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Making your Ritual Habitual


Do you struggle to make your Spiritual practices a habit?

Do you find it challenging to make a routine ritual that works for you??

If you’re someone who desires for their Spiritual growth to unfold more gracefully, then you must understand that it takes DAILY practice and affirmation.  It will take you, letting go of the existing habits that DO NOT serve you and replacing them with habits that affirm your worthiness, awesomeness, and confidence. In this article I am going to share with you several of the reasons people fail in creating a powerful Spiritual practice that elevates them from pain, suffering and self-sabotage; as well as some affirmative steps you can take to Make your Ritual Habitual!

Problems people face when creating a spiritual practice:

  • they set the bar too high in the beginning and try to do too much right away … for example: someone who has never meditated before starts out with the expectation that they will commit to meditating 30 – 60 minutes per day … this can be overwhelming to the practitioner and scare them away from ever even trying.
  • they try to change too much too fast … for example: trying to quit smoking, start running, AND meditate everyday after months or years of not doing any of living unhealthily.  If you’re trying to make this many extreme changes at once, slow down and take it in stride; you have the rest of your lifetime to create change, there’s no hurry!
  • they practice a ritual/routine that doesn’t work for them or they close themselves off from new outlooks & ways to expand.
  • they look at their Spiritual practice as homework or something they HAVE to do and if they don’t do it they feel guilty.

Solutions to make your Spiritual Ritual Habitual:

  • If you’re someone who has never meditated before, set realistic goals so you will succeed and feel good about yourself.  When I was first learning to meditate, I could only sit with my thoughts and my breath for a maximum of five to ten minutes … this evolved with the more I practiced and the more techniques I learned.  Allow yourself the space to evolve naturally, freely and without pressure; Be patient with the process.
  • Don’t try and change EVERYTHING in your life all at once.  Instead, learn to love YOU as you are right now. If you start loving yourself as much as you possibly can for who you are, where you are in your life, and for what you look like RIGHT NOW, imagine how gorgeous life will feel when you’ve stepped into the fullest expression of who you are growing into BEING.  Take baby-steps when making healthy choices in your life … take it in stride, express gratitude for when you make a choice that serves you, and help yourself up when you fall (rather than beat yourself up).
  • play around with different meditation techniques, philosophies, and outlooks on life.  Remain open-minded and curious like a child.  Life is an adventure and an experiment … TRUST your intuition, rather than what everyone else tells you to believe.   Find a Spiritual Ritual that makes you come alive, that brings you to bliss, and causes you to grow more into LOVE.  When you find that practice, stick with it until guided to practice otherwise.
  • your Spiritual Ritual is not meant to feel like homework … but instead AUM-Work!  It is an opportunity for you to connect to YOU, to Source, to Spirit and  experience the divine flow of Life in each moment.  It is an opportunity for you to connect to the many blessings that come from being human and awaken to your fullest potential.  If your Spiritual ritual is causing you to have a guilty conscience or it makes you feel like Pooh, then it’s time to change it up.

Making your Spiritual Ritual habitual is going to open you up to a WHOLE NEW YOU and a whole new way of Living your Life.  Your Blissipline to the practice that opens you up and makes you feel your best is what will set you free.   And if you’re one of those people who have had a crappy experience with a Spiritual teacher or practice, DON’T GIVE UP, keep exploring because there IS something in this Universe for you to create a solid foundation and blossom from.

Take some time NOW to write out ONE GOAL that you can start implementing today to create a Self-enhancing ritual; whether it’s 10 minutes of meditation per day, taking two yoga classes per week, expanding the time you practice, or going to that class that you’ve been thinking about for quite some time.  DO IT & never look back!!

Happy practicing!

— Cowabunga Namaste;

Brad Morris
Social Entrepreneur, Meditation Guide, Coach

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