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Whose Struggle are you Fighting For?

We all struggle.

So why not struggle for your own cause?
Why not struggle to create something that you want?
Why not struggle for a cause you truly believe in?

Most of us are caught in a hamster wheel.

We struggle for somebody else’s vision.
We struggle for things we don’t believe in.
We struggle to build a life we don’t actually want.

Worst of all, we fear failing at that struggle.

We are literally afraid of failing at the thing we don’t want or believe in.
The fear of failing at a thing we know is not in alignment is a confusing battle that can’t be won.
Is this not crazy, insane, ludicrous and slightly hilarious?

Most of us are fighting a battle that we don’t wanna win and cannot win.

If we’re all going to have struggles, why not make those struggles a conscious choice?
Embrace those struggles with passion and gratitude for how they are teaching and shaping you.
Own your struggle with honour, knowing that these struggles are necessary to get to where you want to go.

Struggle is not bad. Life is not supposed to be a soft cushion. The dream of comfort is a bullshit trap.

Growth does not happen in comfort.
Greatness is not achieved on the couch.
Fulfillment will not be found if we don’t put our whole self into a cause that matters to us.

If you are struggling for a cause you don’t believe in or want, then step back and ask WHY?!

Seek out your escape route.
Like a mouse caught in a trap, you have taken the bate.
The cheese you’re chasing is not worth the price you’ll pay, should you take it.

Here’s the thing:

The right struggle can be beautiful, blissful, joyful, exciting and magical. I have spent the majority of my last 11 years in a space of conscious struggle. Like a mountaineer moving towards the summit of some distant snowcapped peak, I see my struggles as a part of the adventure.

I did not set out to climb this mountain because it would be easy. Fuck no!

I chose this mountain because it was a test.
Because it will transform who I am and how I view myself and life.
I chose this as my struggle because it spoke to my Soul and said, “You want me? Come and get me!”

The path has been far from easy. But it’s been so fucking worth it!

So I ask again, Who’s Struggle are you Fighting For?

Inga says July 25, 2016

Great article Bradley and perfect timing, as I am working on a cause that’s not mine to struggle with. Yet, I got myself caught. Working on my exit strategy. Struggling with that – hmm does that count as struggling for a cause I AM fighting for?

Appreciate the work you are putting out! Keep on doing it!


    Bradley Morris says July 25, 2016

    If you’re struggling to get out of the struggle you don’t believe in, then yes, that counts as a worthy struggle to fight for! I’m in your corner Inga. GO INGA GO. You’ve got this! Appreciate the gifts within the struggle. Life long golden nuggets of wisdom all around you right now ;-)

Dan says July 25, 2016

Awesome post and so spot on. Im on the hampster wheel, wee. Hope to live a more conscious life also. Love your work.

Paul says July 26, 2016

Hey Bradley
Read your message this morning and recognized myself in it. I’m also struggeling now for four long years after a massive midlife crisis, that plunged me into a burnout that made me loose my graphic design company, most of my clients and almost all of my friends. I’m crawling back and am still working, but on a much smaller scale. I would like to really fight back and recapture what I had, but fear and insecurity are holding me back. How can you regain yourself after being down and out for such a long time and get that old spirit back again?

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