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Top 10 Things that Make you Come Alive!?


Would you say you’re living a life that’s cooler than cool?

Do you have mood swings, scattered energy and you’re not sure why you’re unhappy a lot of the time?


Watch the video, do the exercise & make a HUGE HAPPY Shift today!

Most of the time the answers to our questions are quite simple.  For example are you happy?  Unfortunately, many in the world would answer no to this question?  They would say that they work too hard, too often and worst of all; doing something they don’t even like.  Is that you or someone you know?


Hey, there’s room for improvement for all of us.  So how would you like to UP THE JOY BAR a whole bunch right now!?  Then do the exercise below and participate with us FULL ON for the next week. . .


Exercise :  Coming Alive by Doing what I love!

1)   In the comment box below, write a list of the top 10 things that you love to do OR ‘make you come alive.’

2)   In brackets, put a (yes)  OR  (no) to show how many of them you have done in the last 10 days.

3)   In the next 7 days, do as many of them on your list as you can, in the best way you can with what you have.

4)   Every time you do one, come back to the blog and share how awesome your experience was and how good you feel with the community!


P.S –>  How to Release the Long List of Excuses:

Some people have a list a mile long as to why they can’t or don’t do what they love in their life.  If you really want to love your life up and have it be cooler than cool, then I highly suggest you burn that excuse list, crap on the ashes, pee on the crap and bury the remains in a deep hole with your favorite fruit tree seed in it to be composted and turned into yummy food!  Sound good?  Thought so….Now get to it, the world needs more of your Laughter and Light!


Cowabunga Namaste!


B-Rad Morris says August 19, 2011

1) {YES} Spending quality time with my beloved Celeste and other great friends!

2) {YES} Meditation, Prayer, Shamanism, and whatever else gets me connected to the Magic!

3) {YES} Golfing

4) {YES} New Adventures

5) {YES} Teaching, story-telling, writing articles, coaching, speaking and facilitating for groups & individuals.

6) {YES} Exploring new places (especially in nature).

7) {YES} Listening to Inspiring and Uplifting Music.

8) {YES} Writing, Directing, Acting in and creating funny Conscious Videos.

9) {YES} Personal Transformation (Healings, Retreats, Coaching, Realizations, Epiphanies, Journaling)

10) {YES} Laughing, Loving and Living in the Present Moment.

Mariam says August 25, 2011

1. Go swimming (NO)
2. stretch and meditate (YES)
3. gymnastics (YES)
4. have an endless laughing fit with my buddies :) (YES)
5. work up a sweat doing something I normally wouldn’t (YES)
6. cook with fresh ingredients, so that it takes longer than microwaving freezer bags (NO)
7. pray continuously for longer than 10 minutes (YES)
8. keep a major promise to myself (NO)
9. read an enlightening book (YES)
10. get a perfect, restoring, good night’s sleep (NO)

    BradiDude says August 25, 2011

    6 YES’ Mariam! Rock on!
    How’d it feel to make the list.
    And even better, how’d it feel to complete 6 on the list?
    Would you agree that these things help you feel alive, inspired and loving life???

    Cowabunga Namaste;

Nazli says August 25, 2011

1) Quality time with Family and friends, real connections (YES could use more)
2) Travel (NO)
3) Doing what I love for a “living” and try to make ppl smile/feel good ( YES)
4) following my “calling” (YES)
5) Nature (YES but could use more)
6) yoga/movement/meditation (YES but could use more)
7) meaningful conversations (YES)
8) Having/creating a big community of awesome like minded ppl and celebrating life together ( NOT YET : )
9) Reconnecting in person with all my special ppl( ones who do not live close by but are very close to me and in my heart all the time) (NOT YET)
10) ADVENTURE (YES cuz life is an adventure but definitely could use more)
thanks for the opportunity to share, it felt GOOD : )

    BradiDude says August 26, 2011

    More FAMILY time coming up on Saturday!!!
    Much Love Naz.
    Thank you for sharing…happy to contribute to the ‘not yets!’

Teri Jo says August 26, 2011

1) Creating a workshop or event (yes)
2) Meditation (yes)
3) Walks in nature (yes)
4) Writing (yes)
5) Affirmations (yes)
6) Being organized (no)
7) Travel (no)
8) Being present (want more of this)
9) Laughing (want more of this)
10) Keeping my word (yes)

    Teri Jo says August 26, 2011

    Oops – travel is a YES. I am in Vancouver this week and on perhaps a lifelong road trip ha ha!

    BradiDude says August 26, 2011

    So AWESOME!!!
    Nice bunch of YES’ you have there Teri.
    See if you can enroll 5 others to write there’s down too!
    So much love to you.

Georgia says May 9, 2012

1 – Go swimming at night ( yes )

2- Write letters of gratitude to God ( yes )

3- Travel ( yes, a lot yhuuuuu) :D

4- Dance as if nobody was watching ( no ) :-/

5- Meditate ( Kadosh and ho’oponopono) ( no )

6- Eat fruits ( yes ) Today was the first time in 3 months :P

7 – Say my prayers and meditate IN THE MORNING ( no)

8 – Let go and let God (yes)

9- Spend time with my nephews and niece ( yes )

10- to read ( yes )

4- Traveling

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