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My TRUE STORY of Transformation (Rated 14A) Haha


When I tell people meditation changed my Life, I don’t think they really understand the life I was living before meditation came along.  In this blog I’m going to share a side of me that you may find a little surprising … or not, if you were friends with me growing up!  hahaha

Rated  14A….Viewer discretion is advised  (just kidding)

The year was 2005, I was a fresh College drop out, I could drink a dozen beers and still manage to stumble my way home without getting lost, I was playing the best golf of my life; making my way towards playing professionally and I was on the brink of becoming a millionaire with my buddy Terry and our new business endeavor ManShirts.  Damn, life was good…at least so we thought!

Did you know that the first business I ever started was called ManShirts and we sold some of the most offensive, degrading, ridiculous shirts that I’ve ever seen, still to this day? We spent our nights drinking and toking, coming up with silly sayings that we’d have printed onto T-Shirts and sold online.  We’d do our promoting at the bars, clubs and Beer festivals…Life was a party and it was killing me!  We thought we were on top of the World…but there was one problem.  We didn’t realize the power of words…yet!

After a year or so the “band” split up; Terry left our company and moved to Vancouver, and I was left all alone with this company.  I soon learned that it was no fun without a partner in crime and my life suddenly started to slide downhill (even more).  Finally one dark evening walking home from the bar I had the breakdown and blessing of my Life.  I had finally realized that I’d become everything we had printed onto our T-Shirts; I was an Asshole and I hated myself.  I remember finding myself in a drunken mess on my knees in the middle of my street looking up at the sky screaming to God (which I had no concept or real belief in at the time) to help me and show me a better way…that was the moment EVERYTHING started to shift!

I learned in hindsight that night, that when we Truly and authentically humble ourselves and surrender to the Universe from the depths of our Soul and pray for the way, a way will be shown…because after that night EVERYTHING started to change.  Within 24 hours I decided my hard-core drinking days were over, my first Spiritual teacher entered my life  and one by one my friends at the time slowly started to fade away.  Within a year I was was speaking and sharing of my experiences and understandings of the Universe.  Now, five years later I have had the opportunity to travel so many amazing places and share these gifts through speaking, coaching and just life experience…I have led hundreds of meditations for groups, had thousands of people listen to my online meditations and have worked with countless others in person.

I now know that when the seeds of Consciousness are planted within our heart, the awakening process can be such a rapid evolution of remembering.  That’s how it has been for me.  When we are flowing in the Oneness of the Universe, there is no real concept of time as we ‘think it to be.’  Sometimes I feel like I’ve lived a decade of wisdom over the course of a week or month with all the transformation, manifestation and experiences that occur.  Truly, we are Spiritual Beings and when we open ourselves up to the Divine Grace & support to the Universe our life becomes such a blissful, inspiring flowacious experience!!  HOLY SHIT  –  WE ARE ALIVE!!!!!

For me, sitting everyday in the practice of what I call “Cowabunga Meditation” has transformed my Life over these last 5+ years.  It has helped me to build a deep love for myself, which ripples into all my relations.  I finally Trust in my Intuition because I have built such a strong relationship with it by constantly inquiring, listening and taking risks over the years.   I have opened up to a connection and communication with the Universe, which leaves me feeling calm and Trusting even with the many unknowns in Life.

Through the daily practice of returning to Center, cleansing and clearing ourselves we harness the power to be at Peace within the Chaos, we become Channels for creativity, positive intention, transformation and Love.  This is possible for ALL of us when we just make the daily effort!

I have great Hope and expectations for Humanity over the coming years.  If I can change in the ways I have in such a short period of time, so can anyone.  In the True reality, time does not exist and we can wake up in an instant!  We just need to open ourselves up to that possibility.  I do what I do for a living, not because it makes me money but because I believe so strongly in the positive ripple it is creating throughout our world.  If you are struggling or looking to be more grounded, then I strongly encourage you to utilize the tools I offer…they will change your Life; all you have to do is  show up and use them everyday!  We are powerful beyond measure and with baby steps & daily practice we are able to tap into that creative powers within.

Change is an Inside job and ONLY YOU can decide when and how It is going to happen. Many powerful tools for transformation are available, but it is YOU who must make the decision and do the work.  By doing the work I have found a happiness and inspiration I never knew possible 4, 5 and 6 years ago.  I have drawn in some of the most beautiful people into my life adventure that I couldn’t even have imagined, who are now my friends and business partners.  I Am not more special…we are all equally Special…We are all One!


below are three services that I personally offer through Cowabunga Life to assist you on your journey to becoming your most Awesome YOU!

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Kirsten says March 25, 2011

Awesome post Brad! Great story thank you so much for sharing it! It’s so important for people to hear personal stories of transformation ~ everyone including teenagers!



    bradidude says March 25, 2011

    Hey Kirsten,

    Thanks so much for reading and responding. It’s a True gift for us to be able to share and help others see possibility, potential and the unseen. Please share and re-post…lets work together to raising the Love vibration. And if there’s anything else I can do from the here and now of the Infinite, lemme know ;-)

    Stay blessed.
    Cowabunga Namaste!

Vera says March 25, 2011

Read your story…you weren’t that bad…isn’t it strange that we can miss coming to terms with our true self until we are left on our own…aha moments and that point of transformation always come when we are totally and utterly alone and yet we distract ourselves from experiencing being alone…sigh…we forget that we are not alone..

Melissa says March 25, 2011

Awesome story Brad – your sincerity, zest for life and amazing spirit transcend through your articles. The world is a better place with devoted souls like you who raise the rest of us up to surf on your wave of awesomeness :-)

Nigel says November 9, 2011


You are young enough to be my son and yet i consider you to be one of the most enlightened people I know. Thanks for your great essence in my life.

Nigel (Doc)

    B-Rad Morris says November 9, 2011

    Oh Doc Buddhalinskie, I only Am because you are. You just see the Me that is in You, through your clear-seeing eyes. We are only as enlightened as We Am. I love ya Doc…lets get together before I leave in two short weeks. Thank you for your Grounded Perspective in my life.

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