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A Super Sweet Cowabunga Surprise for YOU!!


WOW – that was such a Cool Game! Yesterday I put out the word on Facebook that if over 100 people ‘liked’ that they love surprises then I’d give a surprise to everyone and 135 ‘likes’ came in within 12 hours.  You must all like Surprises ALOT!? So here it is friends…



So here is the Surprise!

Yesterday I got super inspired on Kauai to create a brand new Cowabunga Meditation. I call it the ‘Breath of Life’ and it is 40 minutes of juicy, powerful, guided breath work with this magical Pineal Gland music playing in the background. Normally this Journey is ONLY for those going through the 40 Day Cowabunga Vision Quest  but I figured it’d be fun to share it with more since it’s so hot off the press!



This Journey will Rock your World IF…

–  You want to deeply connect to your center, clear your mind and get fully grounded,


–  You’re excited to explore your body through activating breath techniques that make you come alive,


–  You’re feeling stuck, uncertain, confused or lost in your life right now and you need to clean house and gain clarity,


–  You are simply ‘just feeling it!’


So here’s what to do Now….

1) Create space in your Now, put on your headphones and get somewhere comfortable for this 40 minute journey.


2) Watch the Tutorial Video, which is Shamanic Sunday Session Journey 1 in the Cowabunga Vision Quest

3) Press play on the ‘Breath of Life Journey’ below and enjoy 40 Minutes of connection to yourself, your Breath and all the good stuff life has to offer you in this Now moment!


For more Cowabunga Meditations, click here!



4) When you’re complete with the Meditation Journey, share your experience below with everyone else!


Thanks for playing Life with me!


Cowabunga Namaste;

Brad Morris  (BradiDude)
Creator. Activator. Facilitator
‘The Dude’ at Cowabunga Life


Live your Awesomeness!

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Deb English says January 18, 2013

OMG Brad! I absolutely love this new meditation ~ so creative, smooth and delicious! Yumm

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