Our “Zero Dollar Ads Approach” for Launching


“NO” is the worst thing that happens when we ask for what we want. I’ve been learning a lot about this lately. It’s been my go-to mantra.

In the last 10 days, I have sent out about 80 personalized emails to friends, clients, podcast hosts, leaders and people who inspire me to help spread the word as Messengers of The Great eCourse Adventure. Out of that, I’ve had 4 invitations to be on Telesummits, 3 invites to be guests on Podcasts, 18 have said yes to promoting it, others have said they’d share it without a desire for compensation and many have not responded.

Had I stopped at ten, when I had no replies, all of those Yes’s would not exist. They exist because I keep searching for the connections, putting myself and my desires ‘out there’ and asking the people I believe this is a fit for if they feel aligned.

I used to feel nervous about these types of emails. The ‘old me’ would have stopped at ten or twenty for sure and said, “Okay, that’s enough. I tried my best. I guess it’s not meant to be.”

But the now me feels passionate, excited and inspired. I am on a mission and I will not stop until all 150 Trail Passes have been scooped up, even if it means approaching 150 promotional partners. I have zero doubt that this is going to be the most kick ass adventure in eCourse Creation history.

If you’re fluffing around, waffling on asking for support: JUST ASK. The worst someone will say is no.

A tip for when asking though: Make it about them and why you feel it’s a fit for them or their tribe. It’s always about them, never about you. This takes me researching every single person I email. But it’s worth the extra bit of time

This strategy is a part of our “Zero Dollar Budget” launch strategy…

We are going to teach creators and entrepreneurs that it’s not necessary to spend thousands of dollars on Facebook Ads to create success with your eCourse. Since we’re teaching how to do it in the course, we’re living it right now.

There are aspects about the “No Budget for Ads Approach” that I am finding challenging and growth-provoking, but for the most part, the rewards have been incomparable and exciting.

The lesson in all this is to trust that true success is about building solid, mutually beneficial relationships and to find allies who are aligned with what you stand for and are offering. We created a “Messengers Program” that rewards partners, coaches, teachers and businesses who are aligned with what we’re selling, to share it with their tribe, clients or database.

This takes time. It also takes being okay with knocking on doors, being okay with rejection and 100% believing in what you’ve created and who it’s for.

If you want to try this approach for launching your course, workshop or webinar series, then ask yourself: Do you believe in what you’re doing? What are you willing to do to get it into the people’s hands that it’s made for? How many spots do you want to fill up for that program? Are you willing to reach out to that many partners to promote it then? (all it takes is one sometimes)

For us, we 100% believe in this course. We’ve infused it with our love for entertainment, skit comedy, gamification, adventure and coaching incredible leaders to create transformational eCourse experiences for their tribe.

We believe we’re doing something that’s never been done and we’re going to teach people to get out of the cookie cutter “box” of all the same-same eCourses that are being made by finding their authentic voice and method for delivering their high-value content.

Our motivation for gamifying and going the ‘entertainment’ route for this course is because we want to keep our customers engaged so that they succeed with their goal of launching the greatest eCourse they can imagine. If our customers don’t succeed, then we don’t succeed. We believe making it fun, entertaining and adventurous is just the medicine to keep everyone excited for their next action step along the way.

Our goal is making this process a bigger yes for participants than binge watching Netflix or obsessively scrolling Facebook. The action-taking and fear facing has to be fun… otherwise people get overwhelmed and quit.

We are so excited and grateful to be feeling the momentum of other people and teachers who are “SEEING” what we’ve created and are stoked to spread the word.

The lesson I’m hoping your picking up on is you DO NOT have to spend money on Facebook ads to build your online business successfully. You just need a product that kicks ass and is obviously unique so that the people it’s made for can identify it as ‘made for them.’ Otherwise they’ll question why you over the other guys…

I also want to say, if you’re going to reach out to be people to become “Messengers” or affiliates of your movement, please be strategic, heart-centered and seek to authentically find the mutually beneficial win for everyone involved in any transactions that are created through your partnerships (you, partner, customers, Earth).

