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THANK YOU: 2 Words to Transform your Life!



2 Words to Transform your Life!

Do you wake up and celebrate your life every single day, NO MATTER WHAT is going on???? What I share in this video has transformed my life and maybe it’ll do the same for you……..


Unfortunately most people don’t wake up happy and stoked to be alive….  In this article, I am going to share some of my story that has helped me to get through the tough times and become a magnet for the good times…Each of us has the power to create a vibrational frequency of joy around us and within us and I believe it’s through this simple technique that we do that!

Nearly 5 years ago Matthew Ashdown and I launched a video called the Gratitude Dance, which forever changed my life.  Because of this viral video, all of a sudden we were swept away on this epic adventure of teaching people how to be grateful for EVERYTHING!  Ohhhhhhh shiiiit, how the heck do ya do that!?  hahaha

At that time, we were just getting started on this journey of being Grateful GratiDudes.  Fortunately this hilarious Universe put us through the rings, because we humbly struggled (financially) our way across North America on speaking tours, teaching the power of gratitude to thousands of kids, adults and elders.  It was ridiculous the miracles we experienced in our travels.  Many days we didn’t know how we’d get our next meal, where we’d be sleeping that night or how the heck we’d pay our bills….It was a total walk of Faith.  And because of those days I can thankfully say I have learned TRUE FAITH in the Universe/God/Love/Spirit/& MySelf!

It was over the course of those 2 years of digging deep into life and practicing the life-transforming mantra of ‘THANK YOU’ that myself and Mr MattiDude really earned our title as GratiDudes and Ambassadors of Awesomeness.  We learned how to celebrate life in ways most people can’t imagine  (watch this vid on thanking the pain).  We learned that IT’S ALL GOOD all the time, no matter how it looks on the outside and the scarier it looked on the outside, the more powerful the transformation that takes place on the inside by saying THANK YOU for this…..!


The words THANK YOU have helped me to grieve loved ones I’ve lost, they’ve helped me to channel the creative ideas I need in order to serve in the world and have the most fun, they’ve helped me to heal and understand my pain and trauma, they’ve helped me to open up to living my life in awe and joy everyday, they’ve helped me to open my heart and embrace my challenges and they’ve helped me to connect in my relationships and show up authentically in the world as my bright shiny Self!

The words THANK YOU will change your entire life if you use them in ALL situations!  Everything in life and I mean EVERYTHING can be a blessing.  Rather than trying to transcend above our wounds, we must dive deep into ourselves and uncover the light that’s been smothered by the muck.  THANK YOU will help you to shine through it all and discover your greatest gifts…


EASIER SAID THAN DONE:  It will take a True Spiritual Warrior to learn this technique for celebrating life, but I assure you, as you Thank your way through the resistance that comes up you will become an Empowered, Grounded and Wise person in the life of all those around you.  If this is a challenging thing to swallow; celebrating EVERYTHING, I recommend you try the meditation below and get into the habit of starting your day in complete gratitude.  Do it everyday and just see how many times a day you can say thank you!!




Cowabunga Namaste!
Brad Morris  (BradiDude)



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