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How my TIC Made a Beggar’s New Now!


I have recently been doing a lot of sharing on an amazing forum platform called, “TicTalking.”  TIC stands for Things in Common.  What I am finding is that when we look beyond our obvious differences and allow ourselves to explore a little deeper at the things we DO have in common, often times I am discovering it creates the space for inspiring, meaningful conversations with people I otherwise would have thought were strangers.


HomelessManLast week I was on a little Victoria Meditation tour and while in town I got to play some golf.  So there I was walking downtown towards the bus stop which would to take me out to the ferry home, golf clubs in hand.  Along the way I walked past a man in his 50’s or 60’s and he asked me for some change.  I made eye contact, smiled and said I didn’t have any.  I noticed him look down at my clubs and smile.  I could see him come alive just a tiny bit and so I held my eye contact.



He asked me what sort of scores I shoot and I told him I shoot down around par or a few over these days.  His eyebrows raised and he said, “Wow, that’s really great.  I love to play but I’m definitely not that good. I always hit to the right.”  By this time I could see him beginning to light up.  Our tiny TIC (thing in common) was making him truly light up in a tangible way.  At this point I thought this was way too cool to just brush on by and keep walking, so I stopped and faced the man to continue our conversation.



For the next ten minutes we talked about golf, favourite golf courses, his game, my game and at the end of the conversation I told him that I grew up working at golf courses so I could play for free.  He thought this was a great idea and so we made a deal that by the next time I see him he’ll have applied to at least a few golf courses.  We shook on it and I went on my way  towards my bus with a big smile on my face. Whether Danny ever applies for the jobs or not there is one thing for certain, we both felt way better about ourselves, the moment and life.



The cool thing is is this TIC (thing in common) thing kept happening.  On the bus I conversed with a young University student the whole way to the ferry who also loved golfing.  Golf was our TIC but that led into conversations about anthropology, meditation, life and leadership.  It was way cool!!



I believe we’ll see more peace in our own lives and the world at large when we learn to see the things we have in common with one another, rather than focusing on our differences and separating ourselves.  What do you think?