We have a bunch more strategies we’re implementing that cost $0 to spread the word, which we’ll be sharing in The Great eCourse Adventure (http://thegreatecourseadventure.com) and in the coming weeks. I’d love to hear any strategies you have for spreading the word and getting noticed.

If you want to BE A MESSENGER, go to:

Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts, questions or strategies for a “Zero Dollar Approach” to launching and marketing (below).

The Art of Cultivating Brilliant Ideas


Awesome ideas. Where do they come from?

Any entrepreneur, artist or visionary creator knows the feeling of stumbling upon an epic idea. The feeling is electric. The inspiration that flows from these momentum-causing ideas is indescribable. It can wake someone up from exhaustion and give them energy for days. What causes these so-called spontaneous eruptions of visionary insight?

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How Do We Put a Price Tag on Our Creations!?


Money. It’s a funny thing. It’s especially a funny thing when it comes to selling online courses. Holy poop, I can’t tell you how hard it is to put a price tag on something you put all your love, creativity, passion, joy and probably the last 10 years of entrepreneurial experience combined. It’s so hard.

For four years now I have flipped, I have flopped, I have tried ‘by donation,’ I have done “Name your Price,” I have done huge discount promotions, I have gave my stuff away, I have charged really large amounts of money. Sooo many things I’ve tried, and still I go through this.

This last week has been the same story. What do we charge for the Great eCourse Adventure? Production-wise, this course (just to produce with “man labour (audio/video team, animator & digital artist, platform development, writing, content creation, love and all the expenses in between) it has to be up in the $50,000 range and well over 1000 hours combined.

WTF does someone charge for that? Not to mention, the course is designed to help people make money by creating an epic course of their own by the time they finish the four month process.

After a couple hour back and forth conversation this AM where Andy Freist and I were once again asking ourselves, each other, the Universe, our bodies via muscle testing, “What the “F” is the best price for this course?” This is probably about the 20th hour we’ve spent on this conversation alone…

We asked ourselves, “what is the MOST important thing for the January 11th start date?” The answer is simple: “To have ALL 150 Trail Passes (tickets) sold, so we can demonstrate the awesomeness of “The Great eCourse Adventure” and build an epic buzz around this eCourse.” (that was our short version answer)

So. Until Monday, you can get the FULL Great eCourse Adventure course + Online Community Campfire for $150. On Monday, it’s going up to $300, which still rocks. This is the same information we were selling in our eCourse Creation Blueprint for $1000-1500…

Not only that, we took that awesome *but dryer* old information and upgraded it massively from everything we have learned the last four years of doing this and turned it into an Entertaining, Gamified Adventure that makes every step of the process of building, launching and marketing really kick ass, creative eCourses fun, enjoyable and way easier than the experimental hell we went through figuring out how to make a living doing this.

Sign up at http://thegreatecourseadventure.com

So that’s my story around my conversations with money and pricing courses.

Ultimately, It is a heart thing. I’m glad it’s hard to make decisions like this. It makes me question my truest intentions, my values, my belief in myself and the whole system of money.

Where our our hearts are with this is simple: We see great power in being able to help leaders share their work with way more people than they’re able to by doing in person workshops. I’ve experienced it first hand. My meditation courses have impacted the lives of people in more than 27 countries. I could not and would not travel to 27 countries to teach meditation. It’s simply not my path or desire. eCourses have let me do that though and it’s a very fulfilling feeling.

I imagine our work supporting more than 1000 leaders to launch transformational, creative, life-changing or potentially world-changing eCourses in the next couple years through this journey. Even if each of those thousand teachers/leaders improved the quality of life for 5000 people each in their first couple years, then that’s more than 5 million people’s lives positively impacted through this course. I believe it’s possible and it’s a great motivator to keep the Great eCourse Adventure affordable and accessible for leaders at all the different stages of their entrepreneurial adventure.

