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To Truly listen is to go beyond the audible & into the stillness.

As evolving humans, it is natural to desire how our Lives may  flow with more grace through the changes that are inevitable in this world. But how are we to hear that Higher Guidance we’re asking for if we’re not STOPPING TO LISTEN? Listening is more than just hearing with our ears.  To tune into your Intuition means to tune into your subtle bodies, and listen with your inner ear, your heart &  third eye.  Even our cells are communicating with us at all times … I know personally that it has sometimes taken an injury before I slow down enough to Listen.  Don’t let that happen to you, take time to Listen….

The Universe is constantly communicating to us, and these insights may come in MANY MANY WAYS.  If we’re not grounded and tuned in, then we will miss the signs & omens that are constantly coming at us.  For example, if we are looking for guidance in our lives, such as How we may better express our gifts in the World to be of the highest service, then we must listen intently to what we are being ‘called’ to do.  Life is filled with synchronicities, magic, miracles, and mystery but we must Wake UP to discover these gifts.

So how can I Listen better?

1)  First, you must know what you’re listening for.  It’s important that you know what you want to Know.

2)  When you know what you want to know, ASK!  Don’t ask once, ask every single day until you KNOW.

3)  Ask from a place of gratitude, live in the wish fulfilled. Here’s a little prayer that may work.  “Thank you Spirit, I am so grateful and thankful for the ways in which You guide my life.  Thank you for showing me ______(my purpose??..)________________ in such a magical way that I understand completely and totally.  It makes me so joyful to be connected & in the divine flow of inspiration; I am Whole now.”  (or something like that)

4)  Turn within EVERYDAY and come to that silent space through meditation where you’re able to Listen & Hear Truth  (this takes practice). It is so important to our health & our sanity on Planet Earth to make a daily habit of coming to Center and Listening to that Higher Wisdom.  I haven’t always meditated, but now that I do, I thank God everyday for all of my teachers!

5)  Celebrate your epiphanies with gratitude and enthusiasm when you discover something new or the Universe gives you a sign … Do the Gratitude Dance!

6)  For those who need the guidance, we are uploading a NEW MEDITATION every single week on our Cowabunga Life website to assist you in your process of Awakening, so PLEASE take full advantage of this free service.  And if you wish to download the free meditations to your iPod etc, then it’s only $108 per year or $10.80 per month for unlimited Meditation downloads!

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In this moment, I give thanks and hold the highest space for all humanity & beings of this World.  I am grateful for the Spiritual awakening that IS taking place on Planet Earth that is attuning people with that silent, still space within, so that each of us may hear our Higher calling.  I celebrate those who are tuned in to their Body, Mind, & Spirit and are Listening for Divine Will to guide their Life process.  I Trust that the highest & greatest good is unfolding in this and all moments, regardless of the judgments and limited perception I/We may have at times. Thank you Life, Thank you Love, Thank you Spirit!  Amen.

Cowabunga Namaste;

Brad Morris
Social Entrepreneur, Meditation Guide, Coach

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