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“Opportunity looks like hard work”


In the 2013 Teen Choice Awards, Ashton Kutcher gave an epic speech (watch video below). One of the powerful points he delivers is that, “opportunity looks like hard work.”



FullPotentialThis is such an important message. Growing up as a lazy-ass I learned quickly after dropping out of college and starting up my first business, that if I wanted the lifestyle I envisioned it was going to take a lot of hard work, dedication, persistence, courage and focus. None of these qualities were taught to me by my parents, teachers or anyone, it’s been something I have had to learn to cultivate within myself (it hasn’t been easy either). I’ve been the one who has had to motivate me to move on.  Nine years later, I gotta say, I’ve created an incredibly magical life for myself with my wife. Being almost 30 now, I feel like I am graduating into a new level of showing up with my work, businesses and purpose and damn it feels good to have laid down the foundation through positive habits and tons of personal work over the last 9 years that will make this next new chapter easier and more fun as I create the next set of visions into Nowality…



It doesn’t matter if it’s a goal, transforming your body, healing emotional or physical trauma, sharpening your Spiritual super powers, creating a daily meditation practice, having a harmonious relationship, building a business or embracing the path of positive thinking …. it will take practice, persistence and work.  However, through this highly worth-it work, you will draw to you new opportunities, you will be given miracles in your life by the Universe and you will be supported.  It’s all about getting off the damn fence, choosing a vision and stepping forward with a committed vision.  Through your commitment all of the growth opportunities, people, resources and experiences to support your YES will be drawn to you.


So I ask you, what is the YES that you can conger up right now that will be worth the hard work, dedication, tears, laughs and passion you can possible dedicate to your life’s journey?


It’s better to work hard for something you love and believe in than something that kills you inside.  

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Amanda Sousa says October 15, 2013

very nice! i would have never known ‘chris’ was so smart :)

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