I’d love to hear what your journey of putting a price tag on your eCourse, ort or services has been like too! I”d love for us all to find a way to price our work in a way that feels like it honors the customer, ourselves, the time/energy/skill put into it, etc so everyone involved walks away from the transaction having a, “Holy shit, I feel like I totally won!” experience.

Failures are Practice for our Successes


Leaves picture

All of our failures are just practice for our successes.

Our biggest mistake is giving up after a failure thinking, “that was it.” This is a sure success blocker.

We gotta learn, grow and keep given’er with all our heart, passion, creativity, brilliance and gusto. We also have to take the time to reflect and grieve these ‘Failures’ so we get the the finish line of success quicker, easier and more joyfully.

If we try to just ‘move onto the next thing before learning the lessons of the last thing, then we bring those patterns with us into the next thing and we’re more likely to fail or be held back once again.

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Rhythms Create Results


Rhythms Create Results. If you find yourself struggling to get anywhere you want to be, chances are you are out of rhythm.

Days have rhythms, seasons have rhythms and nature has rhythms. When we’re out of rhythm with our own nature, life can feel like a complicated struggle. When out of rhythm all choices, no matter how big or small can create a lot of stress in the body. The mind is unable to focus or make decisions and knowing what one wants is a sloppy mess.

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Social Entrepreneurship as a Spiritual Path


It’s been over a decade since taking my leap of faith, dropping out of college, starting up my first business and saying yes to my dream of playing Professional Golf and having complete freedom in my life.

Nothing and I mean nothing has unfolded how I ever imagined it would have when I first began this wild and crazy journey.

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6-Steps to Being More Disciplined and Powerful

“With faith, discipline and selfless devotion to duty, there is nothing worthwhile that you cannot achieve.” – Muhammad Ali Jinnah

Discipline is not something we have or don’t have. It’s something we practice and develop over time. We must identify a ‘What’ and ‘Why’ that is big enough to last the challenges of time.

To be disciplined is to do the things we know we ‘should’ because they will make us better, even when we do not want to do them. It is funny how much we resist the things that make us whole, powerful and confident. Let us let go of that struggle and let the path to personal freedom and power be one of ease, fun and devotion.

It does not matter what our goal in life is, we will be tested. So let us rise to the occasion, overcome our false, insecure small self and create the life and world we want to experience.

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Each of Us Has a Small Piece to Contribute to the Big Picture


Just because we can’t see the big picture of how everything fits together, doesn’t mean it won’t.

I just got back from Geneva Switzerland, where I was blessed to participate in the Global Shapers Annual Curators meeting.

The Global Shapers Community is a network of Hubs developed and led by young people who are exceptional in their potential, their achievements and their drive to make a contribution to their communities and the world. To date there are Hubs based in more than 450 major cities and 169 countries around the world. I am the founding curator of the Victoria Global Shapers Hub. 

I have come back from this experience feeling empowered on my mission, hopeful for the future of our planet and more inspired than ever to continue creating big, positive ripples through all the work I do in the world. Lets just say I shed a lot of happy, hopeful tears while I was away. There are so many brilliant, good-hearted young people doing great work to improve the state of the world right now.

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453 Ways the Youth Are Shaping the World


My mind and heart are completely blown open after this week’s experience at the World Economic Forum in Geneva, Switzerland with the Global Shapers Community for the Annual Curators Meeting (ACM).

About 450 young leaders from 169 countries gathered together to focus on Shaping a better future for our Planet. This is the first of several blogs I will be sharing because the experience was something so culturally diverse and unique, it just must be shared.

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What’s the Point of Pointing Fingers?


What’s the point of pointing at people with our pointy fingers when they have seemingly done something wrong in our eyes?

Rather than pointing out the obvious, can we not make a point to explore what life must be like in their body, circumstances and experience and if we were on point with this presence practice that invoked compassion perhaps we’d reach a point where we only pointed the finger back at our own hearts and minds when we feel effected by another person’s actions, thoughts, words or beliefs.

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