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If you want to effectively #GSD (Get Shit Done),
then you need to #GYST (Get your Shit Together)

Do this 15-Minute Practice.

This is a 17-minute meditation that will support you with anxiety, stress and overwhelm so you can be more present, focused and in the flow with what needs to be done. If you love it, just wait til you see what I have for you!

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“Experience Meditation”
21 Day Meditation eCourse

Create a meditation practice you love and look forward to. (this will help with focus, connection, creativity and fulfillment in your life - oh and improved health.

Experience the difference a daily breath-connection and presence practice will make to your mental clarity and how you feel. Feel like you again.

Live with more intention and awareness so you can enjoy what's in front of you, rather than miss it.

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Yup. You get to name your own price? Why? Because it is hard to place a monetary value on something like Meditation. It is individual for all people. This is why I let you choose. I figure that no matter what, learning some simple and awesome meditation techniques is worth at least $1 up to $97, which I feel is a fair and accurate price for how quality this Course is and the life-enhancing new practice ... not to mention, there was no payment option for "PRICELESS!"

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Based on sample meditation above, how much value would you place on that experience becoming a healthy habit in your daily life?

This Valuable


This Valuable


This Valuable


This Valuable


See what some of my students have to say

"Bradley is more than just an empowering and positive meditation leader.

He is someone who 'walks his talk', and has a real passion for spreading mindfulness. His true and genuine spirit is a pleasure to work with."

Kshitij CEO of Omvana (meditation App from MindValley)

"This is invaluable. Just this priceless technique alone is worth all effort."

“The most powerful part of my process was the recognition that I was “saying yes” to myself and investing my time in something vital.Your guided mediations reduce stress and have helped me actively release tension. Better yet, they’ve given me a very practical and interesting way to release old “no longer useful” beliefs; I now literally “ahhhhhh” them away.

This is invaluable. Just this priceless technique alone is worth all effort.

The purity with which this program is offered is maybe the sweetest part about the process.

Brad is an integral link in the journey. Without him and his excitement for renewal and peace of heart the meditation experience would lose its wonder.”

Tammi L. Marketer, Mom & Entrepreneur in Southern California

"This experience is amazing!

Taking time out of my day to sit and breathe. It seems so simple, but is so powerful on many levels. The most transformational part of the journey was committing the time and energy to the process - taking that time for myself each day amongst my busy schedule - or realigning time for meditating instead of other less important things (like Facebook!). 

Using Bradley's guided meditations is a treat - something I looked forward to every day.


"“I can't believe 21 days has gone by already."

It was the most delightful course I've ever taken and I've taken many. Unlike traditional meditation where it feels like a chore to sit down for those 20 minutes, I look forward to that time in my day when I get to strap my earphones on and breathe. 

I can't wait to do the Cowabunga Vision Quest. Thank you, Brad, for this splendid program that you've put together, and thank you ever so much for making it affordable for us!"

The Purple Line (Harper Collins)

"All I can say is - just do it!"

This daily embodiment practice has made me realize the deeper, hidden patterns and habits I have been looking to discover within myself, as I have felt lost in my body and mind about who I am and why I am here.

I now feel that I am much closer to fully authenticating myself.

All I can say to people is, Just do it! Leave your skepticism and old beliefs behind and become a lighter version of yourself by doing this. I want more!

Arne Geologist and world adventurer in Australia

"Experience Meditation is pure magic..."

Thank you SO much Brad for your ingenious ability to create positive, life-enhancing meditation practices for anyone who is willing to look deeper into their hearts and be open to this powerful opportunity to change their lives for the better!

Experience Meditation is pure magic and exactly what my universal doctor lead me to. What a gift and gentle reminder to re-commit myself to a daily practice.

I feel so reconnected to my expanded heart space ~ what an absolutely beautiful life and I’m so blessed to have you as part of it too!

Deb E. Victoria B.C.


It Helps





I Even Made a Hip-Hop Video About it.

What is Included?


Three meditation video tutorials that explain the specific techniques you will be practicing.


Six downloadable guided audio meditations with Bradley T Morris + custom music for each.


The guidance to help you create a healthy habit of meditation that you love and look forward to everyday.


Daily breakthrough journaling exercises that will help you ground even more deeply into yourself.


Connect with your fellow course members through a private Hubifi group.


Begin a brand new chapter in your life, focusing your energy, intentions and actions on embodying your greatest self now.

So who is Bradley Morris?

I am an interesting hybrid of a human. I have taught more than 500 meditation circles, shared my meditation eCourses with thousands of people in more than 27 countries, led Adventure Meditation retreats in Peru, Hawaii, Mexico, Canada and beyond. I also play golf everyday and am pursuing the game Professionally. As a business coach,

I support entrepreneurs to perform at their best by being powerful with their intentions and practices, clear in their minds and true to their heart. As my creative thing, I coProduce comedy + music videos at Soul Fam Productions.  I love to #GSD (Get Shit Done) and #HSLF (Have a Shit Load of Fun)!

More about me at

Meditation soundtracks by composer Blair Francis Armstrong.

​Producer, composer and musician Blair Francis composed and produced the music for all six meditation tracks included in this course.

Blair weaves together sonic landscapes that are deeply healing, real, and completely inspired by the guidance in which a spiritual journeyman is graciously given.

He is as comfortable in the studio as he is out, having facilitated hundreds of live sessions including yoga classes, breathwork sessions, healing circles, shamanic journeys and meditations.

Blair is a nationally certified Yoga teacher, an energetic bodywork practitioner, and a member of the Sound Healers Association.

For more information visit his website at

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