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If we hate our job, we hate our life. What to do?

We sleep 1/3rd of our life and we work about 1/3rd of our life.

Most people I’ve met work a job that they either hate or simply just don’t enjoy.

That means they spend 33% of their life hating their life, or at the very least not enjoying it.

Now if you ask me, that doesn’t really seem worth the paycheque no matter how much it is…

Life’s too short.

Hating your job, means hating your life. At least 1/3rd of the time.

That will catch up on you eventually and bleed into the rest of your life, causing one to become bitter, resentful or worn down.

It essentially means you feel like you’re in jail or sleeping 2/3’s of your life and chances are, you’re recovering or numbing the fact that you dislike your reality the other third.

If that’s your situation, you do have a choice in the matter you know.

You could quit.

You could start a business.

You could move somewhere else.

You could work online, or do art, or make things, or fix things, or get creative.

You could simplify your life, need less, and retire on your savings for a while.

You could do so much!!

You are not a victim, you are not helpless, you are not powerless.

You do have a choice.

And everyday you go to the job you hate, you are saying, “I don’t love myself enough to find another way.” 

So I guess the question is, at the end of your life when you look back, will you be satisfied with your human existence and how you spent the 2/3’s of your life where you weren’t sleeping?

Hopefully the answer is a big, fat yes with a smile on your face and sparkle in your eyes…

I know I was heading down a path of not being fulfilled. That is until I decided to jump the tracks, grab my machete and find my own way…

It’s been a hell of a struggle for me, but those struggles were all mine.

The blood, sweat and tears I shed were for my cause, my vision and my purpose. Not somebody else’s.

That has made all the difference. That has made the pain, heartache, risk and disappointment worth it.

It’s made it an adventure!

What is your cause? What do you feel you’re here to create? What do you stand for in your life? Share in the comments below.

Better get crackin’. Time’s a ticking and that end of life review is coming up sooner than we can imagine.

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David Jurasek says May 24, 2017

This is a good cautionary tale. Reminds me not to compromise on my purpose. Makes me feel sadness and also compassion for so many people I know who slog it through work and wish they had the courage and support to do what they love more instead.

What is my cause? I have many dear to my heart and that burn a fire within me. What is most important to me is that I stay true to the intuition and instinct I have (which is ever evolving and emerging). It all has to do with living fully from the heart and helping others to be most powerful and loving and true to themselves.

Sometimes the path presents itself to do this for diverse communities through Playback Theatre that I love to do. Other times, I realize this calling by helping kids and parents through Aikido – the peaceful martial art. And other times still, it’s in leading men through nature to reflect and share what they discover about their inner landscapes. And then there are the douzen books I have been either working on patiently like a gardener or putting away for another time to revisit and realize over the years. So many adventures and many ways to share the fire inside.

I wish everyone moved by your entry above to spend 5 minutes following their muse, taking the road less travelled, entertaining their wild imaginations. Just 5 minutes! The challenge is on!

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