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It’s never too late to say yes to life…


We are so boxed in and suppressed in our culture this day and age. 

Which is silly if you ask me.

Never before have we had more creative freedom to be fully expressed in our lives, to explore any number of paths and to stand fully rooted in our authentic, true-to-ourselves nature. 

So why do we stay in this little box we’ve been given?


Who cares!!!?

Just get out of it.


Just punch the ceiling, kick down the walls, climb out and start making new choices.

We are like robots, going through our lives on autopilot.

Doing the same things day in and day out without ever really questioning them.

Never really stopping to ask ourselves, “Is this what I want? Is this how I want to be remembered? Is this who I really am?”

What do you want for yourself and your life?

Who do you want to be in the world and in your relationships?

Are the habits you have and choices you make creating the kind of life and world you want to be living in?

These questions are important and if we don’t give ourselves SPACE in our life to ask them and answer them honestly, then we may remain on autopilot forever.

I was once a very asleep human being.

It wasn’t until I decided to start building my life around my dreams, desires, aspirations and terms that I finally felt like I was alive and living.

Here’s a cool story about saying yes…

The other day, my wife, Celeste and our son, Sauryn and I were on our way back from a couple week adventure in Mexico.

We were exhausted on the final leg of our journey home; a 30 minute ferry ride to Salt Spring Island.

On the boat, we met this sweet lady named Beverly. We struck up a conversation with her and learned that she was just about to begin a lifelong dream journey of her’s; a 9-month pilgrimage around the world.

I also want to say, Beverly is about 76 years old and traveling alone.

Her desire is to experience the world and learn about herself.

She says she feels like a kid and as though her life is only just beginning!

How freaking cool is that!?

After chatting for 30-minutes and really enjoying the connection, Beverly asked us where her and her friend should go eat dinner.

My immediate answer was, “come have dinner at our place.”

She was clearly surprised by my answer, because this is not something too many North Americans do this day and age. But she accepted the invitation and her and her friend Deborah came over around 5:30 for a feast and celebration.

With Celeste’s mom already at our house taking care of our pup while we were away, the 6 of us had an incredibly magical, hilarious and awe-inspiring evening eating great food, drinking wine and sharing many stories from each of our lives. 

Saying YES to this experience created an incredible new friendship and a magical memory for all of us.

I can only imagine the adventures Beverley’s yes will take her on over the course of these next 9-months and where your YES will take you, as you cultivate more courage to fully step into everything you want out of life.

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JessicA says March 11, 2017

Beautiful !

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