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Your Power is in your Presence

Your power is in your presence.

Think about it.

When you are projecting outwards into the future, where are you?

Are you in your body?

Are you grounded in what is real?

Are you present to your surroundings.

Are you bringing everything you’ve got to the task at hand?


You are somewhere that does not exist and that you have no control over.

YES – intending our future is a powerful practice that has a time and a place. It is a practice. It is an exercise. It is something we should do regularly.

But think of how much of our time and energy is spent fantasizing about future scenarios that are unlikely to ever happen (both good and bad).

Or worst.

Think about the amount of energy that is wasted in regret…

Thinking about past experiences that we cannot change in our present moment.

If we wish to have power over our lives, then we must be more present.

We must make choices from our present moment awareness that are in alignment with a life we desire.

Being rooted in what is real, relevant and right in front of us is so important right now in this changing world of ours’.

it’s so easy to give our attention away to the media.

It’s so easy to give our presence away to our worries.

We must take that power back and root it in the present moment.

This is where we have the ability to create change.

To be present, we become aware of our reactive behaviours.

With time and practice, we are able to practice our will so that those reactive behaviours no longer control our every choice.

As many of you know, I play golf at a professional level.

When I am present and focused, I am able to get that little golf ball to do whatever I want.

However, when my mind wanders to anything but the shot at hand, my margin for error is enormous.

This is why I love the game so much.

It’s such a metaphor for life (and practice in presence).

As an entrepreneur and creator, it is easy to get caught up in the bigger vision that drives my life and gets me out of bed.

But that bigger vision is just a fantasy if I can’t be present enough to break that big picture thinking into daily action steps.

Things I can do RIGHT NOW, today.

When doing my year in review for 2016, I reflected on what my biggest energy drainer was for the year, and my answer was, Facebook.

Facebook drew me away from myself, my family and the present moment more than anything else in my life.

Is it a useful tool for keeping in touch and getting news?


But is it worth trading all of that energy, time, mental space, creative potential, etc…?

Not in the slightest.

So, what did I do to take that power back?

I downloaded an app which erases my Facebook newsfeed. (It’s called “Kill News Feed)

Other than checking messages or messaging people I want to get in touch with and perhaps making the odd post (I’ve made 1 in 30 days), I have no reason for going on Facebook anymore.

My obsessive compulsive behaviour of needing to check is slowly dissipating because there is nothing there for me anymore.

I am slowly taking back my presence, power and mental field and it feels so damn good.

I am here in this life to be as present as I can be.

This is a daily, moment-to-moment practice.

It’s been a conscious practice for a decade and I still don’t consider myself to be very good  LOL

I am a work in progress.

Here is another presence practice I really enjoy…

When I am out walking somewhere, I practice walking where I am (in my body), rather than projecting my energy to the place that I am moving towards.

Try it.

It is powerful to see how often we leave our bodies to go somewhere that is not here.

But when we are embodied, our stress levels, anxiety, fears and OCD behaviours have far less power over us.

Our power is in our presence.

Practice being in the centre of your body, in the centre of the world around you and you’ll see what I mean.

Being present is something that 99.9% of us will suck at… really bad.

So rather than judging how horrible you are at being present, make it a game.

Just keep coming back to the present moment and see how much you can enjoy it.

Play games with awareness.

See if you can notice new things on your walk or drive.

Practice seeing how long you can hold your focus on one thing (a great exercise for people with ADHD).

See if you can feel into different parts of your body and stay with those feelings.

Observe other people’s behaviours when you’re engaging with them, rather than worrying about what they might be thinking about you.

Have fun with this presence practice.

Because it is fun.

Your power is in your presence.

If you want to achieve your dreams, overcome self-limiting beliefs and change your life, then the answer is simple:


It’s a moment-to-moment practice.

Happy new now.

Bradley T Morris​​​​​​​