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Don’t believe everybody else’s story about life…


While in Mexico a few weeks ago we were sent notice from our landlords that we had to move out of our beautiful home of the last 3-years because they wanted to do a big reno.

At first glance of their notice, we squealed in delight, celebrating that an upgrade was coming (rather than going into fear about not having a home).

When returning from our trip, we started telling friends and acquaintances that we were looking…

Everyone we talked to would say, “Oh no. It’s really hard to find a place.” (which is a story)

Our answer would always be, “No it’s not. We’re really good at it. We know something magical is coming.” (which is also a story)

Well today we found our magical next home and HOLY MOLY is it ever an upgrade…

Our next Salt Spring Island home is Oceanfront on a magical heritage acreage full of apple trees. It has a private dock with canoes and a rowboat (for romantic rowboat picnics with Celeste).

There’s an unbelievable grassy bluff that is literally made from Salt Spring quartz crystal.

Flowing down the side of the property are 27 waterfalls, as well as our own private, sandy beach with a stunning view of a little island.

The place has full sun all year round from morning to night, a beautiful big deck with grassy flat ground in our main yard for Sauryn and his little friends to learn how to walk under the apple trees.

The owners are lovely conscious people with a beautiful vision for what they intend to do with the land and are building their home this year, just up driveway from us.

They also have a 10 month old pup who Bonkers (our dog) is in love with. He is going to get soooo much play-time in everyday. (which was an intention we wrote in our vision when creating this new home)

The home itself has giant windows with the most stunning view we could dream up. We are literally going to be living in heaven on earth.

I share this: a) because we’re over the moon excited and b) because it’s easy to get sucked into the story that everyone is telling.

For us, when we found out that we had to move while in Mexico, instead of dwelling in fear, we got excited.

We dreamed into our next magical space and wrote a several page long list of qualities we wanted to experience, how we wanted to feel while living there and other important factors.

When returning, we got pro-active. We told all of our friends and we made a really beautiful personal ad on the local Exchange, sharing ourselves and our intentions with the greater community (which is how we found this place — the people called us after reading our listing).

OH! And it is less money than our previous paradise home…

Every time we search out a home or are creating something new in our lives, we go through this same intentional process. Every single time it works out better than we can imagine.

Don’t buy into the story everyone else is telling.

Get clear in your life and create your own story.