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What Meditation REALLY Is … BradiDude de-Bunks some Common Myths!



What if everything you’ve ever been told or believe to be true about meditation was totally bogus and wrong? What if you could access deep spaces of joy now and not after 20 years of seclusion in a mountainside cave??

Join BradiDude as he shares the Truth about Meditation, why it doesn’t work for most people and how you can create a blissful practice starting today…..

He’s gonna debunk commonly instructed techniques like;

– Watch your thoughts,

– Focus on your breath,

– Meditation many hours to achieve the best results,

– Meditate to reach enlightenment & silence the mind…

This video is guaranteed to stir the your mind with some new ideas and inspirations on what meditation is, how cool life is and how fricken fun sitting with yourSelf can be!


Enjoy, share, leave a comment & come play again…



Cowabunga Namaste!

Brad Morris (BradiDude)

About the Author Brad Morris

Brad Morris, the Dude at Cowabunga Life and creator of the 40 Day Vision Quest; has an incredibly unique perspective on life. Brad stands out even more when it comes to his philosophies on Meditation. His laid back, playful teaching style makes meditation fun and easy to learn, keeping newbie meditators fully engaged and inspiring old school meditators to get back on the cushion to creating a daily Peace Pause. Brad Morris' journey as a teacher began in 2007 when he and a buddy launched a video called 'The Gratitude Dance' on Youtube. Brad has since then worked with thousands of people around the world, leading more than 300 meditation workshops & groups since 2009 plus Spiritual Adventure Retreats in Peru, Mexico, Hawaii & more ...

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Zia says March 22, 2012

wow – love it. : ) I can see why Mel thought you were great and we should hang, lol! Love the message… take care. z

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