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4-Part Breath for Unwinding, Decompressing and Refocusing

Todays’ Adventures in Meditation takes us to the beautiful sandy beaches of Cortes Island.

This particular breath technique was one that I found myself doing quite a bit on the first day of arriving.

I noticed that it was causing me to breathe into the deep spaces of my body, that were wanting to unwind from stored up stress.

It ended up working really well, because I had the most relaxing holiday I’ve had in a long time!

Enjoy the meditation and leave a comment if you do.

Listen to the Audio Version:

Journaling Exercise:

1. Where in your life do you feel the most pent up energy? 

2. How can you channel or release that energy in a healthy way?

My Dare for you:

1. Book yourself a 4-hour block of time and go on a mini vacation. Do whatever you’d do on vacation, but in a micro amount of time.

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