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I’m not inspired.


“I’m not inspired.”

I look around at my life and everything I’ve created and I should be happier. I should feel more alive, more grateful, more joyful, more love in my heart.

I look to coffee as a peak of happiness throughout my day.

I receive deep joy and satisfaction in my relationship with my son, Sauryn and in the moments of connection that I share with my wife, Celeste and my closest friends.

I also experience total pleasure in playing golf everyday.

But other than those things, I’m not inspired.

I WAS inspired.

Not long ago…

While building The Great eCourse Adventure between November 2015 and January 2017, I was the most inspired I’d felt in my entire life.

It was exhausting, powerful, painful, incredibly difficult, wildly out-of-this-world-creative, growth-provoking and so much freaking fun.

It was especially hard because Celeste was pregnant and super ill, and we also just got our puppy, Bonkers.

This last year and a half has been the most rewarding and challenging time of my life. “It hurts so good” kind of stuff.

But everything about it felt like a fully body, “YES, THIS IS RIGHT!”

I have that same feeling with getting out of bed at 4am everyday to go golfing.

I resist it (everyday), but I know it’s the right thing to do.

Well right now and the last little while, I’m not feeling inspired.

I think this is the first time I’ve ever uttered those words out loud before.

I have all this free time, but I feel like I’m just pissing it away.

I feel like I’m waiting for something, rather than deciding what I want and putting 100% of my energy into that.

I feel like I’ve developed all of these skills over the years and I’m not sharing them enough…

In case you haven’t noticed yet, I am simply thinking out loud right now. All of this is just as much a revelation for me as it might be to you…

So now here I am. Or umm, here we are… sitting here with a choice.

I can continue writing about how uninspired I am and you can continue reading about it…


We can do something about it.

I’m more of an action guy myself.

So what can I do that would re-inspire my life?


Writing this sure did help a lot!

But now that I’m almost done writing, I feel like I should move on with my life and do something else that inspires me.


I have been feeling like I’m not creating enough inspiring, educational, transformational content. So maybe I’ll just go do that next.

Create something!

Fuck yah.

ABC = Always Be Creating.

I haven’t been doing enough of that lately.

I’m just “working the biz, doing my day-to-day patterns and not really creating enough new stuff.”

When I create, I am most alive.

I’m not a marketer, I’m a creator.

Back to the place where I’m at my best.

This feels much better.

Thanks for reading my inner process. I hope it’s been helpful for you too!

hugs and high fives,
Brad’s mind

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SuZen Marie says June 23, 2017

Hey Bradley..thank you for this wonderful post. I just LOVE your transparency and believe you will transform lives because of it. <3 So many, (like myself) will relate completely….just hearing it from another makes us feel less alone. Your line "I look to coffee as a peak of happiness throughout my day." is sooo me! (which is a vicious cycle that prevents me from being able to get up at the crack o' dawn!). I believe you have NAILED the answer to our predicament with "Always Be Creating" and I, with your help and the GEA community (best ever), am making it my personal theme for the remainder of 2017!!! Thanks for sharing :-)

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