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Breathe in the Adventure of Life!


Breathe in the Adventure of Life. Do not waste a single precious day or moment. Unplug from your technology, get off of Facebook and LIVE. Become the channel for Life to be expressed through you. Let go of those silly fears of what others might think about you when you dance, sing, love openly, laugh out loud, speak honestly and do exactly what your Heart tells you to do. Show those self judgements that tell you can’t do it, that you CAN!


This life will come and go quickly which means we need to Live here Now. Do not let another moment pass you by without acknowledging the True Miracle of Being Alive. We are traveling through outer space at about 66,700 miles per hour somewhere in an infinitely expanding Universe and if you ask me, that’s a freakin’ Miracle; which makes us miracles and since we’re miracles then we can absolutely create Miracles within ourselves and our lives. I’ve experienced plenty to know this is Truth. When you think you have a problem just remember who you are and where you came from. We’re Star dust baby!!


Start with this breath and this moment. Breathe in the life-giving energy and say thank you to the Creator, say thank you to your Parents, say thank you to the Magic and Mystery of the Universe for blessing you with this opportunity to Be here. You are not here by mistake, you have a purpose! Every cell in your body has a purpose for creating Wholeness within and each of us was born with a unique purpose to create Wholeness on the Planet. You are destined to fulfill this purpose. Yes life can be challenging and confusing. But most of what we fear is mind-made … So it is up to you to Pray and it is up to you to Meditate everyday so you can find your Center and hear the guidance. You must be the one to take care of your Body temple so that you may enjoy this Abundantly beautiful place. And you are the one who has to take the action Steps forward. No God is going to do it for you, no knight in shining armor is coming to save you. YOU are the God you’ve been waiting for. The Miracle that you’re asking for is something you must participate in Creating and this will take stepping outside of your comfort zone and into the Unknown – HOORAY, it’s adventure time!


This life is an epic experience that will come only once and I say LIVE while you are alive. Don’t wait for retirement, payday or tomorrow … do it now. LIVE NOW!


Cowabunga Namaste;

Brad Morris

‘The Dude’