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Snooze No More

Everyday I go through the same battle as the alarm goes off at that ungodly hour, well before the sun comes up.

“Stay in bed. Sleep longer.”
“Get up.” “Nooo, just sleep a couple more hours.”
“Get up, this is what you want.”

Eventually, the more powerful of the two voices grows arms and pulls me out of bed. But the resistance is still there.

I then go light the fire, stretch, breathe, have a cup of coffee and head to the golf course to play sunrise golf.

I’ve been wanting to play professionally since I was 12. I’m finally here, training like an athlete and playing the best golf of my life… WITH so much room for improvement.

But it never gets easier. Everyday I meet that same resistance. Everyday I have to make a choice to take the next step towards my dream.

The day this picture was taken, it was raining sideways and freezing cold. We battled the winds like two winter warriors. It was awesome. There were lake-sized puddles on the greens and we were covered in mud by the time we finished.

I honestly never regret going. EVER.

The reason I share this story is because YOU too are going to meet a ton of resistance, possibly even everyday on your journey to building your dreams.

Everyone I know who has achieved something great knows the struggle I speak of.

The only thing that separates those who dream and those who live their dreams is that willingness, persistence and discipline to just keep going, even when you don’t want to. Even when you’re kicking and screaming.

Growth is inevitable and our ego hates growth because growth means change.

So I say to you. Listen to the more powerful voice of the two. Listen to the courageous voice of the two. Listen to the fierce, warrior-like voice. That is the voice who is looking out for your best interests.

Listen and act.

This act of following through builds power and momentum. The more you follow through with what you know you should do or need to do, the more momentum you gain.

This momentum comes from the integrity of doing what you know you need to do to be who you truly aspire to be.

This is what life is.

And we all start at the bottom. We all have to work hard. We all have to get up every single day and make a choice…

“Do we snooze our lives away or do we fucking go after what we want?”

I’m a “fucking go after what I want kinda guy.”

I kiss that resistance on the lips and thank it for making me stronger. I thank it for giving me the opportunity to check in with myself and see if what I am striving for still serves and feels exciting. If someday the dream no longer matters, then I will let it go and move on.

For now, it’s exciting and it keeps me¬†excited and grateful to be alive and on my path.

What’s go you fired up and how are you approaching “going after it?”

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Juan says December 10, 2016

Wise words Bradley! When I’m connected with myself I know what actions I have to take. When I don’t do the next step or take the action I know I have to take, I feels terrible, disempowering.
I have developed the habit of listening to a guided meditation first thing in the morning before I go to the Gym and I specially like your “Future Self Meditation” and the ” Breath of life practice” they are truly amazing and set me up to create an amazing and empowered day.
Thank you for sharing your gift.

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