the last 11 years of my life getting to here and now; My dream come true.

Now my job is to help you get to your dream or make your dream creation a reality…

Let me say , my path has been far from straight forward and easy.

I treat my journey of turning my passions into how I get paid and pursuing my biggest aspirations as my Spiritual path. Whether it’s business, golf, my marriage or having the discipline to meditate everyday, I see it all as a way to learn, grow and embody the potential of who I want to be and what I want to do with my life.

As a fellow creator of my own dreams, I understand how challenging, confusing and turbulent the journey can be. I know what it’s like to hit my edge mentally and emotionally, to have massive debt, to experience failure many times over and to even live without a home or money for food.

Brad GQ HeadshotI know the strength and courage it takes to keep going towards my vision, to shatter old belief systems and to overcome paralyzing fear.

I have experienced how frustrating it can be to feel my potential deep down inside but to still continually fall short of my goals. I’ve had my fair share of breakdowns which have led to my greatest breakthroughs.

If you’re intrigued and want to know my full story, then get comfy grab your favourite drink and continue…

Watching the videos and reading what I share below will paint you a better picture of who I am, what hardships I’ve overcome to arrive at success and how I’ll support you to create a business and lifestyle that has you stoked, inspired and ready to take action (daily) towards what you want most in life.

Start with this 20-minute talk I did for the ManTalks community.

I share stories about my life philosophies around spirituality, business, self mastery, meditation, golf and what it means to live each day stoked and to be doing exactly what you love. Warning: I drop a few F-Bombs out of excitement. 

Rock bottom brought me here…

As I share in the ManTalks video, after a rock bottom experience where I got into a fist fight with myself, I started my life over and embraced a path of Self improvement and positivity. One of my first “spiritual practices” was gratitude.

In fact, gratitude became such an important part of my life that my good friends, Matthew Ashdown, Mike Barton and I created a viral video on Youtube called, “The Gratitude Dance.”

This fun little dance spread all over the globe like wild fire, which also led to hosting a very popular radio show called, “Manifesting Awesomeness” and all sorts of other amazing adventures like touring North America doing entertaining speaking engagements on the power of gratitude.

When we lost our big book deal with Hay House (see ManTalks video for story) we also lost all our GratiDude momentum. Crushed, I found myself drawn to meditate more than ever before. Because creating a daily practice had such a profound impact on my life, I began guiding meditation circles.

Since 2011, I’ve guided over 500 meditation circles, led retreats in Hawaii, Peru, Mexico and places throughout Canada and the USA and I’ve created multiple meditation eCourses that have supported people in more than 25 countries to create a meditation practice they love.

Meditation has awakened an energy, connection and creativity in me like never before. I even created this popular Hip Hop music video to share my enthusiasm. It was a lot of fun checking this off my bucket list!

Creating eCourses is how I finally liberated my lifestyle and gave myself the freedom I always wanted. It took me a few years to figure it out but the effort was worth it.

This massive shift has taken me from dreaming about my dream to living my dream now. After the initial success of my first eCourses, I started having other coaches and teachers hire me to help them create eCourses of their own.

This has led me to team up with a crew of my best, most talented friends and create The Great eCourse Adventure.

The world’s first entertaining, gamified adventure in eCourse Creation.

We are coaching hundreds of transformational facilitators, teachers and creative entrepreneurs to find their unique edge and develop, launch and market incredibly unique, highly engaging eCourses of their own. 

And we’re having a ton of fun doing it!

Growing up, I loved staying up late to watch my favourite comedians on Saturday Night Live. For years I’ve had a vision of creating a conscious version of SNL and at the beginning of 2015 that dream began to grow roots.

I coFounded two video and music production companies with my genius musician and producer friend, Blair Francis Armstrong.

They are called, “New Earth Comedy” and “SoulFam Productions”. Through these channels we specialize in supporting activated humans and conscious companies to get the word out about who they are and what they do, by producing high quality music videos, comedy skits, songs, as well as eCourses or online programs that educate, entertain and inspire their audience.

Below is a musical comedy we produced on the benefits of eating hemp. We created this for a client we do creative marketing for.

Golf. It’s my everything (next to my wife, family and friends). I wake up before the sun, do my yoga and meditation practice, then play a sunrise round before diving into my work flow for the day. I even have a home driving range where I take breaks throughout the day to practice.

This game is a spiritual practice for me. It requires full breath and body awareness. To be masterful at this game I must learn to master my mind and emotions. In order to execute the shot I want at my intended target, I must be fully present and surrender my fears or doubts. Each shot is a new moment and a new game. That’s where ‘Happy New Now’ came from…

I love it. It teaches me so much. Since I was a kid I’ve wanted to play professional golf and with the freedom created through my various businesses, I finally get the opportunity to go for it.

Golf Banner

So how may I support you?

Creating my dreams has been fucking scary (pardon my language, but it’s true)… and it still is. To create our dreams we must trust in ourselves, trust in other people, trust in life to support us and trust that our failures are simply steps and lessons along the way.

My gift is helping people align their businesses and lifestyles with their passions so that everyday is the kind of day you want to be living.

Everyone says, “Yah, that’s exactly what I want.” But do you really? Because if you really do and you’re totally committed, you must be willing to let go of your bullshit and the bullshit of others that is not serving you so that you have the space to pursue what you want with passion, persistence and total devotion.

So if your palms are sweaty, your mouth went dry and you feel butterflies in your stomach just thinking about the things you want to experience and the changes you’ll have to make to have them, this is good. You are ready.

So where do we go from here?

