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What if your words had this much power?


What if our words were more powerful than we can imagine? 

What if every time we spoke our desires into the world, we set forth a series of synchronistic events to help bring those desires to fruition…?

and the more we focused on what we wanted to create, the more we would bring that experience into our lives and the world

What if every time we complained or spoke negatively, we brought more negativity and things to complain about into our experience?

What if that negativity was like a thick cloud and the more we spoke it into existence, the darker and thicker that cloud became, and the harder it was to see through it with clear eyes?

What if our words had this much power? 

Would you still let yourself think the thoughts you do about you, the world, American politics and other people?

Or would you change your words? Would you focus on what you want and what you appreciate?

If our words had this much power, would you be more conscientious about the ones you chose when you spoke to others, knowing that on some level you are speaking to yourself and all of creation?

Do you feel like you’re using your words and thoughts to benefit yourself and our collective reality to the best of your abilities?

What would happen if you began to be more conscious about the words and thoughts you chose?

And instead of accepting all of those negative ones as truth, you interrupted them before they could have a voice and chose more positively aligned ones?

Because here’s the thing…

Our words do have great power.

Look around you:
Look at your life.
Look at your surroundings.
Look at your friendship circles.
Look at your health and state of mind.
Look at your finances and level of self worth.

All of these realities have in some way been shaped by your words and thoughts, both conscious and unconscious, silent and spoken.

Which means if you want to see positive changes in your world, start by changing your thoughts and your words.

Stay positive, stay conscious. Easier said than done, but still doable  ;-)