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My Dream of 9 years Came True!


Do you have a dream that you’ve been envisioning for a long time? 


Since starting Cowabunga Life in 2009 I have had ALOT of incredible experiences checked off my bucket list including leading a retreat in Peru, swimming with Dolphins in Hawaii, going away somewhere warm every winter, reaching thousands of people with my Meditations, paragliding and a lot of others.  On my bucket list there are very few ‘Material Things’ because most of what I want in life are experiences and Creative projects to come to full fruition.  However, I have had one material desire for about 9 years and this week it finally came true!!!!


Here’s the Video of it Happening:

Here’s the Story of How it Happened:

In 2003 I moved out to Vancouver Island (my favorite place on Earth – so far) from my home town, Chatsworth Ontario.  When I got out to the west coast, I saw my first ever Volkswagon ‘Hippie’ Van and though at the time I was very mainstream(ish) and far from a hippie mentality, I wanted one.  Oh yes, someday one of those vans would be mine!


Multiple cars came and multiple cars went and still no VW Van.  Friends have supported me over the years by drawing pictures of my van, giving me little van dinky cars and buying me Organic T-Shirts with pictures of the van on them … but still no Van.  I always Trust the divine timing in all things and so I have learned to let go of my attachment to timing … Gee Oh Double Dee (spell it out) knows best and I’m just a Dude!


A year and a half ago my good friend bought this gorgeous, bright lemony coloured van that I LOVED.  Unfortunately when he got it, it still had another $7500 worth of work to be put into it … I immediately went from envious to compassionate … Right around the time of Celeste’s and my wedding last year our friend, Yves sold his house and was going to sell the van because he decided he was going to go travel the world for IMG_4266who knows how long.  And right around the end of our Honeymoon a few weeks ago I got thinking about Yves and his van and sent him a message …


Lo’ and behold the van still did not have it’s new steward and Yves was incredibly excited to pass it onto us as a partial wedding gift and the rest could be paid off in payments over the next year.  I gotta say, my heart feels like someone tickled it … that’s how delighted I am at this wonderful gift and longtime coming of a dream made real.


So what is a dream you’ve had come True lately?  Or what is a dream that WILL come True someday??  Please share your heart stories and dreams in the comment section below!


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