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Body + Mind + Spirit + Adventure


Body  +  Mind  +  Spirit  +  Adventure  =  Cowabunga Life!

How may we create more balance and harmony in our Lives?

When we live for our Bodies by recognizing them as a temple for Spirit and we choose habits that bring us joy; such as eating healthy, exercising regularly, practicing yoga, and playing sports we create balance & harmony within.

When we live for our Minds by feeding ourselves with new learning experiences, concepts on Reality, and knowledge that help us grow and expand we create balance & harmony within.

When we live for Spirit by meditating, praying, and Being of joyful Service to others and we open up to becoming the fullest expressions of Life & conduits for the highest good to come through in what we think, say and do, we create balance & harmony within.

When we see Life as a complete & total adventure, where each moment is a gift from the Universe and we live with reverence, peace, and appreciation we create balance & harmony within.

We can not create balance and harmony by focusing  just on our body, or just on our mind, or just focusing on the Spiritual realm … we are on Planet Earth to practice living in harmony with ALL elements of the Self.  I have found that the best possible way to find compassion for yourself as you grow more into your own Fullest Expression is to see LIFE as an Adventure … On adventures you take wrong turns, you sometimes get lost & forget where you are, you meet incredible people, you have new experiences, you take chances, you live in the flow, and you joyfully discover new people, places, and things!

Live YOUR Cowabunga Life … Seize the Adventure of the Moment … Say YES to the Miracle that you are!

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Cowabunga Namaste;

Brad Morris
Social Entrepreneur, Meditation Guide, Coach

Mondays @ 7:12pm at Moksha Yoga  (1088 Fort St, Victoria BC)
Thursdays @ 7:12pm at Zen Room  (1145 Woodstock Ave, Victoria BC)
Saturdays @ 9:09am at Zen Room  (1145 Woodstock Ave, Victoria BC)
Cost:  $10 Suggested Contribution