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What’s with all this Shame about our Emotions?


I find it wild as a witness of my own journey of unraveling all of my own preconditioned shame and embarrassment around my emotions, that this is even something we have to deal with in the world.


Depression.CowabungaClearly we sign up for the human adventure to experience the full spectrum of emotion. With life there is death, it is not just happy, joyful, positive and upbeat. So why is it that we shy away from feeling down, unhappy, depressed, sad or unsure? Even worst, why do we accept that if we’re not happy there’s something wrong and we should be medicated.



For me, my daily practice of meditation has helped me to deal with what is authentically going on in my own mind and heart so I can be present and deal with it. However most of the world, especially in our culture (North America) don’t have the tools to both understand or handle what’s going on inside of our own self, which is the cause of , excessive eating, partying, sex and other forms of numbing out.


Kevin Breel, a 19 year old stand-up comic and motivational speaker really nails the challenge we are faced with in our society when it comes to honouring our emotions.


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Photo credit to Darcy Delaide

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Amanda Sousa says October 7, 2013

Thanks for sharing this article and video!! I’ve been having a bad day and it’s ok.

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