I help passionate people level up their game so they win at work, life & play.

Right now, I am a full time creative entrepreneur who is transforming the eLearning industry, coaching passionate world-changers, making passive income online through meditation sales, in business partnerships with my best friends and actively pursuing my dream of playing professional golf. 

I live on a gorgeous little island on the West Coast of BC with my wife, Celeste, my son Sauryn (born June 20, 2016) and our puppy, Bonkers. 

This dream took me ten years of hard work, dedication and persistence to reach, and I honestly feel like I’m just getting started.

Here is my story…

Since dropping out of college in 2005 to start my first online biz with the intention of sponsoring myself to play professional golf, I have been a full time creative entrepreneur.

And I tell yah, it’s been one helluva journey with many ups, downs and unexpected twists of fate…

As an active creator of my own dreams, I understand how challenging, confusing and turbulent the journey can be. I know what it’s like to live beyond my edge of comfort, to fail, to succeed and to stay focused despite life’s many distractions.

I know the strength and courage it takes to keep going towards my vision, to shatter old belief systems and to overcome paralyzing fear.

I have experienced how frustrating it can be to feel my potential deep down inside but to continually fall short of my goals. Lets just say, I’ve had my fair share of breakdowns which have led to my greatest breakthroughs.

If you wanna hear the rest, then get comfy and enjoy this multi-media journey with me…

Watching the videos and reading what I share below will paint you a better picture of who I am, what I stand for, believe in and how I may be able to help you level up in your work, life and play.

Start with this 20-minute talk I did for the ManTalks community in Spring, 2016.

Rock bottom is what brought me to where I am now…

As I share in the ManTalks video above, after a rock bottom experience where I got into a fist fight with myself, I started my life over and embraced a path of self improvement and positivity. One of the things that helped me most (and still does) was learning to practice gratitude for everything in my experience.

In fact, gratitude became such an important part of my life that my good friends, Matthew Ashdown, Mike Barton and I created a video on Youtube called, “The Gratitude Dance,” which went viral.

This fun little dance spread all over the globe like wild fire, which also led to hosting a very popular radio show called, “Manifesting Awesomeness” and all sorts of other amazing adventures like touring North America doing entertaining and inspiring speaking engagements on the power of gratitude.

Check out the Gratitude Dance video below…

In a 2.5 year span, I led over 500 meditation groups.

When we lost our book deal with Hay House, we also lost all our GratiDude momentum (ManTalks video shares story)…

Crushed, I found myself drawn to meditate more than ever before. The transformation I underwent from my daily practice, led me to start guiding meditation circles and teaching.

From mid 2009 to 2012, I guided over 500 meditation circles, led adventure retreats around the globe and have supported the transformation of thousands of people from 40+ countries through my meditation tracks and online programs.

I’m so stoked about sharing meditation with people as a tool for cultivating higher levels of creativity, clarity, energy and happiness.

We even made a fun little hip hop video about it…

Check out my meditation archives, with 30+ tracks for all purposes of practice. 

Creating online courses is how I finally liberated my lifestyle.

In 2011 after leading a retreat in Peru, I set an intention to stop teaching workshops and to put all my meditation courses online.

The next year I went from leading 200+ workshops to leading 12, and I put all my focus into building my business online.

I have since then shared my work online with folks all over the globe. I make 90% of my income from online sales and I’ve been able to live a super fulfilling, freedom-filled lifestyle doing it.

Due to the success of my courses, I started working with creative, passionate, talented teachers and facilitators to build and launch their own eCourses.

Watch the trailer and sign up for our Art of eCourse Creation webinar…

We are transforming the world of online learning!

By merging art, entertainment, gamification, storytelling and all things media, we are teaching eCourse creators how to develop highly creative, engaging and unique online courses that students are stoked to go through.

Nobody builds courses like we do.

We pride ourselves in pioneering and inspiring a whole new style of media experience.

Check out The Great eCourse Adventure…


Growing up, I loved Saturday Night Live.

For years I’ve had a vision of creating a conscious version of SNL and at the beginning of 2015 that dream began to grow roots.

I cofounded a video and music production company called, SoulFam Productions.

We specialize in supporting activated humans and conscious companies to share their message, by producing high quality music videos, comedy skits and eCourse content which educate, entertain and inspire their audience.

Below is a musical comedy we produced on the benefits of eating hemp…

Together, we have produced more than a hundred video lessons for The Great eCourse Adventure.

Not to mention, three music videos, five animated videos, 35 high quality meditation tracks (with custom music), a bunch of comedy commercials, skits and so much more.

We love producing viral videos with an empowering, playful message.

