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Intuiting your Life’s Path


Each of us is destined for our own path. The moment we start following someone else’s course, we step out of alignment with our own.  I have been following my own path since I was a wee lad (yup, always a weirdo!).  However, a few years ago I learned an amazing process that helps to bring immense clarity, creativity and understanding to each of our individual paths.  The meditation you’ll do below is a process that’ll help you Intuit YOUR journey to Awesomeness.

–>  Take 45 Minutes to process this Experience.

–>  Have a journal handy and write in it as insights come up during the process.

–>  Practice this one on a regular basis…it will shape the course of your life.  Dude’s Honor!


 Intuiting your Life’s Path  (Guided Meditation)

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“My Epiphany…the Poem of My WAKE UP!”  (by Brad Morris)

I was contemplating life, when I had this epiphany;
All of a sudden, my life finally made sense to me.
My reason was wrong about my purpose for living;
It’s not about getting, life’s all about giving.

All of this time, I thought it was all about me;
But choosing to serve is what set me free.
Kindness is an act we all need to learn;
Like a boomerang, all kind acts return.

Compassion is cool, it’ll warm your heart;
Accepting Yourself, is a good place to start.
Many of us still need to forgive;
When we choose to let go, In Peace we may live.

Love is a word people don’t understand;
We must first love yourself before we reach out our hand.
I look at Life like a Spiritual Journey;
Which means my problems are lessons, and there’s no need to worry.

When we accept the fact, that our fears are illusions,
Just a future projections there for confusion;
We can let go of your worries and all of our fear;
And focus on our desires as miracles appear.

So what does your heart, TRULY desire?
What are your passions, what will ignite your fire?
When you decide, be sure to follow your Heart;
Take the next step, so your journey can start.

Know God supports those who follow their Bliss;
I know from experience, it’s just the way it is.
Limiting beliefs may surface inside;
Listen compassionately and  enjoy the ride.

Don’t try to force it, just go with the flow;
It’s okay to Trust yourself, I want you to know.
In every moment, we’re given a choice;
Follow your Intuition, hear your inner voice.

Guidance will come, and signs will show;
The more you shed your layers of ego.
Open your heart and embrace the change;
As your life transforms, it may feel strange.

Know the inner work, is perfect and right;
So you can live in Peace and shine your Light.
My life’s been amazing since I had my epiphany;
The day God woke me up, and here’s what he said to me:

“Serve, respect, and love one-another;
There’s no seperation, every man’s your brother.
Be a leader, and live by example;
Show what’s possible, be the sample.”

Since that day I’ve been living to serve;
My Spirit’s been content, like we all deserve.
If you’re ready for change, then choose so now;
God will support you, you don’t have to know how.

Surrender, have faith, take it a day at a time;
your destiny’s lined up, you’re gonna be fine.
Be present, be still, hand it over to God;
You have the power, you’ll beat the odds.

So what do ya say, you gonna come for the ride?
And let your Heart lead your Life like a Spiritual Guide.
Say yes right now, the power’s within;
Choose to stand bright, let your journey begin!


Cowabunga Namaste;

Brad Morris  (A.K.A – BradiDude)
Creator.  Innovator.  Facilitator.

Live your Awesomeness!

Greg Proulx says April 4, 2012

Absolutely Beautiful words that really touched me !!!
I used to do a lot of free flow writing which felt like it was pouring out of my heart, I would watch as my hand would automatically move the pen on the page, always curious to see what was going to come out. I felt more intuned with myself and my surroundings when I did this. Reading this blog has made me realize that I need to open myself up again and do daily writings and let it flow!!

Thank you Brad !!

    BradiDude says April 5, 2012

    Dude, you are a channel. Your spirit is just waiting for all the opportunities to express, share, create and give of your gifts!!!!! Put the pen down and watch what unfolds. I bless and honor your YES Greg!!!

    Cowabunga Namaste;

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