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Gandhi vs Monsanto


Al-OM-ha Everyone!!

Today’s video is a weee bit different than the norm. 

All the buzz around Monsanto has gotten me thinking (UH-OH!) …. I’ve been witness to all the projected anger and hatred towards that company and all it stands for.  In my contemplations I have been asking myself “WHAT WOULD GANDHI DO TO OVERCOME MONSANTO?” 

So as I eat my breakfast, I share with you my thoughts and I INVITE you to share your thoughts and solutions too … NOW is the time for all of us Soul Fam to come together, offer up everything we’ve got and rise above this craziness through Peace & Non-Violence!

Let me know what you think PLEASE participate in the conversation by commenting & solutionizing with us below …


Cowabunga Namaste!

Brad Morris  (BradiDude)


About the Author Brad Morris

Brad Morris, the Dude at Cowabunga Life and creator of the 40 Day Vision Quest; has an incredibly unique perspective on life. Brad stands out even more when it comes to his philosophies on Meditation. His laid back, playful teaching style makes meditation fun and easy to learn, keeping newbie meditators fully engaged and inspiring old school meditators to get back on the cushion to creating a daily Peace Pause. Brad Morris' journey as a teacher began in 2007 when he and a buddy launched a video called 'The Gratitude Dance' on Youtube. Brad has since then worked with thousands of people around the world, leading more than 300 meditation workshops & groups since 2009 plus Spiritual Adventure Retreats in Peru, Mexico, Hawaii & more ...

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