See more of our work at SoulFamPro.com 


I am in love with the game of golf.

I play more than 250 rounds per year and am now competing at a professional level.

Most days, in all kinds of weather, I wake up before the sun, do my yoga and meditation practice, then play a sunrise round before diving into my work flow for the day. I even have a home driving range where I take breaks throughout the day to practice.

This game is a spiritual practice for me. It requires me to be connected to my body and breath, clear with my intentions, focused on one thing at a time and masterful with managing my emotions.

I love it! It teaches me so much about myself and life.

Ever since I was a kid I wanted to play professional golf. Now, with the freedom I’ve created through my various businesses, I finally have the opportunity to go for that dream. And I’m doing it.

I’m also coaching players to consciously access the zone through specific focus, breath and self awareness techniques.

Journey with me to the tour and find out about my coaching or book…

Golf Banner

So how may I support you?

Creating my dreams has been fucking hard and scary at times (pardon my language, but it’s true)… and it still is.

To create our dreams we must trust in ourselves, trust in other people, trust in life to support us and trust that our failures are simply steps and lessons along the way.

Everyone says, “Yah, I want to make my dreams happen.” But do you really?

Because if you really do and you’re totally committed, you must be willing to let go of your bullshit stories, excuses and drama, as well as the BS of others that is not serving you. You’ll need to make changes and create the space for yourself to become who you need to be and pursue what you want with passion, persistence and total devotion.

If that’s what you want, then come explore your options:

1. Pull yourself together with the help of my guided meditation practices…

2. Create and launch the greatest eCourse you can possibly imagine…

3. Let us produce some epically entertaining educational or marketing videos for you…

4. Learn to play the best golf of your life and have more fun than ever doing it…

5. Level up your game so you can win at work, life and play with me as your coach…

6. Contact me for something else you have in mind…

Work Related Experiences

eCourse Adventure Guide for the Great eCourse Adventure (the best, most fun, creative eCourse on developing unique, highly engaging eCourses… in the Universe)

Facilitation of more than 500 Meditation and human potential workshops

Created the 21 Day Experience Meditation, 30 Day Life Alignment and 40 Day Cowabunga Vision Quest eCourses which have supported the lives of hundreds of people from more than 20 countries worldwide. (One of my proudest business accomplishments)

Created the eCourse Creation Blueprint, which is a membership and online community supporting coaches and teachers from all around the world to create and launch successful eCourses.

Hundreds of thousands of listens to my online audio meditations.

Publication of more than 200 articles, more than 50 of which have been republished by popular online sites such as, Positively Positive, Elephant Journal, FinerMinds, Yoganonymous, GaiamTV, Inspire Me Today, My Yoga Online and many others online and publishers.

One of the top ranked meditation contributors out of thousands on the Omvana Meditation App created by MindValley, as well as on Mequilibrium.

Life and Business Coaching to clients around the world (Supporting people to create fully aligned lives and businesses)

Adventure Retreat Leader in Peru, Hawaii, Mexico and BC (you can only imagine the fun we had)

A featured teacher in the movie, “Beyond Belief” (it’s a pretty cool movie if you like “The Secret” and movies that help you get over your limitations)

Co-created a Youtube viral video called, “The Gratitude Dance” (this video took me on some wild adventures)

Positively impacted the lives of thousands of teenagers through my work as one of “The GratiDudes” (Definitely wasn’t something I thought of at career day in high school)

Featured on Voice America for the Gratitude Dance video (this was really cool when it happened)

Presenter at Agape Youth Revelations Conference and went on to teach Sunday school at Agape Spiritual Centre for six months (a week before we got invited to speak, we wrote down the intention and then they called us)

Facilitated morning meditations at David Wolfe’s 2013 New Years Retreat in Hawaii and 2012/13 Epic Eden Retreats in Arizona (David’s a Raw Food Rockstar and these retreats were a blast to be a part of)

Participant of the Palomar5 50 Day Innovation Camp in Berlin, Germany with 30 other young, handpicked entrepreneurs and inventors from all over the world (Ummm, if you want to hear the craziest story ever, lets go grab a bite to eat and I’ll tell you a good one)

Workshop presenter on an I.O.N.S Cruise through the Mexican Riviera (This was amazing but I will never go on a cruiseship again, so don’t ask me … there are better ways to travel)

Co-host of a successful radio show called, “Manifesting Awesomeness” with Matthew Ashdown in 2008 (we got to interview Louise Hay, Gregg Braden, Bruce Lipton, Darren Weissman and tons of other wildly inspiring humans)

I am living my dream life now. Are you ready to live yours?