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Come to Peru at OUR Cost!!! (limited time offer)


Hola Everyone!!



After a meeting with the team, we’ve decided to to deduct $1,111 OFF the original price of the  Peru Trip coming up;  dropping the price from  $3,333 to $2,222  (all inclusive).  Just so you  know…this is our Cost.  It is not likely that we  will make money on this trip.  You could not  take a vacation to Peru by yourself and do what  we will do for half this price……

Why you ask?

This trip is a longtime dream come true for me. It is WAY more than making some money and  taking a group on a Retreat.  This is going to be some of the deepest Light Work I have ever done, the most fun and the Absolute Most Epic Adventure of My Life!!!   I can not describe HOW excited I get when I think about what awaits us in Peru November 25th when all of our energies come together…..

WE are opening this opportunity until September 1st to fill up the remaining spots with ALL the right people. I know in my WHOLE Spirit that this will be the trip you talk about for the rest of your Life.


View the itinerary and contact Rebecca right away —> DestinationBliss@Gmail.com




I look forward to the collective Spirit that comes  together!  Cowabunga Namaste.

Brad Morris
Cowabunga Life!














See you in Cusco November 25th!



LIz says August 11, 2011

Bradidude… YOU rock!

What a wonderful gift you are offering everyone!


    admin says August 11, 2011

    Thank you so much Liz.
    The reflection you exude is equally beautiful!
    Cowabunga Blessings!!

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