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Discovering that Grief and Gratitude are One and the Same!



“Gratitude and Grief are the same thing.  When we grieve the loss of someone we love, we are celebrating the ripple they’ve forever left in our heart!

If you have ever lost someone close to you, you will understand the energy and emotion that can come over us, even long after it happens.  When I was 17 my best friend was killed in a car accident and I had my first experience of what grief was.  I went months where I couldn’t look at myself in the mirror without crying.  Eventually though, I did find peace with his passing … but it took time. Now, more than ten years later (today actually would have been Zach’s 28th birthday) at least once a year, I will have a lucid dream where he comes to visit me and I get the opportunity to talk and catch up with my friend Zach.  His passing certainly taught me a lot about the preciousness of life at a young age …


Since then I’ve known a lot of people who have crossed over and are now cheering me on from the other side.   Though I still feel grief when someone passes, my understanding has changed so the waves are less difficult to deal with.  I am now able to feel their spirit within my heart and when I sit in meditation and commune with them, I can hear them answering back.  I now realize that they are never really gone …


Just last week a good friend from LA took his own life.  It came as an obvious shock to me and I’m sure many others.  The waves of grief and gratitude took me by storm on Friday and there was nothing more that I could do but sit on the beach crying and offering my prayers.  Through my own losses in life and bearing witness to Celeste, my Beloved’s father committing suicide last year, I am learning that it’s so important to honor our grieving process and not judge the emotions that surface when they do.  They come in waves and if we just give them the time and space to pass through us, we are able to function and live with lightness and gratitude in our hearts.



I dream of the day where it is honored and encouraged for people to take as much time as they need to honor the passing of a loved one.  Where instead of three days, their employer tells them to take as much time off as possible, paid and the person grieving receives the support from their whole community to celebrate the life of the one they love and lost.  Grief can be such a paralyzing experience and it’s so important that we learn to ask for what we need and we take a time out while moving through it because if we don’t deal with it now, it’ll create dis-ease within our hearts and lives.  If we don’t let our hearts open to the experience, then it’s like stacking a pile of bricks over our heart and we begin to shut down … Honor Life & Death with Equal Celebration!


My heart is so grateful for this Sacred Life we’ve been given here on the Earth Momma!  I am so thankful for the cycles of Life & Death that remind us of how beautiful and impermanent everything is.  May we each take this moment now to honor all that we have, all those who are cheering us on from the Spirit realm and may we never take our lives forgranted again ….


Cowabunga Namaste!
Brad Morris  (BradiDude)




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amarina says April 19, 2012

Dear Brad, my heart goes out to you in this challanging moment in you life. It is so true what you are saying about gratitude. I can relate to your story because one of 2 dear friends of mine who passed away , chose to leave the same way your friend did. I cried my heart out but then a sense of peace took hold of me and the only feeling arising was gratitude. I feel so blessed and gratefull that I was gifted with their friendship and prensence in my life. Life and death are wonderfull teachers, and I am grateful that you are willing to share your experiences and have the ability to express your feelings in words. Namaste

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