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the Strongest Woman I Ever Met!


Seven years ago when I moved to Victoria BC a relationship was formed that would change my life forever.  My Aunt Wendy had recently been emitted to the Royal Jubilee Hospital for third degree burns all over her body due to a house fire.  Four years before the fire she was in a severe car accident, where after she had to learn to walk again.  As her only family member for over 300KM’s I visited as often as possible, which created a close bond between us!

The last seven years of her life have been a long and arduous journey which has taught her and I much about Life.  I have never met such a resilient human being.  Aunt Wendy has overcome many forms of sickness, depression, infections, plastic surgeries, a divorce, financial challenges and so much more.  You would think someone who has been through as much as she has would lose hope in Life but this woman is the opposite.  Her experience these last 11 years has actually given her a deep hope for the future and a more intimate faith in the Divine mysteries of Life & God.

A few months ago I created a ‘healing body meditation  (click here to listen)’ for her, which she has practiced everyday since.  She’s gone from never meditating before to practicing sometimes twice a day.  Through the techniques & visualizations provided in the meditation her doctors are amazed at how quickly her body is recovering.  They even commented on how healthy her lungs were before her last surgery because of the breath work she’s been doing.  As she lives in the wish fulfilled of a healthy-whole body, the Universe is supporting by providing two leg surgeries which she waited six years to receive, and now her scalp is being worked on to assist the rest of her hair in growing back.  She is also about to start physiotherapy, where she will re-learn to walk for her third time this Life  (third times a charm!).  Miracles are unfolding. . .

She dreams of the day that her son Matthew and her will walk down the beach together, feeling the sand between their toes  and the next time she walks the golf course with me.  She has hopes and dreams of someday owning her own place again that overlooks the mountains & ocean, where she’s able to cook, clean, and care for those she loves.  Each day these dreams become a closer reality and she rests her faith in God’s love and the miracle healing journey she is on right now.  This is a woman whose hope & determination has inspired me and so many others.  I know in my heart that she will indeed get her walking legs back and her dreams will come true.  This woman is a True hero; She’s inspired so many lives, just by being herself.  She is a Living GratiDudette who practices being grateful for ALL the little things life has to offer;  a delicious meal with friends, the smell of fresh air, or sitting quietly in the garden with her eyes closed soaking in the rays of the sun.

Here’s just a few of the lessons she has taught me over the years;

  • Accept: you can’t change your past, you can only change how you feel about it.  Accept everything from your past, accept where you are now; through acceptance, you release resistance & are ultimately liberated to move forward.
  • Forgive: no grudge is worth holding onto … release those who have inflicted pain upon us and allow for the Universe to decide their fate…all things happen for a reason.
  • Appreciate the little things: it is those small things we often take forgranted which need to be celebrated the most…those milestone moments are just added bonuses on the journey of life…appreciate each step of the way.
  • Have Hope: never give up hope, miracles are constantly unfolding and we never know what the Universe has in store for us a moment from now.
  • Give as though you have the World: this woman gives everything she has…so should we all.  If we have love, give it joyfully.  If we have extra money, put it somewhere that makes a difference.  If we have talent, share it with the world…Give graciously & generously…it always comes back around.
  • Meditate & Pray Everyday: by silencing yourself & turning within, your entire perspective & therefore reality will shift for the better.
  • The Body is a Miracle: treat our bodies like the temples they are.  We are miracles and it’s important that we treat ourselves that way. You’ll be amazed how quickly you can heal when you harness your fullest potential through the magic of Spirit & the Universe.

Thank you Auntie Wendy for all that you’ve taught me and for the experiences we’ve shared over the years.  Here is to the rest of our lives being the best of our lives.  May the story of your transformation inspire millions to achieve the unachievable!!

Cowabunga Namaste;

Brad Morris
Social Entrepreneur, Meditation Guide, Coach

Mondays @ 7:12pm at Moksha Yoga  (1088 Fort St, Victoria BC)
Thursdays @ 7:12pm at Zen Room  (1145 Woodstock Ave, Victoria BC)
Saturdays @ 9:09am at Zen Room  (1145 Woodstock Ave, Victoria BC)
Cost:  $10 Suggested Contribution

My bro (Mike), Aunty Wendy, and I after her last leg surgery

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Kary says August 9, 2010

Brad, this made me cry! Knowing Wendy and all she has bee through, it is such a miracle to see when she smiles and appreciates the little things in life. Thank you for sharing this! <3

    Gwenelda says July 22, 2011

    Do you have more great articels like this one?

      admin says July 22, 2011

      Sure do Gwenelda…send’em out to through my newsletter every week. If you’re not on the list, I highly recommend you subscribe. ALSO – check out the blog page at the top of the website and just scroll through the hundred or so articles.

      WOW – it’s practically a book now! haha

      have fun. Blessings.


Mj says August 9, 2010

Great story, thanks for sharing that! Get well soon Aunt Wendy!

    lotusfire says August 9, 2010

    Aunt Wendy is truly an inspiration and her love is not bound by her physical condition. She has offered so much to the world already! Guess that runs in the family :)

David Groode says August 10, 2010

Yay Aunt Wendie!
I will keep you in my prayers for deep and profound lasting healing. Please look at Master Sha’s website it will catalyze an even faster healing and recovery for you. http://www.DrSha.com and if you have the opportunity to work with one of his certified healers it would probably be life changing for you.

And Brad, good for you for looking in on her and taking such great care of her and for your relentless compassion. You are one of the Super Heroes of our world. You Rock!

Our whole world would be better if more people took the time to care about one another and look after each other.

In light,
David Groode

    admin says July 22, 2011

    Thank you for your response and love David!!
    We indeed are SUPER DUPER HEROES!
    Sorry for the late reply, I just saw your message today.
    Perfect and Divine timing as usual! haha
    Cowabunga Namaste;

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