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I am gonna start writing about my life… (Day 1)


Dear Diary and those who are reading this…

I’ve been missing my writing practice lately. So as a way to bring it back into my life I’m going to start writing in my blog everyday.

My BradleyTMorris.com blog is going to become my outlet for sharing my ideas, life adventures, thoughts, struggles and journey.

My life is taking on so many new directions with becoming a dad, launching The Great eCourse Adventure, playing professional golf and life knows what else is on the horizon….

I need a simple place to keep track of the journey and adventures… and if in the process it helps, inspires, motivates or makes someone else laugh, cry, look at things differently or create something awesome… then Wahoo!

I’m not gonna sell you anything or try to convert you into a follower or flush you down my funnel. If wanna wanna check out my business stuff, then I’m sure you can find it.

This place is for my pleasure, processing and expression. If I am working on something that is for sale, then it may get a mention. But my purpose of writing about will be about what I’m learning, trying to figure out, pondering or working on.

I have many passions in my life and this place is writing about all of them.

My blog is now my journal and if you care to take a peak into my world, then I invite you in.

Things I will be writing about and in no particular order or scale of importance…

  • Life and adventure.
  • Meditation, presence, mindfulness and being healthy.
  • The Art of eCourse creation, business, entrepreneurship and being an artist.
  • My journey with playing Professional Golf.
  • Re-imagining and designing education.
  • Nature, the World, Current events and humans.
  • My grief, sadness, anger, struggles and turmoil.
  • Marriage, fatherhood, family and being a child of my parents and life.
  • I’m sure there’ll be other things I write about that I haven’t listed….

Hot damn, just writing this gives me energy, makes me feel happy and reconnected to a part of myself that’s been wanting this outlet… for a while.

This is my first post.

My aim is to write something about my life and experiences pretty much everyday, minus the odd one here and there when it’s a weekend, holiday or I’m enjoying wifi-free time.


Day one complete.

High five!

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Nigel Seale says May 28, 2016

I am glad you are doing this again, Brad! I have an ongoing journal that i write in almost every day. I am not making it public at this point as my wordsmithing perfection gene would take over….. Looking forward to reading what you share, buddha!

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