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Meditation Remix (HipHop Video)

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Believe it or not, but one of my dreams has always been to create a HipHop music video. I don’t know if it’s just me wishing to unleash my inner Eminem or perhaps I’ve always wanted to know how to rhyme like Dr. Seuss really fast.  Whatever the reason for the desire doesn’t matter anymore, because I FINALLY DID IT!!!

I honestly never thought it would happen. I didn’t think I could sing, I definitely didn’t think I had the HipHop vibe and I for sure never imagined that I would make friends with a producer who was patient enough to coach me through the many gangster alter egos I had pent up inside me order to get to my authentic HipHop voice…

But last week in the middle of all the preLaunch madness a flash of inspiration struck us while in the recording studio putting the final touches on my 21 Day Experience Meditation eCourse (which just went live). Lets just say, in the next 24-hours a shitload of inspiration hit us and Blair Francis Armstrong and I wrote and produced the Meditation Remix song AND created the music video.

And now, without any further ado, here is the Meditation Remix!

Wasn’t that fun!?

Nothing can describe how much fun we had creating this song and video and how big a dream this was for me to create. This really is the beginning of an epic new chapter in my life of creating many more quality productions like this. My music career is officially in motion. HaHa

Want to download the song?

Download this song and take it everywhere you go for just $3.

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Join me for the brand new 21 Day Meditation Experience where I will support you to activate a daily practice of breath connection, meditation and living with grounded intention. If you loved this video, you will love this eCourse. I promise. Plus you can join for as little as a dollar…

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Christy Mack says October 17, 2014

Nicely done Brad, that was super sweet. A perfect way to introduce me to my day today! Thank you for sharing your gifts with the worłd.

Deborah Hart says October 17, 2014

Me too

Melanie says October 19, 2014

Right-*O*, Brad & Friends!
Great video! I loved how you went – and keep going – for your dream, and shine light at the world!
Celebrating meditating!

Lisa Donovan says October 28, 2014

You guys are so awesome. THANK YOU once again. I came home from work completely wound up, anxious, feeling 2 days behind etc. First thought – I don’t have time for Cowabunga email. 2nd thought – oh I’ll just have a quick peek at what Bradi-dude’s up to. 3rd thought – I feel 200% better/more grounded/less adrenaline-jacked in less than 5 minutes. Why do I ever doubt the power of this stuff…?!Cowabunga Namaste Brad and Blair.
ps. thanks for the audio option. This ones coming with me as a ‘reset’ button. Bless! x

    Bradley Morris says October 29, 2014

    Lisa this was so fun reading for Blair and I. We’re so happy our music helped to reset your vibes and get back into the flow!! Share that magic with the world.

      Donovan says November 6, 2014

      I shall do my best! Thanks for the response!

      PS. I got lost trying to get the download. Any other words of wisdom? (and not a biggie – you well deserve the $5 regardless)

        Donovan says November 8, 2014

        Thanks for the instant response and personal email download :-)) above and beyond.
        Cowabunga Namaste B&B x

Nasim Hashemi says November 25, 2014

Wonderful. It took me a while to open and watch this video. I sat back and observed and something cracked me up wide open. You have got the magic, Bradley Morris. Thank you for your presence on this beautiful world. Keep on inspiring our hearts and souls, we need it. I can speak for myself at least and say my day is going to be very different now. Much love to you and those who empower your vision! Namaste.

    Bradley Morris says November 25, 2014

    Thanks Nasim. It takes a magical being to see another magical being, so thank YOU my friend for also bringing your magic. I’m happy to hear that this little video could help uplevel your day. Stay awesome my friend!!

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