The first and best place to start is to get on my list. I will send you exclusive updates, videos, articles and invitations. I live by a philosophy; ABC = Always Be Creating.

Anything you receive from my email will offer huge value to your inbox and support your next steps along the way of rocking your life and business in the most fun, wonderful, meaningful ways!


 eCourses and Services:

Screen Shot 2015-11-04 at 1.11.02 PM

Calling all adventurous entrepreneurs!

We have combined our love for entertainment, skit comedy, gamification, education, transformation, art, business, marketing, and being over the top creative to help you create the greatest eCourse you can possibly imagine.

We guarantee you will never ever find another eCourse creation program that is more fun, creative and enjoyable to go through. Not to mention the ass-kickingly brilliant eCourse that you will create as a result of joining the adventure!


Creating a powerful foundation and habit of meditation in your day-to-day life that connects you into your personal power and focused on your bigger vision is totally necessary if you want to have the strength, resiliency and energy to bring your big visions to life.

With that being said, I recommend you join my 21 Day Experience Meditation eCourse immediately. The meditations and journaling exercises will be massively beneficial for the first and next steps you’ll be taking as you begin this new chapter.

Life Alignment

Something that causes a great deal of unnecessary stress, anxiety, pressure, impatience and lack of positive perspective in life is not having a longterm vision for our lives. Most are living in scarcity, just trying to make it through the day, week or month – never really expanding their scope and choosing who they want to be, what they want to do, where they want to contribute and how they’re going to do it.

For me, creating a clear vision for the next decade of my life was one of the greatest gifts I gave myself and my marriage. It really put things into perspective.

If you need support with your big picture, the Life Alignment Process is a guided journey that my wife, Celeste and I created together based on ceremonies and exercises we’ve done for our own Life Alignment process. It is incredibly powerful and will require you to be fully dedicated for the 30 day window of time you’re going through this process.


In an advertising dominant culture, companies and content creators need to be innovative, creative, and entertaining in order to reach the masses with their product or message.

At Soul Fam Pro, we are on a mission to support YOU: activated humans and conscious companies to get the word out about who you are and what you do, by producing high quality music videos, skits, songs, as well as eCourses or online programs that educate, entertain and inspire your audience.

We are a collective of world class producers, musicians, artists, actors, teachers, entrepreneurs and creators who care about the world and want to make a positive difference.

Coming together, we produce powerful, memorable and catchy videos, songs and multimedia productions for the purpose of uplifting  your audience and getting your message across.

Let us help you share your gift with the world.

If you’re looking for life or business coaching…

As a life and business coach, I help entrepreneurs create their visions, mothers to live more in balance, young adults to discover and pursue their passions, athletes to play their game in the zone and brilliant creative types to step into their power and share their gifts with the world.

I offer both private coaching and retreats for people are determined, committed and 100% devoted to their path of personal greatness.

If that’s you and you’re ready, then lets talk.

Work Related Experiences

eCourse Adventure Guide for the Great eCourse Adventure (the best, most fun, creative eCourse on developing unique, highly engaging eCourses… in the Universe)

Facilitation of more than 500 Meditation and human potential workshops

Created the 21 Day Experience Meditation, 30 Day Life Alignment and 40 Day Cowabunga Vision Quest eCourses which have supported the lives of hundreds of people from more than 20 countries worldwide. (One of my proudest business accomplishments)

Created the eCourse Creation Blueprint, which is a membership and online community supporting coaches and teachers from all around the world to create and launch successful eCourses.

Tens of thousands of listens to my online audio meditations.

Publication of more than 200 articles, more than 50 of which have been republished by popular online sites such as, Positively Positive, Elephant Journal, FinerMinds, Yoganonymous, GaiamTV, Inspire Me Today, My Yoga Online and many others online and publishers.

One of the top ranked meditation contributors out of thousands on the Omvana Meditation App created by MindValley.

Life and Business Coaching to clients around the world (Supporting people to create fully aligned lives and businesses)

Adventure Retreat Leader in Peru, Hawaii, Mexico and BC (you can only imagine the fun we had)

A featured teacher in the movie, “Beyond Belief” (it’s a pretty cool movie if you like “The Secret” and movies that help you get over your limitations)

Co-created a Youtube viral video called, “The Gratitude Dance” (this video took me on some wild adventures)

Positively impacted the lives of thousands of teenagers through my work as one of “The GratiDudes” (Definitely wasn’t something I thought of at career day in high school)

Featured on Voice America for the Gratitude Dance video (this was really cool when it happened)

Presenter at Agape Youth Revelations Conference and went on to teach Sunday school at Agape Spiritual Centre for six months (a week before we got invited to speak, we wrote down the intention and then they called us)

Facilitated morning meditations at David Wolfe’s 2013 New Years Retreat in Hawaii and 2012/13 Epic Eden Retreats in Arizona (David’s a Raw Food Rockstar and these retreats were a blast to be  a part of)

Participant of the Palomar5  50 Day Innovation Camp in Berlin, Germany with 30 other young, handpicked entrepreneurs and inventors from all over the world (Ummm, if you want to hear the craziest story ever, lets go grab a bite to eat and I’ll tell you a good one)

Workshop presenter on an I.O.N.S Cruise through the Mexican Riviera (This was amazing but I will never go on a cruiseship again, so don’t ask me … there are better ways to travel)

Co-host of a successful radio show called, “Manifesting Awesomeness” with Matthew Ashdown in 2008 (we got to interview Louise Hay, Gregg Braden, Bruce Lipton, Darren Weissman and tons of other wildly inspiring humans)